Jun 052015

Zippo Outdoors Rugged Lantern

Designed for camping and nature outings lovers, the Zippo Rugged Lantern is built to last and offer you countless hours of outdoors fun with your family and friends!

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The lantern has a rugged build, can withstand 5-foot drops (that’s about 1.5 meters), is waterproof, has floating capabilities, outputs 220 lumens on it’s highest setting, it sports a built-in SOS module for emergency situations and is powered by a Li-Io rechargeable battery that allows up to 40 hours of use on one full battery recharge.

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Feb 012014

Fancy Zippo Hand Warmer
Hand warmers exists since long time ago, but, other than being useful to warm your hands in the cold winter days, they were never considered a cool gadget, something you’d be proud to have in your pockets!

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Well, the wait is over! Zippo, the world’s most iconic lighter maker, finally brings you a cool hand warmer to carry in your pocket.
The hand warmer sports a rugged construction, offers 12 hours of odorless warmth on one refill and is easy to operate: simply fill the gas tank, turn it on, place it in the warmer bag that comes with the products and you’re ready to roll!
Available in Black, Silver and Real Tree designs.

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Jan 142014

Zippo Pocket Emergency Fire Starter Kit In Action
Featuring a similar size to regular Zippo lighters, the Zippo Emergency Fire starter Kit is a nice piece of gear to have in your pockets while outdoring, camping or even hiking!

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The Zippo fire starter sports a reliable flint wheel ignition and four water- resistant waxed tinder sticks all protected in a sealed waterproof case. Simply pull one of the tinder sticks, unroll it and activate the flint wheel. The sparkles will light the tinder and there you are … your fire is ready! Zippo waxed tinder sticks refills available here for $4.99.

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Oct 312013

Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman - The Handy Camping Tool

Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman is a cool multitool that allows you to carry and use four camping/survival tools in one light package. The Woodsman sports a mallet, a 15″ bow saw, a stake puller and a 5″ blade hatchet and is a cool addition to your camping gear.

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Oct 252013

Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet
Made of stainless steel (outer shell) and flexible polymer, the Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet is a fancy way to carry up to 7 cards and some bills. The wallet is RF theft resistant, is backed by Zippo’s extended experience in building man gear and makes for a nice gift for someone close to you – also check the Cobra RFID Wallet and the Walnut Wood And Leather Wallet we featured earlier.

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