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Nov 132014

Equil Smartpen 2 Or How To Instantly Convert Your Hand Notes Into Digital Format
Equil Smartpen 2 is a “magic pen” that allows you to take classic paper notes and instantly transfers them to your smartphone or tablet in digital format.
The Smartpen is powered by a rechargeable battery which allows 8 hours of constant use on a 2 hours charge, connects to your iOs, Android, Windows and Mac via Bluetooth for notes importing, storing file management on the device, includes built-in memory and handwriting recognition software to save your notes while not connected to your smartphone as well as cloud sync with most cloud services out-there including Dropbox, iCloud or Evernote.

The coolest part about the Equil Smartpen 2 is that, unlike most similar devices, it does not require a special pad or special paper to work. Simply grab any piece of paper, start scribbling or writing your notes and watch them transfer on your phone in real time! Simply cool, isn’t it?

UPDATE 11/14/2014 – I received a handful of comments from backers of the Equil Smartpen 2 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign notifying me about delivery issues concerning big VAT amounts being charged by UPS on delivery of the smartpen. Please make sure you check these comments here before deciding to purchase the Equil Smartpen.

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Jul 012014

3-in-1 Presentation Laser Pointer Tablet Stylus Pen
Most professionals out there (including freelancers, entrepreneurs and even corporate workers) have one thing in common: one way or another, they all have to take notes! Some might prefer smartphone or tablet note taking apps, some might use laptops, some might use voice memo recorders, some might prefer the good, ol’ pen & paper style! And some might even use more than one way of taking notes, combining paper with digital methods.

The 3-in-1 USB Tablet Stylus is an cool accessory designed to help you improve your work productivity by allowing you to always have on you a pen, a tablet stylus and a USB flash drive built under the form of a classic pen. The 3-in-1 pen sports a silicone tip stylus to help you better take note and easier navigate on your tablet and smartphone, a fine-tip ball-point black ink pen for paper notes, post it messages and quick scratchy memos as well as a 4GB USB flash drive useful to always have handy your favorite collection of apps or files.

The 3-in-1 also comes in a laser pointer version for people who often do live presentations and includes the above tablet stylus and pen but trades the 4GB USB drive for a laser pointer.

$39.99 | BUY NOW – USB Drive Version
$34.99 | BUY NOW – Pointer version
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Jun 122014

Scribble - The 16 Million Color Drawing Pen!

This is heaven on earth for all graphic designers around! 16 million colors available at t touch of a button!
That’s like 250,000 sets of totally different boxes of Crayola 64!!!

All exaggerations aside, the Scribble Pen is indeed one amazing piece of gadgetry! Simply point the pen to any item, press the scan button and the pen will combine the picked up color in seconds. That’s it, now you’re ready to draw!

The Scribble comes in two versions – The Scribble Pen and The Scribble Stylus. The pen version features features a multicolor ink cartridge which is used to combine the desired colors (just like a color printer does) in a mixing chamber (see the picture above) while the stylus version allows you to capture colors and use them for virtual drawings on smartphones and tablets. Both versions sport a 16 bit color sensor able to distinguish between 16 million colors and nuances, 1GB on-board storage for saving up to 100,000 scanned colors, ARM 9 processing unit to help with rapidly analyzing all info and mixing colors, Micro USB and Bluetooth 4.0 for information sharing and data transfers to other gadgets and well as rechargeable Lithium ion batteries.

The Scribble pen and stylus will be available to the public in the following months via a Kickstarter campaign and will hit the retail market somewhere in 2015. Estimated prices: $149.95 US for the pen and $79.95 US for the stylus version.

Let’s hear you in the comments below! What’s your take on the Scribble?

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May 232014

Polar Modular Pen And Stylus Various Models

While many pens out there compete for the coolest design and functionality award, none of them is as versatile as the Polar Magnetic Pen.
Build to serve you as regular pen and tablet stylus, the Polar Pen‘s parts attach one another via strong neodymium magnets. Both functional and fun, the modular magnetic pen allows you to have fun playing (dah!!!), use it as a compass to draw perfect circles, take notes and surf on your iPad (when used as stylus) and, at last but not least, have fun playing!

Oops, did I said have fun playing twice? I guess so … but that’s only because it’s so cool and fun to play with! Check out the video for more …

The Polar Pen comes after a successful Kickstarer crowdfunding campaign where over 14,250 backers helped them raise $817,164 (that’s 59 times more than what the $14k they were looking for!!!). Check the video, it’s worth the 60 seconds ….

$45+ | BUY NOW
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Feb 252014

PenAgain Or How To Write Without Getting Cramps
Writing for long periods of time might give you hand cramps. I am sure you know the feeling …
While you could train you hand to make it stronger and no longer feel those itchy cramps, why not turn to a new breed of pen, especially designed around allowing you to write extended periods of time without having to apply downward pressure, and, implicitly, avoiding hand cramps.

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The PenAgain is a perfect fit for both right hand and left hand writers, is activated by simply twisting it bottom end and works by using the hand weight to apply writing pressure instead of having to actively use your hand’s muscles to do so. The pen comes in a variety of vibrant colors to fit both grown-up as well as child styles.

$6+ | BUY NOW


Jan 172014

Aluminum Minimalist Pen And Ruler Sleeve
Combining a minimalistic design with an utilitarian concept, the Tech Force Pen is designed to target tech-savvy users (read: architects, artists, students, and designers).

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The pen features a HI-Tec C Ink Cartridge which is well appreciated by the above professionals for it’s ink composition, tip design and fine line capabilities and is made of precision machined aircraft grade aluminum. The coolest part about the Tech Force Open is it’s housing sleeve – sporting a triangle design, the sleeve doubles as a metric and imperial ruler.
The pen comes in two finishes: brushed aluminum and anodized black coating and can be reserved on Kickstarter for an early bird price of $50.

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Nov 222013

Pooleaf Grass Leaf Pen

Bring nature to your office!

Korea’s Zeup Design Studio created the Pooleaf Grass Leaf Pens to help you replace your old fashion pen holder cup with a newer, natural-like holder. The pens have the shape, length and color of natural grass leafs, feature 0.05mm ballpoint and are available in three tones: forest green, spring green and yellow green. Simply buy a bunch of pens, place them in a pencil holder and there you are … you just created a little cool office “garden”.

Also available on Amazon in 10 pieces sets @ $49.99.

$5 | BUY NOW
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