Mar 132014

Hard Graft iPhone Fold Wallet Leather Case
The Hard Graft iPhone Fold Wallet is a fancy piece of gear designed to carry your daily stuff in style.
Made of Italian vegetable tanned leather with wool felt interior lining, the wallet case sports a front pocket for 1-2 credit or ID cards, a main slot to protect your iPhone and a third pocket for cash bills and other small stuff you need to carry around. Compatible with all iPhone versions and similar sized smartphones from other brands.

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Dec 252013

Hard Graft Heritage Box Camera Bag
Hard Graft, the creators of the Flat Pack Bag, the iPhone 5 Sport Leather Case and the Old Fashioned Laptop Bag we featured earlier, released an interesting concept of photo camera bag – the Box Camera Bag.

The camera bag is handmade of a single piece of premium quality vegetable-tanned Italian leather with 100% wool interior lining to protect your photo gear. The cubic bag comes with a shoulder strap which sports the Hard Graft logo embossed on it, a padded wool divider to keep your gear safe, features an inside pocket designed for smartphones and other small stuff (memory cards, credit cards, some cash, etc… ) and fits most DSLR cameras out-there (actual bag sizes: 6.1″ x 4.3″ x 5.1″ – that’s 15.5cm x 11cm x 13cm).

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Nov 292013

WoodChuck Traveler iPad And MacBook Cases Series
Woodchuck’s new Traveler Series use warm materials like wool and wood to create cool and unique iPad and MacBook cases – also check the Charbonize iPhone Case and MacBook Pro Sleeve, both made of wool and leather.

The Woodchuck sleeves are made in US of 100% real wool and handcrafted locally sourced Cherry wood. The sleeves come in three sizes and feature a main compartment designed to fit an iPad, an iPad mini or a MacBook up to 15″, as well as a secondary front pocket used to carry gear you need throughout the day – chargers, cables, pens, keys and wherever other small gear you might need to bring with you.

WoodChuck.com is presently running a Cyber Monday promotion and offers all customers a 15% coupon applicable storewide (“CyberMonday” – valid on December 2nd 2013)

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Oct 012013

The Silva Bamboo iPad Case With Handle Protects Your Favorite Tablet in Style

The Silva Bamboo iPad Case is a cool and fancy way to protect and transport your iPad. The case is made of machine cut solid bamboo hand sanded, glued, felted, and finished – also check the Root iPad bambo case.

The bamboo iPad case is available for iPad 2 and iPad 3, it features a leather strap for easy transportation, wool felt lined interior for anti scratch protection as well as an interior sleep magnet which closes your iPad’s screen to save the tablet battery. Also available in the same format and built quality for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

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Jul 042013

Dexshell Waterproof Socks

Keeping your feet dry and warm while outdooring is a total MUST! Unfortunately, this is easier to be said then done – also check these -30 Degrees US Military Waterproof Socks.

DesShell is a Salt Lake City, USA, based outdoors equipment that offers a complete line of waterproof, highly breathable and thermal protection socks and gloves.
Their waterproof socks feature a close fitting design which allows improved tactility and wool inner for thermal protection in demanding environments as well as helping reducing significantly the blistering problem and other foot injuring risks.

In a word – the pair of socks you need to pack in your backpack when outddooring this summer!

$19.99 | BUY NOW – US Market
£17.99 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Jun 242013

Clip Bag - Peter Bristol Fashion Creation

I could say: “If you’re in love with your work you should take a look at this” OR I could say “the Binder Bag has the classic look of a paper clip” OR I could start with: “The Binder Bag has a surprisingly new fashion vision combining the utility of a handbag with form of a paper clip” …

Anyway … you get the point – The Binder Bag is a handbag in form of a paper clip!
It’s design is simple and cool. It’s made of wool felt and aluminum tubing. It’s creator, Peter Bristol, conceived it back in 2007 and is planning to release it on the markets during 2013.

That’s pretty much it – key points to remember – HANDBAG & SIMPLE & COOL!!!

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May 092013

Premium Leather and Wool Felt MacBook Pro Sleeve by Charbonize

Charbonize, the makers of the Leather and Wool iPhone 5 Sleeve we featured a while back, released a new cool vegetable tanned leather and wool felt sleeve for both 13″ and 15″ versions of the MacBook Pro.

The laptop sleeve is specially designed to perfectly fit your MacBook as well as a couple of essential accessories you need on the go (phone, notebook, a pen, headphones and any small gear you might want to bring with you).

The wool felt used to manufacture the sleeve is water repellant, is treated for anti-piling and and it is soft enough to protect your favorite laptop from scratches.

I did not have the chance to actually test the sleeve, but the guys over at Charbonize were kind enough to provide us a 20% coupon applicable their entire collection of premium leather and wool felt Apple accessories. The coupon code is “coolpile20” (make sure you remove the quote marks and enter it in lower case in the coupon code field).

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