Jun 132013

Bottle Board - A Lot More Than A cool Bottle Opener

There are a couple of cool bottle openers (eg: the CatchDrop, The Atom Key or the Cap Zappa) that surfaced lately on the market. I usually do not have the habit of featuring too many same category items in a short time interval, but this multifunction opener called the The Bottle Board, simply caught my attention. So, here we go, one more cool bottle opener for today!

Apart having a cool, stylish look the Bottle Board comes with some extra features that we are not used to see in a common bottle opener. For example – it can be used as cord fastener (particularly with 550 cord), it features a 2″ x 2″ (that’s about 5cm x x5cm)reflective surface that can be used as pocket mirror or survival tool), you can hook your earphones around it, keep you cash and cards stashed in it, use it as a keychain and, of course, open bottle caps with it (dah!!!) … An all this in the size that fits in your regular wallet.

The Bottle Board comes in two finishes (Chrome with Matte Black and Black Nickel with White Pearl) nicely packed in a laser engraved wooden box and it is available on Kickstarter for a early bird pledge of $29.

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Jun 042013

DropCatch - The Magnetic Bottle Opener That Takes Care Of The Bottle Cap In Action

Most bottle openers are dedicated to do one thing only – open bottles (dah!!!). One common problem with classic bottle openers is that they are not designed to take care of the caps. So, as you go through the bottles, the caps start piling up and they often end up in hard to reach places (under the sofa, etc…). There are some cool gadgets out there that take in consideration this issue but not many manufacturers offer complete solutions around it.

The DropCatch just got bottle opening to the next level. No longer do you need to hand plastic bags to “catch” the bottle caps when using the wall opener. The new bottle opener manufactured by the guys over at DropCatch is handmade in US and features a powerful high-grade rare earth magnet incorporated in it’s wooden base.
The entire system allows you to open bottles without worrying about the caps. Once the bottle is opened the rare earth magnet takes care of all caps and holds them together on the opener’s base. Cleaning all the caps after a party gets as simple as swiping them down from the magnetic base into a garbage bag.

On the manufacturing side, the DropCatch is made of solid slabs of Walnut and comes in two shapes: The Junior (features a 28lbs pull force magnet which holds up to 15 caps) and the Senior (which can hold up to 52 caps via it’s 60lbs pull force incorporated magnet).

The DropCatch is in project stage at Kickstarter and you get a nice Early Bird pricing for both the Junior and Senior models by supporting it with a pledge.

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May 072013

Walnut Wood and Leather Wallet

The high quality leather combined with the warm touch of the wood make this wallet a must have for anybody looking for a stylish wallet. The walnut wood bifold wallet made by Slim Timber is an one of kind item. The wallet is a slim model, can carry up to 6 cards (including a dedicated pocked for an ID card) and a few billes. The walnut wood used to flank the external sides of the wallet makes it a real head turner and a nice addition to your wallet collection!

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Apr 102013

BoomCase Speakers, Audio Amplifier Vintage Hand Cases

The BoomCase is a self powered portable stereo system that allows you to play high quality music (or any other audio) while on the go.
The BoomCase is handmade in California from old vintage suitcases and it features:

  • Self Powered based on Li-Io battery system that allows up to 10 hours of audio play per charge
  • Two or more speakers (based on the desired configuration)
  • Up to 600 Watt amplification (based on the desired configuration)
  • Battery meter
  • Aux Input – by using the Auxiliary input you can play basically any gadget that outputs via a 3.5mm plug without any additional convertors
  • Compatible with most Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 on the market – including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Smartphones, Blackberry and Nokia
  • Power switch for better battery management
  • USB charging port
  • BoomCase power port
  • External Bluetooth Wireless

The BoomCase comes in a variety of shapes, colors, materials and amplification levels.

$350+ | BUY NOW
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Apr 012013

The Station - The Modernist Desktop Caddy by iSkelter

Remember the guys from iSkelter who manufactured the cool iPhone dock called the Chisel 5?

They’re back on the market with a new col product – The Station which is designed as a modernist caddy for all your day-to-day gear. The iSkelter Station is made of 100% Eco-Friendly Bamboo and it features three main slots to help you un-clutter your desk or counter top: one slot is specifically built to accommodate your phone (comes in two sizes, so it will perfectly fit your iPhone or any of the current larger Android models); the second slot is made to host small gear like writing instruments, paper clips, etc…; while the third slot is bigger and ready to accommodate the rest of your daily gear: sunglasses, keys, business cards and anything else you can think of …

The iSkelter Station keeps it simple: there are no wires, chargers or any other external accessories to mess with – just a simple, nice, high quality of Bamboo caddy perfectly shaped to bring some organization to your daily gear.

The project in s funding over at KickStarter.com, which means you’ll get a nice early bird deal on the Station while helping the iSkelter guys manufacture the Bamboo caddy. And, as the project is already be founded after only 5 days of fund raising, there are no doubts you’ll get your desk organizer Station in May 2013.

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Mar 222013

Two Dial Timber Wood Wristwatch With Miyota Movement

Nowadays telling the time is no longer an issue. There are watches all over the place in smartphones, laptops, microwaves, TVs, tablets, you name it … so wearing a wristwatch is no longer an utility, it became more a style statement.

The Wooden Watch was specifically designed for those who love nature and feel comfortable wearing warm wooden accessories. The “natural” watch is made of timber wood pieces salvaged from flooring works, are free of any toxic chemicals and sealants and feature two Miyota movements to power the two dials.

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Mar 142013

iPhone Volta Sound Block Amplifies Your iPhone's Sound Naturally - No Electronic Gimmicks Involved

Just like the iBam2, the Volta Sound Block is a passive sound amplifier for iPhone. We call it a passive sound amplifier because no electronics are involved in amplifying the sound. The effect is obtained by the materials and the design used to build the block.

The Volta Sound is a wooden box made of fine, solid Oregon Northwest Alder and a Bison horn. The iPhone stand is padded with wool from Pendleton Woolen Mills to protect the iPhone from scratches and the Bison horn is attached to the box with Neodymium Magnets – which allows easy positioning and transportation while offering a maximum hold power. The Volta Sound Block is made in Oregon-US, ships in a hand printed travel bag, which makes it perfect for a high class gift and it’s available in four wood grains: Dark Native, Light Native, Dark Gray and Light Gray.

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