Oct 232013

Sony HMZ-T3W Wearable 3D HDTV

Sony HMZ-T3W is a head-mounted wearable HDTV with dual OLED 2D/3D displays that simulate watching a 750-inch screen from 65-feet away (that’s around 20 meters away). The headset plugs into a small box which connects to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a gaming console like Playstation or XBox via MHL or micro HDMI, features 7.1 surround sound system, a rechargeable battery with 3 hours of play time in wireless mode or 7 hours play time in HDMI mode is available for pre-order with delivery scheduled for November 2013.

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Oct 102013

Fitbit Force -The Wireless Activity And Sleep Wristband

The FitBit Force wristband was designed to smartly use technology to help you stay in shape – also check the FitBit Ultra Wireless Tracker.

The Force wristband tracks steps, distances, burned calories and all all fitness activities during the day, monitors the length and quality of your sleep sessions, offers daily goal followups (via Led lights) and features a silent wake alarm. All information collected and processed by the FitBit Force is wirelessly synced to your smartphone and desktop and can be analyzed via the mobile app and the online tracker dashboard.

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Sep 262013

GameKlip Or How To Use Your DualShock Controller To Play Android Games In Style

As smartphones become more and more powerful they easily become the gaming console of choice for many people.
Various devices like Ion iCade, Moga Mobile were designed to improve the gaming experience on smartphone by allowing users to control the games via external controller with physical joystick and buttons. There’s also the Brick Joystick which is an analog joystick that attaches to your smartphone’s screen and allows you to play games like a boss!

But what if you are used to your own controller and do not want to shred too much money to enjoy physical controls for your smartphone games? Then … GameKlip might be just the right choice for you.

GameKlip is a smartphone clip that allows mounting your smartphone on a DualShock controller and use it to play the games you like. The connection between the smartphone and the controller can be wireless or by cable (check the compatibility guide here). The GameKlip is compatible with most smartphones on the market (some devices may require you to spend an additional couple of dollars for a case) and even work with Google’s Nexus 7.

What’s you favorite way of playing games on your smartphone? Are you using the touch screen controls, the tilt movements or an external controller device? let’s hear you in the comments …

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Sep 102013

WiFlux - The Wallet Sized Wireless Smartphone Charger

Wallet sizedWirelessExtended Battery … Those are three words we rarely see together in the same phrase. But now, thanks to WiFlux, we get a cool chance to see that we can finally get wireless power to charge our smartphones while we’re on the go – also check the credit card sized backup battery (while not wireless, it still does a great job when you need some extra power)

The WiFlux features a 850mAh extended Lithium Polymer battery, an inductive coil and charging circuitry designed to charge your smartphone without wires, all packed in a credit card sized package (that’s about 5mm thick). This qualifies WiFlux to be included in the Wallet Gear collection. The wireless WiFlux is presently compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S series (S2, S3 and S4) as well as with the iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5 models.

So, if you’re in need of a wireless extended battery for your smartphone, you can support the WiFlux project on Indiegogo and make sure the project gets funded. The first batch of WiFlux extended batteries are set to be delivered by the end of February 2014.

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Feb 152013

Wireless Charger System - Duracell Powermat For iPhone 4-4S

Full wireless charging is on it’s way … I can’t wait the day when you’ll simply place your smartphone or any gadget near an electric plug and it’ll start to charge instantly … regardless the plug, the case or the gadget manufacturer or model. Universal Wireless Charging

But, until that day will come, let’s speak about the today wireless charging. One of the wireless charging industry leaders is Duracell. Their Powermat system can achieve good results, if you’re lucky and your smartphone is covered by their product.

The Duracell Powermat for iPhone 4/4S can wirelessly charge up to 2 devices – your iPhone and a Portable Backup Battery. Simply put the Powermat case on your iPhone, and leave it on the charging kit. The Powermat case protects your iPhone during regular usage (like any regular plastic case) and enables your iPhone for wireless charging when it is placed on the Powermat stand.

The Portable Backup Battery was specifically designed to help you get power when your iPhone’s battery is down and no charging sources are available around. Simply plug in the included cable, and get the much needed power.

We find the Duracell Powermat a good value for the money. Not only you get a wireless charger, but you also get an extended power pack to power your iPhone when in need. Cool …

The Powermat is available in white and black versions for iPhone 4/4S, and a couple older models.

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