Dec 122013

Smarty Ring - Another Cool Piece Of Wearable Gadgetry!
If you like the smart ring concept we featured earlier (check the full post here: GalaRing G1 NFC Smart Ring For Smartphones), here’s another cool piece of wearable technology – The Smarty Ring.

This is a bit more complex than the NFC ring but follows the same concept – it connects to your iPhone or Android smartphone and allows you to control certain phone functions wirelessly.

The Ring is only 13mm wide, is made of stainless steel, it features a LED screen to display notifications and a handful of assignable control buttons. The Smarty Ring connects to your smartphone via low consumption Bluetooth 4.0 and a free app (available for iOS and Android) which allows you to set up it’s behavior: set up incoming and outgoing call notifications, text and email alerts, Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts and Skype real time updates, accept and reject calls, trigger camera, control phone volume and phone tracking when lost (works for up to 30ft – 10 meters). The ring comes with a 22mAh rechargeable battery (enough for 24 hours of continuous usage) and a wirelesses induction charging pad.

The gadget just finished a successful funding campaign via Indiegogo and can be pre-ordered at their website (click the below Buy Now link).

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Dec 112013

eyeTV Wireless Allows Your To Watch Live TV On Your iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets
A while back we showed you how to play live TV on your iPhone and iPad – check original post here: EyeTV Mobile – Turn Your iPad and iPhone Into a Classic Live TV. Now, we’re back with an improved way of getting classic live TV on your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The EyeTV W, the EyeTV Mobile’s younger brother, features a Freeview (DTT/DVB-T) tuner which allows it to tune into free over-the-air TV broadcasting and a built-in Hotspot which transforms the TV stations broadcast into a Wi-Fi Live TV stream. Although this looks pretty complicated, it’s simpler than you might think. Here’s how it actually works: turn on the the eyeTV, go to your smartphone or tablet and hit the eyeTV iOS or Android app (the app is free and available on Google Play, App Store and Amazon Apps for Kindle) and you’re ready to watch Live TV on your handheld device.

The eyeTV W comes with built-in rechargeable battery which allows up to 4 hours of continuous TV watching on a full battery charge and runs on 802.11b/g WiFi with a wireless range up to 33ft (that’s about 10 meters).

Let’s hear you in the comments … does the eyeTV fit into your home video setup? What other cool uses can you find it?

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Nov 212013

Philips StarMaker Bluetooth Speaker And Karaoke System

It’s Karaoke time again! Also check the AppSing Portable Karaoke System from AppToyz we featured earlier.

The Philips AEA7100 Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Microphone allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes and sing along in style! The Philips karaoke system features a high-sensitivity wireless microphone which connects via Bluetooth to the wireless speaker. The interface is assured via the free StarMaker Karaoke iPad app (music can also be streamed from any Bluetooth compatible device). The system also sports an array of features to improve your karaoke experience: Auto-Tune audio processor keeps you singing on the key 9even if this is not one of your strong points), the StarMaker app provides guiding vocals so easily keep the tune pace, Battle Mode allows you to compete with the other participants and the built-in social sharing gives you a chance to brag about your singing performances.

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Nov 182013

Philips BeardTrimmer Series 9000 - The Laser Guided Precision Hair Trimmer
Philips Beard Trimmer Series 9000 is a hair trimming technology 2.0! Just as Nike brought high tech into sports clothing with the Nike+ system, the dutch company Philips brings classic hair trimmers to the next level. The Beard Trimmer Series 9000 is a laser guided precision trimmer that allows users to give their beards perfect, symmetrical forms – also check the CarZor Emergency Wallet Shaver.

The trimmer is waterproof for easy cleaning, wireless operated (an 1 hour charging gives up to 60 minutes of continuous hair trimming), skin-friendly (steel blades lightly brush against each other, so they sharpen themselves as you trim) and features a dual-sided reversible trimmer for extended versatility. No oiling or any other lubrication needed.

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Nov 132013

33 Wallet Gadgets To Supercharge Your Daily Routine

There’s one proven concept I learned a while back – “The best gadget ever is the one you have with you“.
Given you always have your wallet and your smartphone on you, and, as you can not squeeze gear INTO your smartphone (dah!!!), I compiled a list of 33 gadgets you can always carry in your wallet and use them as you need them to improve your daily routine. Well, not all of them at the same time, but you get the point …. – also check this cool post – 43 Cool Gadgets To Help You Sneak Booze Almost Everywhere!

Any other favorite gear I might have forgotten to add? Let me know in the comments and I’ll update the list …


Nov 082013

Boost Your iOS And Android Storage With The SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive
The SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive is a good solution for those of you who run short of smartphone or tablet storage and have no MicroSD slot available to increase the unit’s native storage capabilities. More than that, the SanDisk drive allows you to easily and wiressly transfer data between up to 8 devices simultaneously – also check the Apricorn Aegis Encrypted Flash Drive and the biometric secured myIDkey flash drive.

The wireless flashdrive has a battery life time of around 4 hours of continuous video streaming on one full charge (the device charges via any regular USB plug), connects to iOS and Android gadgets via free apps available in Google Play and the App Store and comes with two storage versions: 16GB (model number SDWS2-016G-E57) and 32GB (model number SDWS2-032G-E57).
Optional Wi-Fi password protection and 128-bit AES encryption are available on-board.

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Oct 302013

Sony All-In-One - Headphones, MP3 Player And Loudspeakers Via Walkman WH Series

Sony has announced a new model in the Walkman WH seriesSony Walkman NWZ-WH505 – also check the Amadana SAL and the Jabra Revo Wireless premium headphones we featured earlier.
The Sony headphones sports a 3-in-1 suite featuring a MP3 player, wireless headphones and loudspeakers for a complete music listening solution. The headphones come 16Gb of storage included available for the MP3 player and allow up to 20 hours of continuous music play one full charge (a quick charge mode is available with 1 hour of music playing from a quick 3 minutes charge). Release and pricing information not yet available.

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