Nov 072012

Ski Goggles Let's You Communicate With Your Buddies Phone

If the Oakley Airwave is’t too high tech for you, but you still want more than the classic ski goggles, try the Hammacher Voice Communicating Ski Goggles.

The Voice Communicating Goggles feature:

  • Wireless built-in intercom – so you freely speak to other skiers
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Built into the frame microphone
  • Possibility to plug your preferred headphones
  • Wireless connect to your smartphone so you can enjoy music and phone calls while skiing (this is not the safest thing to do but hey … the technology id there & the decision is yours!)
  • Large control buttons so you can manage your music/call without removing your gloves
  • 100% UV mirror-coated black lenses (interchangeable orange-tinted lenses)
  • 12 hours of music or phone calls (charger included)

These winter sports goggles are also cheaper than the Oakley ones – will only set you back $299.

$299 | BUY NOW
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Nov 032012

Airwave GPS Goggle from Oakley Screen

Enter The Winter Sports Goggles 2.0! Like the AI Riders On The Storm jacket – these goggles will revolutionize the winter sports gear!

Here are a few specs of the new Oakley Airwave GPS Enabled Goggle:

  • Inside goggle Heads-Up display
  • Instant check of: Speed, Jump Analytics, Vertical, Navition, Buddy Tracking
    Playlists for music listening,
  • Bluetooth for Smartphone connectivity
  • Changeable lenses – different colors available
  • High Definition Optics
  • Polarized and UV Protection Lenses
  • Impact Protection
  • Compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and Android

Check more details about these amazing Ski Googles on the Oakley website:

$599 | BUY NOW
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Oct 202012

AI Riders On The Storm Perfect Ski Jacket or Not Front

The winter season is approaching, so it’s the perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe.

John Bean of AI Riders On The Storm designed this interesting jacket choice. Being more simpler choice than Rocky S2V Provision Jacket with Integrated Survival Kit, the hooded jacket is made of matt nylon and the hood completely closes up with a zipper to protect your face of cold and snow.

The hoodie is the actual masterpiece of this winter jacket. It features goggles hooked up directly into the material and nose and ears air hose to assure hearing and breathing. The goggles use interchangeable lenses, so you can easily adjust them to your style.

The zipper is a a two way and perfectly closes the jacket from the bottom to the top … or the other way around! Between other features, we can spot: two color patterns – black/silver and olive/orange; two internal zip pockets so you can safely keep your gadgets and your wallet and a completely quilted down feather lining. The pom-pom on the top of the hoodie is detachable.

So, is this the perfect ski jacket or not? Let me know in the comments…

$424 | BUY NOW
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Oct 192012

Westcomb Blue Jackets

Westcomb is a Canadian manufacturer that produces premium quality apparel for mountaineers. Made of new materials like Polartec, WindGuard technology, Laminated zippers, their jackets are well appreciated by any outdoors lover due to being waterproof, windproof and having good insulation.

Amazon has a wide selection of of Westcomb Products on sale now. Click through to check their models:

$240+ | BUY NOW – US Market
£129+ | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Oct 112012

Rocky S2V Provision Jacket with Integrated Survival Kit Colors

Imagine going out for a ski day, and getting caught in an avalanche. Of course, you never think this can happen to you, so you never bring the survival kit with you.

Those time are past time. Introducing the high quality outwear from Rocky S2V featuring a survival kit included in special designed pockets

The Rocky S2V Provision Survival Kit Features:

  • eGear Led Flash Light
  • Compass
  • Starflash Ultra Signal Mirror
  • Jetscream Whistle
  • Sabertcut Razor SaweGear
  •  Emergency Blanket
  • Medical Kit
$600 | BUY NOW
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Sep 292012

02/60. 7 Eye Trail Boots by SeaVees Side

Cool autumn/winter trail boots by SeaVees.
The boots are available in flagstone, thunder, tabbaco or walnut leather finish with sizes between 7 and 13.

SeaVees  Trail Boots Features:

  • Hand sewn  moccasin stitch
  • Waxed thread.
  • Laces are oil stuffed rawhide leather.
  • Flat eyelets are brushed silver or antique nickel.
  • The footbed features a sueded leather heel counter to secure fit.
  • Made by patented SeaVulc Natural Rubber
$198 | BUY NOW
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Sep 232012

Hi Call Bluetooth Glove Couple

Bluetooth glovesHi-Call from Hi-Fun integrated Bluetooth in gloves – the speaker is sewed in the thumb and the microphone into the pinkie. A great accessory for the cold day weather you’re taking a walk, you’re jogging or skying.

Hi-Call Gloves Features:

  • Capacitive technology – you can actually use your smartphone with these gloves on
  • Charging by micro USB cable (included)
  • Available for Men and Women, in gray and black
  • Operating range: – 10 meters
  • Battery stats: 10 days standby, 20 hours conversation
$15 | BUY NOW
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