Feb 122013

SplitSticks From TDA Services - Allows You To Hike, Ski and Snowboard

Can’t decide if you’re in mood for skiing or snowboarding? No problem … Use your SplitSticks and you’ll be able to enjoy both …

The SplitSticks are part of a larger winter sports concept called SplitBoarding – A SplitBoard is a basically a snowboard that splits in two halves with ski shapes. You go up with your Ski-halves and you go down with your snowboard. The Bindings are specifically designed and, while in ski mode, they allow a free heel which will ease the trail hiking (just like the Telemark skis). Once the Skis are put together and secured, the bindings will work like any snowboarding bindings allowing you to snowboard your way down the way you like it.

The Splitboards are especially useful for free riding in the backcountry – where by allowing you to have more loft and making the hike easier help to conserve energy and free one to bring more equipment for the trip.

Now that you we know what a SplitBoard is, let’s go further: Austrian company TDA services came up with a new complete approach to splitboarding – their newest model, the SplitSticks, allow not only hiking up and snowboarding down but also using the SplitSticks in Ski mode (fixed heel). Another advantage of their new release biding technology is that it allows one to wear his gloves while he complete the change over from ski to snowboard.

Although I personally never tried a splitboard or a snowboard before – honestly … I am a ski-guy – this might just be the STUFF that will make me try one … What’s your preference? Are you a Ski or Snowboard type? Or maybe a Free Style Splitboard type … Let me know in the comments

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Feb 052013

Snow Cycle -  Twin-Skis And Powder-Coated Steel Frame With Elastomer Spring Suspension

Some call it “snow-cycle“, some call it “sit-ski” or “ski bike” and some even call it the “the snow bicycle“.
Regardless the name – we can only say one thing – IT’S SUPER COOL!

So here’s how it works: You ride it like you would ride a bike, you initiate the turns with the handle bar and continue them with the weight of your body – kind of the carving technique skiers are familiar with. Same for the stopping/braking procedure.

Here are some of the technical features of the snow-cycle:

  • Two inline (front and back) skis
  • The rider needs to wear the two side skis (the side skis have adjustable binders and will fit ski and snowboard boots)
  • Front elastomer/spring suspension to help negotiate turns
  • Adjustable t-bar steering column
  • Working well in any kind of snow (including powder and groomed snow)
  • Padded saddle with integrated spring cushions helps you maintain your equilibrium
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Maximum speed – 66 mph (106 kmh)

Check the product page to see a video about how cool is riding this Ski Bike.

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Feb 022013

Matte Black RG-1 Core Ski and Snowboard Helmet With HG-1 Anti-fog Goggles

Ruroc Sports is a leading British company specialized in full face and head protection for ski and snowboard lovers. Their patented helmet system was even modified for F1 pit crew use and used by teams like McLaren and Red Bull.

The newest addition to their RG-1 patented winter sports helmet line, is the RG-1 Core. The helmet is a lightweight, offers high protection and it’s specifically designed for Freestyle skiers and snowboarders. Here are are some of the Matte Black RG-1 Core system:

  • Double Shell top – High impact ABS shell outer shell and an EPS shock absorber inner shell
  • Lower padding comfort liner helps keeping the helmet stable in case of accident
  • Helmet jaw guard lower shell made as well of high impact ABS and offers protection for the jaw and the ears
  • Detachable front mask with vent systems to prevent breath entering into the goggles.

The RG-1 Core comes in Matte Black with the front mask as well as the HG-1 anti-fog goggles, and offers “unparalleled levels of protection on the slopes” based on the Ruroc product description.

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Jan 262013

Ortovox Avalanche Transceivers Help The Rescue Team Find You In Case Of Avalanche

If you’re one of those that like free skiing or snowboarding in unmarked or unpatrolled areas, you must be aware of the risks and the constant danger of avalanches.

A while back we featured the North Face Patrol 24 ABS which was specifically conceived for this type of situations. There are also other solutions on the market to help you in the unfortunate case when you’re caught in an avalanche and today we’ll take a look at some avalanche transceivers made by Ortovox.

A transceiver is basically a gadget that will allow the rescue teams to locate you and save you in case you’re caught in an avalanche. The Ortovox transceivers are high quality, battery operated gadgets that are able to read the victims position and transmit the information to the rescue teams. In average, the Ortovox transceivers have a weight of around 250 grams, based on the model, they can be discovered down to 50 meters below the snow level and they can locate multiple snow burials.

$199+ | BUY NOW – US Market
£178+ | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Jan 242013

US Military Waterproof Socks Will Keep You Warm Down to -30 Degrees Black Fleece-Lined

Hammacher Schlemmer has available for purchase a waterproof socks model as used by the US Military. The socks are fleece-lined, waterproof, will keep you warm down to -30F (that’s -34C) and are are made of 3 layers:

  • The exterior layer is made of nylon-lycra to ensure a higher durability as well as a good comfortable stretch of the socks around your feet
  • The middle layer is waterproofed – to make sure all the water stays away of your feet
  • The inner layer is made of double -velour Polartec fleece to ensure the heat stays in and the moisture stays out.

Manufactured in US, we see these waterproof socks a perfect fit for hunting and fishing trips, outside work or simply outdoor excursions during winter time.

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Jan 102013

Track N Go - The Wheel Driven Track System That Will Transform Your 4X4 In Snowmobile Truck in Snow

Track N Go is an add-on that will transform your 4X4 truck or SUV into a real snowmobile.
The system is patented and built by the Quebec company “AD Boivin” and consists of 4 systems that will mount on the car’s wheel and allow you to drive on snow covered area.

The Track systems are made of high quality rubber and the internal wheels are manufactured of UHMW compression molded and press-fit mounted to strong hollow axes. This will allow the track system to be light and while still being very strong.

The model is in final stages of testing and the production will begin during the Spring 2013.

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[Thanks Gabi A. for sharing]


Jan 022013

Tempered Glass Portable Fireplace Indoor Outdoor Fire

Looking for a low priced fireplace for cozy living place? Look no further! Stop by and check the portable tempered glass fireplace. Here are a couple of it’s features:

  • 100 portable, works indoors and outdoors
  • Modern looks (8mm floating tempered glass, brushed nickel base
  • Fire source: the nickel base accommodates 3 cans of FiroGlo Gel Fuel – 3,000 BTU each
  • When not in use as a fireplace, the gel fuel can be replaced with decorative pillar candles
  • Great fire flames view from any position
  • Easy to transport
  • Measures: 32″ W x 9.25″ D x 24″ H (82cm W x 24″ D x 61″ H)
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