Nov 292013

The 50 Foot Snowball Launcher Helps You Fight Snow Battles More Efficiently
Here a cool way to cheat in a snowball battle – The 50 Foot Snowball Launcher.

First – the snowball launcher is is powered by elastomers instead of batteries – this means you can use the launcher over and over again uninterrupted without being afraid of power losses! Second – this launcher is almost too easy to use: simply fill the three forming chambers with snow, what a sec so it forms perfectly spherical snowballs, place the into the muzzle in release the trigger. The snowball speed is directly influenced by the force applied on the trigger lever – also check the Hyper Dog Tennis Ball Launcher

Quick mention from a customer review: “There was no snow , so they used an egg.. It traveled almost 2 blocks!” – I am still cracking up laughing!

Let’s hear you in the comments – what are your favorite winter toys? Let me know and I’ll feature one of them here on

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Nov 282013

Trikke Skki Or How To Carve The Snow In Style With An Inovative Ski Vehicle
The Trikke Skki is a new way to carve the snowy mountain – also check the Yooner Skiing Chair, the Splitboard 2-in1 Ski And Snowboard and the The Ski Snow Cycle we featured earlier.

The vehicle has 3-points of contact (I could easily say it’s like skiing and having a third ski to assure extra support and maneuverability), is build on 3CV cambering technology and doesn’t require you to wear ski or snowboard boots. Simply wear a comfortable pair of snow boots, hop on the Trikke Skki and you’re ready to go! Check the video for more …

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Nov 262013

Nike Snowboarding's LunarENDOR QS - LED Equipped Snowboard Boots
Nike Snowboarding’s LunarENDOR Quickstrike is bringing the light to the nightime runs! Each swosh is equipped with 30 LEDs powered by built-in Li-Io battery and controlled by an ON/OFF button situated on the upper side of the boot’s cuff so you can “you can go UFO whenever the mood strikes.” – also check the Nike Poler Vapen Snowboard Boots.

Apart the cool LED technology incorporated into boot, the Nike LunarENDOR QS features as series of advanced technological features: Flywire inner lacing for dynamic glove-like fit, 3D molded spine and boot upper, customizable flex with three softness levels (park, half pipe, or backcountry), Lunarlon foam cushioning for lightweight and dynamic support and an external lace lock to keep the boot secured while riding.Available mid-december at and local retailers.

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Nov 192013

Nike x Poler Vapen Premium QS Snowboard Boots
Born from the collaboration between Poler and Nike, the Nike Poler Vapen Snowboard Boots sport a mid-flex feel perfect for both walking and riding the snow, insulated interior to keep your feet warm, waterproof exterior to assure a dry environment for your toes and Poler’s classic camouflage design on the boots tongue and interior lining combined with light and dark brown exterior shades.

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Nov 112013

Is Yooner The New Black This Skiing Season

Bored of Ski and Snowboard? Ready to try something new?Also check the Splitboard 2-in1 Ski And Snowboard and the Dual Snowboards we featured earlier.

Take a minute and check out the Yooner! The TLS Outdoor Yooner allows snow gliding while seated at only 20 cm above the ground. The Yooner is equipped with a shock absorber seat so you get a comfortable ride, a hand brake for those nasty moment when you see the trees approaching at high speed and, given the entire system is gliding on a ski-like system, is very easy to turn “carving” like you were skiing. Light, flexible easy to transport and offering a great maneuverability the Yooner is ski kart on steroids!

What’s you take on the Yooner? Are you ready to exchange your trusted ski and snowboard for newer unconventional gliding toys? Let’s hear you in the comments …

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Oct 302013

Surf The Snow In Geek Style With The GPS Tracking and Navigating Ski Gloves
The GPS Tracking & Navigating Ski Gloves are designed to help you find your way while out there surfing the snow – also check the Rohan Rechargeable Heated Ski Gloves.

The gloves are weatherproof and feature a GPS tracking system which allows you to track your current position, altitude, traveled distance, duration, descent velocity and many more. They feature a little screen situated on the left hand thumb which displays all this information as well as an arrow which acts as a compass. If you take the time to set up a route the arrow on the gloves screen acts as a GPS navigation indicator and shows you the direction to the next way-point.
This can come in handy in poor visibility situations when you need to get back to the base and you want to confirm you’re on the right track!

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Oct 242013

Mattracks Powerboard Allows You To Ride The Snow Like A Boss

Enjoy the snow and have fun with the Gas Powered Snowboard. Able of speeds up to 18 mph (that’s about 29 km/h), the Mattracks Powerboard features an 6 and 1/2 hp four cycle gasoline engine which can operate up to two hours on 3/4 gallon of gasoline (that’s close to 3 liters) – also check the DTC Shredder personal all terrain (including snow and ice) vehicle we featured earlier.

The Powerboard frame is made of high density ABS and features two cleated footpads which provide secure standing while roaming around. The board’s custom design offers great snow flotation – “The long wide track provides flotation on the snow much like the effect of snowshoes, keeping the PowerBoard and rider cruising over a cushion of snow” as well as easy snow carving – “Carving through the snow is as simple as leaning your body towards the direction you want to travel”.

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