Jan 312016

Jackfish Credit Card Sized Multitool Kit

JackFish is a cool pocket survival kit designed to help when you’re in need. While the JackFish contains real survival items like an aluminum whistle, an iodine vial, windproof matches, a Spyderco Bug Knife and a liquid filled 15mm compass, I wouldn’t really count on it as my main survival kit when the Zombie Apocalypse comes!

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On the other hand, given it comes with a micro standard and Philips screwdrivers, a Kingston Micro SD reader for important documents, a telescopic pen and it doubles as a credit card carrier, it can be a helpful emergency kit throughout the day, at home or at the office.

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Nov 172014

44 Coolest Utilitarian iPhone Cases To Make Your Life Easier

Either you’re going out with friends, heading to work in the early morning or partying late at night, shopping or enjoying a meal, snowboarding or having a a cold beer on hot sunny afternoon there’s one piece of gear you always have on you – your smartphone! And that’s perfectly normal – just think about it – your bellowed iPhone replaced most gadgets you carried in your backpack just 10 short years ago! It replaced your GPS unit, your MP3 player, your reading book, your newspaper, your photo camera and video recorder and, given the traction virtual wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Amazon Wallet get, it’s on its sure way to replace your whole wallet in a couple of years!

So, if you already have your phone always on you, why not improve it even more and give it new powers? Bellow you have a collection of the coolest iPhone cases around designed to improve even further your iPhone. Most cases I featured bellow are available for all iPhone models – simply go to the product page to check the availability for your iPhone model.

Enjoy … and make sure you you share this post with your friends! I am sure they’d love want to supercharge their bellowed iPhone too!

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Dec 292013

Pelican ProGear Vault iPhone 5 Case - Bumper To Bumper iPhone Protection
When choosing a smartphone case it’s important you take in consideration when, where and how you’ll use it. Some cases are designed only to be cool, some to offer basic protection against pocket scratches and some are built to … withstand a nuclear war! Well, don’t quote me on the last one! Even if your iPhone will be safe after a nuclear impact, not sure anyone’s gonna be around to use it!

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Anyway, back to our business … The Pelican ProGear Vault iPhone Case. The Pelican iPhone case has a full-seal build designed to protect your iPhone against extreme weather conditions such as wind, snow, rain, dust and sand storms. The case is made of aluminum and polymer materials, features optical glass on both front and back cameras to not affect the photo quality, elastometric co-polymer rubber to absorb shocks, speaker and microphone covers to keep water and dust away but assure a high quality sound on both headset and speaker calls and aircraft grade aluminum buttons to allow easy access to all native iPhone controls. Available in black, white, green and purple.

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Jul 262013

The Hi-Reflective Umbrella Keeps You Dry And ... Visible

The Hi-Reflective Umbrella was designed to protect your from the downpour (dah!!!) and to make you as visible as possible during your nightly walks. The umbrella is windproof, features an telescopic design which allows easy transportation when not in use and it’s canopy is made of a reflective material which shines brightly in the city lights, a car’s headlights or even the moon light.
During the day, the reflective canopy has a simple, classic gray look.

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