Mar 252014

Universal Touch Screen Camera Adaptor For Laptops
Either you like it or not, most last generation laptop models come touch enabled screens. But what to do with older models (read even last generation models), which don’t feature touch technology, when you realize you need it for various tasks or simply for improving the comfort of your online browsing?

Here’s where the Touch Screen Camera For Laptops comes into the game. The adapter is compatible with Windows 8 and higher devices, comes with a stylus pen to help navigation or to completely replace your mouse and even has a built-in webcam for various video recording needs. For those of you asking yourselves how this gadget works – it can’t get simpler than that – simply mount the converter on your screen, instal the driver, hook-up the USB plug and your ready to go.

While the device is a bit bulky to be carried around mounted on your laptop, I can see some more usage advantages for desktop PC’s fix fixed screens (think about those 21″+ screens you have at home and office).

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Jan 202014

Desk Shot Standing Scanner Or How To Scan Files Without A Bulky Scanner!
Made by King Jim, “maker of Japan’s most stylish and technically funky office tools“, the Desk Shot Standing Scanner is a cool standing scanner designed to allow you digitize your documents while saving you the pain of having a bulky, full sized machine on your desk.

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Simply place a sheet of paper in front of the standing scanner, choose one of the three operation modes (A4 scan, Marker Scan which only scans the document area marked with a fluorescent marker and Non-Correction Scan which will digitize the entire surface in front of the sensor). On the technical side, the Desk Shot Standing Scanner works only with Windows PC, scans A4 sheets at 160 dpi resolution, features autofocus, is powered by a regular USB plug and scans to PDF, JPG and PNG.

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Jan 132014

DrumPants - The Wearable Musical Instrument In Your Pocket
Play whenever inspiration strikes“.
The Drumpants are wearable musical instruments designed to allow you to play anywhere – from “air drumming” in the bus to live performing on a stage!

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The Drumpants work with iOs and Android mobile devices and desktop computers (including Windows, Mac and Linux laptops) via Bluetooth connection and feature two individual strips which include two drum pad sensors each, a control unit which allows you to change scales and tones and a looping pedal which allows loops and beats recording with a simple foot tap. The two drum strips are padded with ultra-thin Velcro designed to easily attach and remove from any clothing.

The wearable drumpants have over 100 sounds built-in including drums, percussion, guitar, piano and many more. Check-out the vid for a cool demo.

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Jan 062014

Structure Sensor - The iPad 3D Scanner
3D printing is the next black! But in order to be able to print in 3D, you need some to somehow map the object’s detailed information!
Here’s where the Occipital Structure Sensor comes into the game! The Structure is an iPad addon which, once mounted, gives your favorite tablet 3D scanning superpowers!

Here are some technical specs: the Structure is powered by it’s own internal battery which allows about 4 hours of continuous usage; it has an anodized aluminum chassis which confers it a beautiful exterior as well as thermal core that keeps the precision optics inside at an optimal temperature; dual infrared LED’s to improve vision in low light.

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The Structure sensor can make room captures and can automatically calculate distance (I can only imagine how real estate agents and interior designers will go crazy about this) as well as scan object which can be reproduced/printed via 3D printers (compatible with 3D printing).

The 3D scanner was designed for full compatibility with iPvad 4th generation (via the Lightning connector) but cam also work on other iOS devices as well as on Android, Linux, Windows and osX (“Hacker” package available to order) and is available for pre-order after a successful Kickstarter campaign which helped the manufacturer raise 1.3 million USD.

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Dec 132013

Airtame - Wireless HDMI Connection Between Devices
Remember Google Chromecast? The Chromecast is an amazing gadget – it allows you to wirelessly transfer a Google Chrome tab to a TV screen allowing you to watch Youtube clips, browse website and even play browser games on your TV set. While all this is amazing, the Chromecast has a limitation – it can only transfer a Chrome tab to the TV screen – no Firefox tabs, no local movie watching, no local pictures slideshows … you get the point.

Enter Airtame – Airtame is designed to use a regular WiFi connection to make a link between your computer (works on Windows, Mac, Linux, desktops and laptops) and any other screen (including TV sets and PC screens). Simply hook up the Airtame into the HDMI port of any screen, turn on your laptop and choose to share or extend your desktop on the newly added screen. That’s it! As simple as it can get – also check the Sony FMP-X1 – The 4K Ultra HD Media Player and the Roku 3 HD Streaming Box for two other ways to stream content to your TV set.

The Airtame is in project stage at Indiegogo and you can secure one for an early bird price of $89 (delivery set for May 2014).

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Nov 132013

33 Wallet Gadgets To Supercharge Your Daily Routine

There’s one proven concept I learned a while back – “The best gadget ever is the one you have with you“.
Given you always have your wallet and your smartphone on you, and, as you can not squeeze gear INTO your smartphone (dah!!!), I compiled a list of 33 gadgets you can always carry in your wallet and use them as you need them to improve your daily routine. Well, not all of them at the same time, but you get the point …. – also check this cool post – 43 Cool Gadgets To Help You Sneak Booze Almost Everywhere!

Any other favorite gear I might have forgotten to add? Let me know in the comments and I’ll update the list …


Nov 122013

3 Steps To Help You Choose The Best Laptop For The Lowest Budget

I know you want the best possible laptop with the most powerful processor, huge amounts of RAM, a dedicated video card and almost unlimited storage space. Heck, an ultrabook would be amazing, but how about a big, powerful gaming mean-machine you can hardly describe as a laptop? Should it be an 11-in, a 13.3-in a 15-in or a 17-in? And the screen … should it be touch or not, should it be high resolution or lower res is just fine?

There are many laptop buying guides out there – some are too technical, some don’t have enough info and some have too much. Don’t worry, I’ll help you find the best laptop for the lowest budget possible and I’ll even tell you where to buy it.
I will do this in a simple way, in plain English so even a 5 years old will be able to follow through. But before that, let me tell you a little story … There was a time (about 4-5 years ago) when buying a laptop meant either having a huge budget to buy a good computer or having a low budget and ending up with a crappy one! Everything was in the budget. Most times we sacrificed features (read video output, Kensington lock, backlit keyboard, decent sound) to squeeze in a bit of extra power. At that time technology was expensive.

How about now? Now technology is cheap. So, with a bit of preparation, you can get the perfect laptop for your needs an the cheap. Grab a pen and a piece of paper or open your favorite note taking app and let’s get you a new laptop: ……………

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