Mar 032015

The Bushmills - Recycled Whiskey Barrel Headphones by Grado Labs
Designed by famous Wooden Wisdom DJ’s Elijah Wood & Zach Cowie The Bushmills x Grado Labs Headphones combine the high quality sound of Grado Labs with the cool looks of natural leather and used whiskey barrels wood!

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The Bushmills Grado Headphones are handcrafted from old whiskey barrels recycled white oak from Bushmills Distillery in Ireland, feature a vented back design, come with a custom brown leather headband and a wooden outer box and they use a .05dB driver with a frequency response of 16hz to 26hz and a nominal impedance of 32 ohms.

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Aug 232014

The Gentleman's Wager - Johnnie WAlker Blue Label Commercial Starring Jude Law Giancarlo Giannini
Yeap, you read it right! An advert that beats most commercial movies out there! Is it possible? Check it out for yourself!

The commercial features the story of a man on a quest for a rare experience … Watch Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini playing two men who have it all, but still wagering to win a money-can’t-buy experience …


May 202014

3D Bullet Shaped AK Ice Tray by Mustard
When the sun beats down and you feel the need of a refreshing glass of beverage, simply pour yourself a glass of your favorite liquid, pull out your best magazine loader and load a couple of AK ice bullets to chill it down! Now you’re ready to enjoy the moment!

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The AK Ice Tray by Mustard is made of food grade PP and sports two halves. Close the halves, fill the magazine with water and place it in your freezer. In no time you’ll have 10 cool ice bullets to help you effectively defend yourself from the hot day out-there! Not even mentioning the extra cool and “head-turner” factor involved in the situation …

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Nov 262013

43 Cool Gadgets To Help You Sneak Booze Almost Everywhere

There are many ways to justify sneaking booze into a place. Some will say it’s cheaper, others will say it’s more convenient as they don’t have to stay in line to buy a drink and some will even say they do not like the existing selection and they prefer to bring their’s.
My objective is not to argue about the validity of all these reasons, but to show you 42 cool ways you can conceal your drink and smuggle into the cinema, football game, at the pub, even on a cruise ship or in whatever place you’d like to do so.

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Small disclaimer – Use your due diligence. Keep in mind that in some places booze smuggling is illegal and you will support the consequences if you are caught doing so. Research local laws before passing to action and, most important of all, remember that alcohol should be used and consumed in a responsible manner only by individuals who are of legal drinking age.

Before going further and diving into the 42 cool hidden flasks I gathered for you – take a moment and check Seth Lieber‘s comprehensive B.Y.O.B. – How to Sneak Alcohol Onto a Cruise Ship and other ways of reducing your bar tab.


Oct 142013

1 Gallon Stainless Steel Flask By Maxam

Either you’re into booze sneaking flask like the Wallet Flask and the iFlask iPhone Disguised Flask, cool utilitarian flasks as the Built-In Shot Glass Flask or the Cigar Holder Hip Flask or any other kind of flasks you need to make yourself a favor and stop by to check out the 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Flask.
While there’s not much to say about it, I can mention it carries 1 gallon of your favorite booze (that’s about 3.7 liters), it has an brushed exterior finish and I can assure you that it will not let you down next time you’re throwing a party!

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Aug 202013

Jack Daniels Whiskey Filled Chocolate Bar by Goldkenn

Yeap … that’s right! Now you can serve your preferred whiskey in chocolate form!
Goldkenn, the famous Swiss chocolate manufacturer, partnered with Jack Daniels to create the Jack Daniels Liqueur Bar. The 3.5oz (100gr) chocolate bar is made is Switzerland with the finest ingredients, comes wrapped in gold foils and contains 8.5% Jack Daniel‘s whiskey – also check the Frank Sinatra Jack Daniels Edition

$9.99 | BUY NOW – US Market
£4.99 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Dec 152012

Take A Sip From My Flask Tie

Not many comments about this ingenious way of sneaking some booze into the office or any other place you want (and you’re not allowed to) … Not that you HAVE to do it, but at least if you want it, now you know how!

The Flask Tie contains a hidden pouch that can be filled with up to 8oz (225 gr) of your favorite beverage, and it comes in five different colors for easier matching with your dressing.

So grab that dress shirt, put up your super powered tie and let the fun begin!

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