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Dec 132014

MOTA SmartRing - The Latest in Wearable Computing
Wearable gadgetry is the future of personal technology! While still young on the market, we see it everywhere; Google’s Glass, smart watches, fitness smart bracelets, wearable action cameras and even smart rings. I wonder what future reserves us on this direction!

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The Mota Smart Ring is another cool gadget that follows the same line of wearable gadgets. The Mota Smart Ring is available for pre-order (with delivery in March 2015) and allows you to constantly keep an eye on your smartphone’s notifications and reminders. The smart ring connects to your iPhone and Android devices via low energy Bluetooth 4.0, allows full notification customizations including visual and vibrating alerts, is shock-resistant, waterproof and can be pre-ordered in white or black versions for $99.99 US.

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Nov 152014

Jawbone Up3 Health And Fitness Tracker
Jawbone is constantly pushing the envelope with design and innovation. After the UpMove and the Up24, Jawbone releases their latest fitness tracker, the Up3 or the “world’s most advanced tracker” as they call it. The Jawbone Up3 comes with an impressive numbers of sensors and features such as a tri-axis accelerometer, bio-impedance (heart rate, respiration, galvanic skin response (GSR) sensors), sleep sensors that track REM, Light, and Deep sleep stages, temperature sensors for both skin and ambient measurements, “Auto Activity Classification” that learns your fitness routine, “Idle Alert” with customizable notifications and reminders, can track burned calories as well as food and beverage calories intake, walked steps, set and work on goals alone or with friends via the UP sharing function and, at last but not the least, a personal Smart Coach designed to help you and guide you to achieve your fitness goals.

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The Jawbone Up3 is water resistant, has a built-in rechargeable battery which will get users a full week of usage on a single charge and syncs to free UP Android and iPhone apps via low energy Bluetooth 4.0 to allow users get stats, recommendations and work on their health goals. The Up3 is also compatible with 3rd party iPhone and Android health and fitness apps such as Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, Nest and many more …

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Nov 112014

Microsoft Band Fitness Tracker

Microsoft Band is the software behemoth’s latest try to enter the physical gadgetry market! The Band is a dust and splash-resistant smartwatch combined with health and fitness tracker powered by the new Microsoft Health software and designed to work as an addon for your existing Windows 8.1, iPhone or Android smartphone.

On the fitness tracking side, the Band tracks heart rate (HRM), steps, calorie burn, UV index, distances and running tracks as well as the UV index. On the smartwatch side, the Band does just about anything other competitors do: text messaging, notification and social media updates, receiving and placing calls and, if paired with a Windows phone, allows direct access to Cortana and it’s wide array of voice activated controls.

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Oct 132014

Keep Your Files On Hand (Literally) With the Memoring
If you’re anything like me (and other millions of computer users!!!) you must find it very annoying to always lose your data because you misplace your USB drive!! There are tons of USB drives out-there designed specifically to overcome these issues but nothing can keep your files closer than a cool wearable drive!

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The Memoring is a ring shaped 4GB USB flashdrive that can be worn as a … ring!
While 4GB might not seem a lot storage space for a media oriented user, it’s more than enough for office/work use. Imagine that regular Word documents with a couple of pages of text weight less than 100kb, so you’ll get to store more than 40,000 such files on your wearable drive!
The Memoring is made of flexible, strong silicone and is available in white, black, neon, pink , green and yellow to match your personal style and taste.

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Jan 132014

DrumPants - The Wearable Musical Instrument In Your Pocket
Play whenever inspiration strikes“.
The Drumpants are wearable musical instruments designed to allow you to play anywhere – from “air drumming” in the bus to live performing on a stage!

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The Drumpants work with iOs and Android mobile devices and desktop computers (including Windows, Mac and Linux laptops) via Bluetooth connection and feature two individual strips which include two drum pad sensors each, a control unit which allows you to change scales and tones and a looping pedal which allows loops and beats recording with a simple foot tap. The two drum strips are padded with ultra-thin Velcro designed to easily attach and remove from any clothing.

The wearable drumpants have over 100 sounds built-in including drums, percussion, guitar, piano and many more. Check-out the vid for a cool demo.

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Dec 122013

Smarty Ring - Another Cool Piece Of Wearable Gadgetry!
If you like the smart ring concept we featured earlier (check the full post here: GalaRing G1 NFC Smart Ring For Smartphones), here’s another cool piece of wearable technology – The Smarty Ring.

This is a bit more complex than the NFC ring but follows the same concept – it connects to your iPhone or Android smartphone and allows you to control certain phone functions wirelessly.

The Ring is only 13mm wide, is made of stainless steel, it features a LED screen to display notifications and a handful of assignable control buttons. The Smarty Ring connects to your smartphone via low consumption Bluetooth 4.0 and a free app (available for iOS and Android) which allows you to set up it’s behavior: set up incoming and outgoing call notifications, text and email alerts, Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts and Skype real time updates, accept and reject calls, trigger camera, control phone volume and phone tracking when lost (works for up to 30ft – 10 meters). The ring comes with a 22mAh rechargeable battery (enough for 24 hours of continuous usage) and a wirelesses induction charging pad.

The gadget just finished a successful funding campaign via Indiegogo and can be pre-ordered at their website (click the below Buy Now link).

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Dec 032013

GalaRing G1 BFC Smart Ring For Smartphones

Wearable computing surely has a great future. After smartwatches, all kinds of other wearable accessories surface all round.

The GalaRing G1 NFC Smart Ring is one of these new wearable gadgets designed to improve the way you interact with your smartphone. The Smart Ring allows users to store personal information (name, phone number, email), share it as a name card with other devices, share Wi-Fi information, website links, social media information, pictures and even unlock your smartphone by the simply touching the ring to a smartphone.

Cool! Isn’t it? What’s your take on the smart ring? Let’s hear you int he comments below …

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