Apr 152014

The Lawn Chair Or How To Enjoy A Quiet Sunday Afternoon Reading Your Favorite Book In The Courtyard
Nothing can beat a quit reading session in a late Sunday afternoon … Well, there are a couple of things that can beat that, but a good book in the courtyard is still a strong contender to win the big prize!

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And, as we live in the digital ages on the 21st century, why not enjoy your favorite book on your favorite tablet or e-book reader?
The Tablet Lawn Chair is designed to help you spend quality time reading (or playing a game, why not?) and enjoy a bit of nature at the same time. The portable picnic chair folds and unfolds in seconds and features 2 side pockets for convenient gear storage, a waterproof pouch to protect your tablet in case of rain, a mesh can holder for your favorite drink and a 360-degree enabled, 12″ steel gooseneck equipped with a 7″-10″ tablet holder, clamped to the right armrest.

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Apr 032014

LockBox - The Portable Waterproof Safety Box Wallet
There are many situations in life when your fancy, minimalist, cool leather wallet simply won’t cut it! Think about going to the sandy beach, jogging, cycling, walking in the rain or even diving into the pool in a hot, sunny afternoon! Obviously, you can find alternate solutions like wrapping your existing wallets into a plastic baggy or leaving it home, but you get my point – why not make yourself a favor and buy a cool waterproof minimalist wallet?

Built by 2 Spanish cyclists to answer the specific need of protecting their gear from the elements and sweat while racing their bikes, the LockBox is a minimalist wallet made of platinum silicone (incorporates platinum in the silicone composition to improve properties of the conventional material) which allows you to carry a couple of coins, keys, memory cards, a handful of bills and credit cards or even a wedding ring if needed (don’t think about what I thought!!!) in full protection against water, dust, snow and mud. The silicone wallet is rated to resist temperatures between -60 to 230 degrees Celsius (that’s around -76 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit), it’s soft silicone shell is perfect for sports which present the risk of falling or bumping into other persons or things, features exchangeable shells, a raised jaw lock for improved security and tightness and it does very well the job it was designs for – protect your gear!

I used this wallet for the past couple of weeks in situations where using a regular wallet was not appropriate (playing in snow, jogging, being caught by rain) and my gear was always OK. For those worried about it’s small size, here’s what I carried around – two $20 notes, two apartment keys (I placed them in the coin placings), one credit card, 3 business cards and one Micro SD card inserted into a SD card adapter. Cool, handy and reliable …
Please take a minute and watch the attached video for a demonstration of the LockBox in action.

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Mar 052014

Tempo Bluetooth Smart Temperature Monitor by BlueMaestro
The BlueMaestro Tempo Bluetooth Smart Temperature Monitor is a cool piece of home gadgetry that allows you to constantly monitor the temperature inside and outside your home and set alarms based on predefined temperature thresholds.
The BlueMaestro monitor works on devices equipped with low energy Bluetooth 4.0 running on Android 4.3 and iOs 6 and higher (check your device’s compatibility here)
Here’s how it works: first, make sure your Bluetooth connection is set to not time out (some smartphones come with connection timeout setup to 2 minutes), instal the free Android or iOs app, hold the monitor’s button pressed for 1 second (you’ll hear a small beep when it turns ON) and you’re ready to roll. That’s it, no setup, no syncing or any other action required. In a couple of seconds the device will start reading information from the monitor.

Both Android and iOs apps will show you temperature stats and will allow you to set triggers based on your temperature preferences. I find this feature very useful as it can help you quickly identify sudden temperature drops or increases and gives you the chance to take action before it’s too late (think about saving those flowers when you forget the window open in the middle of the winter … this actually happened to us while we were testing the device) as well as smaller differences which, addressed in time, can help you cut heating and AC costs.

The Smart Monitor can connect to your phone for up to 75 meters (that’s about 225 feet) if it has a direct line of sight, is weather proof (can be used outside as well as in humid environments), allows multiple units to hook up at the same smartphone or tablet (you can easily monitor multiple rooms at the same time) and is conveniently powered by 2XAA batteries (included) which will last for about 1 year (you can easily change them by unscrewing 2 screws and removing the back cover).

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Jan 302014

Nikon 1 AW1 Rugged Waterproof Shockproof Digital Camera With Interchangeable Lens Camera
Nikon has a long tradition in underwater photography. They started with the Nikonos brand released back in the 60′s and they kind-of dominated the underwater photo world since.

The newest addition to Nikon’s line of waterproof photo gear is the Nikon AW1.
The AW1 is a rugged model with waterproof (down to 49ft or 15 meters), shockproof (6.6ff or 2 meters) and freeze-proof (down to 14F or -10C) capabilities. Here are some of the camera’s specks:

  • 1-inch 14.2MP C-format (2.7x crop factor) CMOS sensor
  • ISO range 100-6400
  • Full HD 1080p video recording
  • Built-in GPS with depth meter, compass and altimeter
  • 3-inch TFT-LCD with brightness adjustment
  • 15 fps photo burst mode with continuous AF
  • 60 fps photo burst mode with single AF
  • Fully compatible with all Nikon 1 lenses
  • Two waterproof and shockproof lenses available
  • Available in white, black and silver
  • Expandable storage: SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Dust Shield
  • Shutter speed between 1/16,000 and 30 sec
  • Remote control available: WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter
  • Multiple scene modes: Portrait, Landscape, Night Landscape, Night Portrait, Close-up, Auto, Underwater
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Jan 272014

Do Your Park Magnetic Insult Cards - Because Someone Has To Teach Those Bad Parking Drivers A Lesson

If you have a driving license, chances are you this already happened to you: You’re driving through the crowded parking lot looking for a spot to leave your car and, as you go slowly, you notice an empty space. Happy to end your parking sufferance, you get in front of the spot and … you find a Bozo parked his own vehicle in such way that the near space is useless!
Some people park on two spaces because they want to protect their new shiny ride, which is still not cool for the rest of us … but some other people (most of these bad “parkers”) do it because it’s easier to just dump the car there and they simply don’t care about the rest of the world.

While you can always leave a little note in the windshield or play the guy a little parking prank, DoYourPark.com came up with an ingenious way of attracting their attention and letting them know that they parked in an un-cool manner! The Magnetic Park Cards are funny messages printed on magnetic material which will stick to the offender’s car body (without bringing any damages) and will patiently wait there to teach him a lesson!!!

The cards come in assorted 10-packs, are waterproof and can be re-used. Simply leave a card on bad parked vehicle and, hopefully, it’s driver will pay more attention next time. At his turn, the driver can re-use the card by leaving it on somebody else’s bad parked car! An so on … Check the vid and the below gallery for a cool selection of magnetic cards …
Hopefully, with enough cards out there, everybody will soon park in a decent way!!!

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Jan 222014

Aurisonics Rockets IEM - The Headphones Generation 2.0
Should you have the habit to wear headphones while you work, travel or workout you must have already encountered numerous of their annoyances. First, it’s a real hassle to find the right buds to fit your particular ear form and that’s not because the headphones are “not good” but because the human ear size and shape differs from one person to another and it’s almost impossible to nail a model to perfectly fir everyone! Second, just when you found the right model, they break! Just kidding … but, being always in your pocket, backpack or in use, headphones tend to deteriorate at speedy pace!

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The Aurisonics Rockets are IEMs (internal ear monitors) designed to fix the two above annoyances and be your trusted companions in your daily whereabouts. The headphones are waterproof, the shells are made of titanium for light-weight and improved resistance, the cord is made from strong Kevlar and anchored to the shell at three Kevlar points which confers the headphones a strong resistance to daily abuse and, at last but not the least, a tri-tab silicon retention collar designed to grab onto the interior part of your ear and assure a secure fit.

The Aurisonics Rockets IEM are in project mode at Kickstarter, they reached their funding cap and will be available for delivery in May 2014. You can grab a pair for an early bird price of $149 (the regular price once the crowd funding campaign will end the retail regular price will be $249).

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Jan 202014

The Runners Speaker Vest Or How To Stay Safe And Monitor The Traffic And Surroundings While Jogging
If you’re a jogger you must know how important for your safety it is to be able to monitor the traffic around and the surroundings! Unfortunately, dis-considering the risks, many people run with ear-buds to have access to music, audio-books or school lessons.

While there are solutions to running and music listening while keeping your ears free to monitor the surroundings (check the FINIS SwiMP3 Waterproof MP3 Player With Bone Conduction Headphones and the AfterShokz Sports M2 – The Open Ear Headphones), Hammacher comes with a new, creative approach – wear your speakers on you!

The Runner’s Speaker Vest is made of durable lightweight nylon mesh which allows the body heat to easily dissipate, sports reflective fluorescent strips to assure increased night visibility and feature three special designed pockets to allow you to listen your favorite tunes while keeping your ears free of buds and attentive to what’s happening around. Two pockets are positioned on the vest’s shoulder built to accommodate two speakers that project sound just below your ears and one chest pocket built to hold your smartphone or MP3 player handy.

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