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Dec 162013

LifeStraw Go Sports Water Bottle

EarthEasy, the company behind the acclaimed LifeStraw Portable Filter and LifeStraw Bottle, just released another new cool product designed to help nature adventurers: the LifeStraw Go.

The LifeStraw Go allows on-the-go water filtration, has a filtering capacity of 264 gallons (that’s 1000 liters) before replacement, removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites and contains no chemicals or iodine. Both the water bottle and the filter are made of durable BPA-free Tritan while the mouthpiece is made of food grade silicone.
Another cool part about the LifeStraw Go is that with every water bottle sold the seller provides a child in Africa with clean water for an entire school year.

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Nov 262013

43 Cool Gadgets To Help You Sneak Booze Almost Everywhere

There are many ways to justify sneaking booze into a place. Some will say it’s cheaper, others will say it’s more convenient as they don’t have to stay in line to buy a drink and some will even say they do not like the existing selection and they prefer to bring their’s.
My objective is not to argue about the validity of all these reasons, but to show you 42 cool ways you can conceal your drink and smuggle into the cinema, football game, at the pub, even on a cruise ship or in whatever place you’d like to do so.

Also check the 33 Wallet Gadgets To Supercharge Your Daily Routine cool round up I featured earlier.

Small disclaimer – Use your due diligence. Keep in mind that in some places booze smuggling is illegal and you will support the consequences if you are caught doing so. Research local laws before passing to action and, most important of all, remember that alcohol should be used and consumed in a responsible manner only by individuals who are of legal drinking age.

Before going further and diving into the 42 cool hidden flasks I gathered for you – take a moment and check Seth Lieber‘s comprehensive B.Y.O.B. – How to Sneak Alcohol Onto a Cruise Ship and other ways of reducing your bar tab.


Sep 202013

Sneak Alcohol Bottle Caps Allow You To Perfectly Reseal Any Water Bottle

Another day, another way to sneak booze in those places that don’t allow you to do so! – also check the iPhone Looking Flask and the BeerBelly.
This time we found a cool bottle cap that allows you to replace the bottle’s original content with your favorite booze and, once resealed, it makes the bottle look like it was never opened.

How cool is that? Tonic gin … Here I come …. Make some place …

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Mar 222013

Drink Clean Water With The Vapur Micro Filter Water Bottle

The outdooring season starts again, so make sure you take out your equipment, clean it, get it back in shape and complete the missing pieces, if any … also check the LifeStraw and The LifeSaver Bottle.

Today, we check the Vapur Micro-Filter water container. The new product feats on all well known Vapur Anti-Bottles (flexible water containers made of high quality materials that can be easily stored away when not in use) and, when used, filters oput 99.99 of bacteria, protozoa and microbial disease from drinking water.

The filter has a life time of 1,000 liters filtered and it’ll be available in the following weeks on the Vapur website.

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Jan 312013

LifeSaver Portable Water Filtering Bottle System - Clean And Filetr Your Water On The Go

Awhile back we featured the LifeStraw Portable Water Filter which allows you to safely drink water from almost any water source while on the go. While the LifeStraw is a good outdoors trip companion, we find it’s bigger brother, the LifeSaver Filter Bottle even better for the same purpose. Not only has the LifeSaver Bottle the same filtering capacity as the LifeStraw, but it also allows you to carry the filtered water for later usage … it’s a bottle, isn’t it?!?

Here are some of the LifeSaver Portable Water Filter features:

  • Bottle Storage capacity: 25oz (750 ml)
  • Water treatment speed – 25oz (750 ml) in just 60 seconds
  • Dry weight: 22oz (635 gr)
  • Replaceable drinking teat
  • Cap seal
  • Removable anti-slip base and carry strap
  • The LifeSaver Bottle eliminates the need for iodine tablets, tedious boiling, chemicals, tubes, shaking, scrubbing, waiting, and effort from the water purification process
  • Replaceable carbon filter
  • Compliant with most water drinking regulations (U.S. compliance EPA: U.S. National Primary Drinking Water Regulations under the Safe Drinking Water Act 93-523; UK compliance: Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000;EU compliance: European Drinking Water Directive Council, Directive 98/83/EC)
  • Available in 2 formats: LifeSaver 4000 (cartridge service rating 1056 US gallons – 4,000 liters) and LifeSaver Bottle 6000 (1585 US gallons – 6,000 liters)

This is the perfect trip comanion for anybody who likes camping, hiking, outdoor trips as well as for emergency situations.

$149+ | BUY NOW – US Market
£119+ | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Sep 222012

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Fruits

Upgrade you water bottle with the Citrus Zinger and enjoy your drinks without the cost or the calories of commercial drinks.

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Features:

  • Easy carrying handle cap
  • Easily add ice or other ingredients due to it’s wide mouth
  • EA and BPA free
  • 1-2 servings size
  • Reusable system
$15 | BUY NOW
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