Aug 222013

Longines AvigationType A-7 Automatic Watch

The Longines AvigationType A-7 Automatic Watch was designed based on the 1930s era models. The watch bears the “Type A-7” name given by the U.S. Army – which means it had to meet stringent criteria from the point of view of appearance, quality and precision to be selected by the U.S. aviators.

The Longines Avigation Watch Type A-7 features a 49mm steel case with a caliber L788 automatic movement with 54 hours reserve, a dial angled at 50° to the right for increased visibility and wearing comfort and a black alligator leather strap with a steel buckle.

$4,800 | BUY NOW
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Aug 142013

Hyetis Crossbow - The 41 Megapixels Camera Wristwatch
With all the buzz going on lately around smartwatches, we welcome the Swiss manufacturer Hyetis’s first super-smartwatch – the Crossbow. We are looking forward to see this impressive piece of gadgetry hitting the markets – also check the CooKoo personal wrist assistant and the The Neptune Pine. While they’re not as complex and developed as the Crossbow, they offer reliable cheaper alternatives offering some of Hyetis Watch‘s basic features.

The Hyetis Crossbow sports an impressive set of specs packed in a light, wristwatch shape:

  • 41 Megapixel Camera with Carl Zeiss Optics
  • Optical zoom and flash
  • High resolution microphone with noise suppression
  • NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for pairing with your smartphone
  • Instant sharing function via the smartphone connection
  • On-Board enviromental sensors: GPS position, Temperature, Altitude, Depth, Biometric information (the biometric sensor is integrated in to the watch’s band and will pick up info about the wearer’s physical health and condition)
  • Android, iOS, Windows 8 fully compatible
  • Swiss automatic movement with analog hands
  • Sapphire glass
  • Digital dial display positioned under the mechanical arms
  • Double battery to provide up to four days of autonomy
  • Upgradable – as Hyetis declares: “in the future the only thing that will be stable in terms of technology is your automatic movement

The Hyetis Crossbow will sell for a hefty price of $1,200 and the first batch will be limited to 500 units.

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments – what’s your take on this new breed of super-smartwatches?

$1,200 | BUY NOW
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Jun 122013

The 1:Face Watch - You Can Change The World

We love checking-out cool gadgets. We also love to support humanitarian causes.
The 1:Face Watch combines them both – it’s a cool watch and it was designed to serve humanitarian causes and help people around the world. So here’s how it work:

The company behind the 1:Face Watch is Mirza Minds. They produce the watch in 6 colors – each color representing people’s support for one humanitarian cause. The watch itself is very simple – it features a thick silicone band and a mirrored front screen which tells the time when activated by the touch of a side button. That’s it. The main idea here is not how fancy the watch is (which by the way it happens to be!!!), but how much you can help by buying one …

Mirza Minds also vulgarizes in a very nice way the concept of humanitarian causes. Rather than reporting a bold $ number to let people know the donation volumes they made by selling the 1:Face Watch, they personalize the reporting by showing how many people you can actually help by buying one of the cause supporting watches:

  • 1 white watch feeds 16 children
  • 4 yellow watches represent water for 1 person
  • 5 yellow watches will provide 1 year of education
  • 14 pink watches count for 1 mammogram
  • 3 blue watches will provide heat from 1 charcoal efficient stove
  • 5 red watches offer AIDS treatment for 1 month
  • 1 black watch supports 8 cancer patients

If you’re in market for an utilitarian minimalist watch that looks cool and modern, now it’s the right time get it. Get one and help someone around the world to have a better life.

Click the link below now, buy one and get back here to tell us in the comments what color you chose. Don’t be shy … it’s a cool watch and it’s for a good cause 🙂

$40 | BUY NOW


May 152013

CooKoo Watch - Your Personal Wrist Assistant

I know … I know … Lately, since Apple rumored it’s intentions to come up with an iWatch, it’s been raining with smartwatches. So, why do I feature the CooKoo Bluetooth watch today? Well, it’s a cool nice piece of gadgetry that deserves some attention.

While some of it’s features are obvious (like email, incoming call, Facebook and low battery notifications), the CooKoo Watch brings a new level of user interaction to the smartwatch crowd. Now, via the COOKOO CONNECTED APP™, you can setup the watch to notify you when certain Twitter mentions are made, you can Facebook Check-In with a simple button touch (I don’t even wanna imagine about what my wall will look like!!!), you can take remote pictures and videos, control the music player, tag GPS locations and find your precious iPhone when you misplace it! All this without touching your iPhone … Amazing, isn’t it?

On the technology side – The CooKoo Watch uses Bluetooth 4.0, It’s compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, 3rd and 4th generations of iPad and iPod touch (5th generation). Another cool spec is related to the battery usage – the CooKoo doesn’t need to be charged. A $1 battery like this will keep you running for 8 months! How cool is that?

Let’s hear your comments below … What other features you’d like to see incorporated in the CooKoo? How do you see the future of the smartphone/tablet notifications? Do we have a new niche here or it’s simpler to grab your iPhone and do whatever you need on it without using 3rd party gadgetry?

$130+ | BUY NOW – US Market
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May 142013

Officially Licensed Star Wars Watches by Seiko

If you liked the Zeon Star Wars watches we featured a while back, you should definitively take a moment and check out these cool Star Wars Seiko time pieces.

The collection is officially licensed by Lucasfilm (all models are stamped with serial numbers), is produced in limited quantities (between 800 and 1,500 units depending on the Star Wars character) and features four analog models (Darth Vader, StormTrooper, C-3PO and Master Yoda), one chronograph solar piece (Darth Maul) and one digital (R2-D2) watch.
While all the six models are build around the saga’s characters, the watches have a low profile design that makes them easy to wear with a day/work outfit or a more casual style.

If you’re into Star Wars memorabilia and you’re in the market for a wristwatch, you should check them out, as, they’re a limited edition, you might miss on getting your favorite character.

Personally, I am not much into digital watches, but …, this time only, I would go for the digital model … just because it features R2-D2. Let’s hear you in the comments – What’s your favorite model of this cool Star Wars Seiko collection.

$1,440.99+ | BUY NOW – US Market
£1,261.00+ | BUY NOW – EUROPE
May 082013

Star Wars Multi Projection Watch

The Star Wars Multi Projection Watch is a cool gadget for any Star Wars lover. The watch is officially licensed by Lucasfilm and it has an internal projector that allows you to project on any nearby surface one of the 10 random Star Wars characters included. This way, you can have a quick glimpse to your favorite Star Wars saga characters as R2-D2, Luke Skywalker, Master Yoda or Darth Vader.

$16 | BUY NOW
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Apr 192013

Ressence Type 3 - The Liquid Filled Wristwatch

The Ressence Type 3 watch is a modern unconventional technology marvel.
To start with the basic, classic, stuff: the watch is made of 407 titanium components (all components are titanium except the gears), features and mechanism with 28 gears and 57 jewels and has a power reserve of 36 hours. As it does not have a crown, you can manually power by turning a round dial on it’s back – also check the Zenith Academy Tourbillion Quantieme Perpetuel Men’s Watch, the Luxury MB&F HM4 Final Edition Timepiece and the Carrera Carbon Matrix Composite Concept Cronograph by Tag Heuer.

Now, let’s pass to the unconventional build of the watch – the Ressence Type 3 is liquid filled, which tricks the eye into seeing the dial on top of the domed sapphire surface. The watch does not feature any hands and the time, date, week day as well as seconds and weekend status are given by revolving dials which make the face of the watch being in a constant evolving movement.

Ressence wristwatch features a thermostatic valve system which allow the interior liquid to expand and contract based on the ambient temperature, is waterproof, has a shock absorber mechanism and it’s patented system was invented and developed in-house, by Ressence.

So, let’s hear you int he comments … what are your thoughts about this revolutionary timepiece…

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