Dec 142013

Monty Python Fun Collectible Wristwatch By Ministry of Silly Walks
Fun collectible Ministry of Silly Walks wristwatch featuring a Monty Python’s John Cleese walking sketch – also check these cool Star Wars Collector Watches and the “F**** Me, I am Famous” wristwatch we featured earlier.

The watch is water resistant and features a quartz movement and an analog display in a 1.25-in case diameter.

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Dec 062013

Breitling Super Avenger II Military Chronograph - Dial View title=
Breitling‘s latest Super Avengers II Chronograph is a rugged wristwatch ready to take on all manner of challenges – also check the Longines AvigationType A-7 Automatic Watch, the Tissot Heritage Navigator and the Zenith Academy Tourbillon Quantieme Perpetuel we featured earlier.

The Breitling chronograph features an impressive 48mm diameter, up to 1,000 water-resistant (300 meters) steel case, certified self winding Breitling flyback chronograph caliber 22 movement with 42-hour power reserve and a screw-lock crown with non-slip grip. The collection comes with 6 models alternating black, blue, silver dials and leather, rubber and steel straps. A limited edition is available (the first models from left to right) – the Super Avenger Military which features a black steel case, a volcano black dial and a military strap.

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Oct 112013

Suunto Ambit - GPS Equipped Watches For Athletes And Outdoors Explorers

Suunto’s Ambit series are targeted to outdoors sports lovers. The wristwatch computers features a wide array of specs being able to support you in virtually any situation. We have full GPS integration for tracking and route navigation, track elevation, barometer, chronograph, pedometer, odometer, altimeter, thermometer, digital compass, water and sock resistance, storm alerts and full access to the Suunto Apps Store where you can download dedicated sports apps – also check the Suunto Core models we featured a while ago.

The Suunto Ambit series is available in three main versions: Suunto Ambit conceived for outdoors explorers, Suunto Ambit2 targeted to explorers and athletes and Suunto Ambit2 S build mainly for athletes (this model also includes a HRM – Heart Rate Monitor belt). Each of the three models comes in a handful of flavors featuring various color combinations and functions specific to it’s target audience.

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Oct 072013

Lego Wrist Watch Collection For Adults

After having a kids wrist watch line for a while now, Lego decided to expand it with a watch collection for adults. The Lego Watches will be available in in November 2013 via the Lego Watch Store, they’ll come in multiple models available in a range of vivid colors, feature both digital and analog dials, they’ll have a rumored price tag between $85 and $115 US and will allow links interchangeability between the models.

I’d go with the black one featuring a yellow dial ring. Which one is your favorite? Let me know int he comments …

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Sep 232013

Nissan Nismo Smartwatch On Driver's Wrist While Driving The Car

After Samsung, Sony and Neptune Pine … Nissan decided to enter the smartwatch market. While their product is more targeted to connecting the driver with the car than all the bells and whistles of the fancy smartwatches on the market, Nissan’s Nismo promises to offer an array of tools to improve the driving experience. The smartwatch connects with your smartphone via a dedicated application which pulls information directly from the car’s computer.

Users will be able to have real time information about the trip, speed, fuel consumption and various performance averages as well as social media status update notification. Nismo will also allow the car’s computer to push maintenance notifications to it’s screen. The incorporated heart rate monitor (HRM) will constantly monitor the wearer’s pulse and compare it to current and past speeds, just the same as the biometric technology is used by performance racing drivers.

Another cool feature of the Nissan Nismo Smartwatch is it helps the driver with driving tips based on the information it receives. This way, if the weather forecast announces icy roads the Nismo will advise you to slow down or if the if a higher pulse rate is detected a reduced speed is counseled.

Nissan’s Nismo Smartwatch in in concept mode and no release date was confirmed by the car manufacturer. Given Nissan’s plans to develop more wearable technology to help improving driving experience, I am sure it’ll not take decencies to Nissan to release the Nismo watch to the consumer markets …

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Sep 212013

Samsung Galaxy Gear - Smartwatch Or Smartphone Satellite Uni
After a lot of hype and wait, Samsung finally released their smartwatch model – The Samsung Galaxy Gear.
The smartwatch is able to do a lot of cool things like: show time (dah!!!), take pics, allow you to place and receive calls, act as a remote control for your smartphone’s music player, display and send text massages and many more…

While I must admit the Galaxy Gear has a nice design and looks pretty impressive from a features point of view I was disappointed when reading the news. I was expecting a smartwatch not a smartphone satellite unit. You now? The kind that can replacea my smartphone when I do not feel like carrying it on me, a gadget to keep on my wrist and use when I go jogging, when I go clubbing or when I go out in the park…

I was expecting something fancier and better than the Neptune Pine (which is a full featured smartwatch running Android available on the market since more than 6 months ago) or the Chinese Touch Wristwatches which sell since at least 3 years ago …

But why rush? Maybe next year I’ll be able to go out without my 5″ brick in my pocket … Don’t get me wrong, I love my smartphone, but sometimes I only need it to place a couple of calls or send some SMS … but I still have to carry the entire 5″ brick on me …

What’s your take on it? Is the Samsung Galaxy Gear what you expected? Is it a Smartwatch Or a Smartphone Satellite Unit?

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Aug 282013

Ring Clock - The Time Telling Piece Of Jewelry

If you liked the jewelry-watch combination but you were not impressed by the CST-01 Wristwatch Bracelet and the Watch Cufflinks hold your breath … there’s another jewelry-gadget coming your way!

The Ring Clock was designed by Gusztav Szikszai back in 2011 and finally started it’s way to the production line.

The Ring Clock is a clever waterproof watch that can be worn on your finger, like any other ring. It’s made of surgical stainless steel and features 144 ultrathin mono-color leds (available in blue or orange) that show the actual time.
The ring watch shows the time by rotating it’s three bands (hours, minutes and seconds) to display the actual time on the upper side of the ring and it is powered by a rechargeable 6mAh battery with a running time of around one week (15 times activations per day) or two hours of constant use. The time can be set and the battery can be charged wireless via the Qi charging pad included with the purchase.

The only thing we’re not crazy about is that the battery is not replaceable. I can’t imagine falling in love with this beauty and after 3 years having to throw it away because the battery life ran down. Other than this (which I have a felling will be addressed soon) the Ring Clock is a classy head turner time telling jewelry piece which will make you stand apart of the pack.

The Ring Clock is in project stage at Indiegogo and you can secure one for an early bird price of $185. The delivery is scheduled for April 2014.

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