Apr 032014

Kisai Console Acetate LED - Futuristic Form Watch From TokioFlash
Here’s another cool wristwatch from TokioFlash.
The Kisai Console Acetate LED Watch, like all watches manufactured by TokioFlash, has a different way of telling the time. With this model, the Japanese watch maker chose LED’s to display the time in a futuristic way: the hexagon digits indicate hours, the gauge at the bottom of the dial screen indicate five minutes intervals and the side level indicates single minutes. You simply ad up the info, and there you are.

While the time telling mechanism seems a little bit strange, it will only take you minutes to get used and you’ll not be left scratching your head when a stranger asks you what time it is!

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On the technical side, the Kisai Console Acetate wristwatch‘s case is made of stainless steel, the strap is made of hand cut, machined and polished pure white acetate (if wonder what acetate is: “Acetate is a special material used in the production of high end sunglasses and other fashion accessories“), the lens is manufactured of smoked mineral crystal and the watch gets it’s power from an USB rechargeable battery (a 3.5 hours charge will keep you running for about one month).

The Kisai Console Acetate is manufactured in a limited edition so, if you felt in love with this model, hurry up to order one as stocks are limited and you risk loosing it for good!

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Mar 182014

Komono The One - One Handed Wristwatch
The Komono The One wristwatch is designed to be a head turner. Not only it features a classy, simple design, but it also “tells” the time with only one hand!
The watch sports a case diameter of 46 millimeters, a 21 millimeters wide leather strap, Japanese Quartz movement and an analogue display.

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Here’s how it works – the markings on the analogue display show hours (from 1 to 12) as well as graded markings for minutes. There’s one little line for every 5 minutes and slightly bigger markup for each 15, 30 and 45 minutes blocks. By simply checking where the unique hand is positioned on the display one can easily tell what time it is leaving people around wondering how come a “broken’ watch can give the right time!

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Feb 052014

Suunto Ambit2 R - The GPS Watch Designed For Runners - Black And White Versions
Suunto, the Finish based sports watches, dive computers and precision instruments makers, just announced their latest GSP watch model, the Suunto Ambit2 R.

While the bigger brother of the Amibt2 R, the Suunto Ambit and the Suunto Core series are targeted to heavy users and packed with a wide range of features such as navigation, barometer, thermometer, altimeter and so on, Suunto’s new released GPS watches series is designed for more common users and is optimized for running and sports activities. The Ambit2 R uses a unique combination of GPS and accelerometer called FusedSpeed to compute your jogging stats, allows downloading and installing training programs, full navigation with track and stats recording, virtual coach, ghost runner competition, intensity interval setup as well as complete integration with maps and apps from Suunto’s MovesCount.com. Available as of March 2014.

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Jan 242014

Salvador Dalí's Persistence of Memory Inspired Melted Wristwatch
A while back we featured the Chrome Trimmed Hanging Melted Clock, a nice home time piece inspired from Salvador Dali‘s “Persistence of Memory“.
Now, we’re back with a wristwatch version of the same art piece. The Melted Wristwatch is a chrome analog watch powered by quartz precision movement, features a black rubber band, a melted shape case and roman numerals dials.

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Jan 022014

Garmin Tactical GPS Navigation Watch
Designed to be a trusted assistant in the wilderness, the Garmin Tactix offers a wide range of functions packed in small, wristwatch shaped, package.

ALSO CHECK – the Suunto Ambit and the Suunto Core.

The Tactix features high sensitivity GPS, altimeter, barometer, and compass, allows route creation and live recording with up to 1,000 way points, is equipped with ANT+TM capabilities and Bluetooth which allows sharing of way points and routes with other smartphones and Garmin devices. Other than these, the Garmin watch sports regular watch functions such as time, date, alarm, timer, chronograph, chimes and vibration as well as fitness functions (running and cycling profiles, laps, alerts, distance, pace, etc …) and skydiving options (high altitude release point, jump auto-detect and navigation to the desired impact point).

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Dec 142013

Monty Python Fun Collectible Wristwatch By Ministry of Silly Walks
Fun collectible Ministry of Silly Walks wristwatch featuring a Monty Python’s John Cleese walking sketch – also check these cool Star Wars Collector Watches and the “F**** Me, I am Famous” wristwatch we featured earlier.

The watch is water resistant and features a quartz movement and an analog display in a 1.25-in case diameter.

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Dec 062013

Breitling Super Avenger II Military Chronograph - Dial View title=
Breitling‘s latest Super Avengers II Chronograph is a rugged wristwatch ready to take on all manner of challenges – also check the Longines AvigationType A-7 Automatic Watch, the Tissot Heritage Navigator and the Zenith Academy Tourbillon Quantieme Perpetuel we featured earlier.

The Breitling chronograph features an impressive 48mm diameter, up to 1,000 water-resistant (300 meters) steel case, certified self winding Breitling flyback chronograph caliber 22 movement with 42-hour power reserve and a screw-lock crown with non-slip grip. The collection comes with 6 models alternating black, blue, silver dials and leather, rubber and steel straps. A limited edition is available (the first models from left to right) – the Super Avenger Military which features a black steel case, a volcano black dial and a military strap.

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