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Feb 262015

Moggles Or How To Transform Your Smartphone Into A Virtual Reality Headset
There was a time, not too long ago, when playing with Virtual Reality gadgets such as the Oculus Rift was not a cheap hobby!
But things change, and, as technology advances with big leaps, such cool devices become more and more accessible for reasonable prices!

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The Moggles is another example of cool gadget that just a few short years back was reserved to fat wallets! The Moggles is a Virtual Reality Console that relies entirely on your smartphone’s processing power and gives you a 200” 3D screen with 360 degrees head tracking, anywhere you want! So how does it work? First grab your iPhone or Android devices and install any of the 120+ apps and games available for Google Cardboard; insert your phone into the Moggles VR Console, mount the headset and you’re ready to roll! The content plays on your phone, the headset ads a bit of visual and audio magic and you find yourself immersed in the beautiful work or virtual reality!

The Moggles work with all iPhone models and Android devices between 4-in and 5.7-in, sport custom made adjustable aspherical lenses for +- two dioptres and IPD, allow Augmented Reality apps usage via the phone camera, feature side openings for earphones and, when not in use, fold into a small sized portable package for easy transportation.
The Moggles are in project mode at Indiegogo and you can secure a pair for an early bird price of $79 US.

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Feb 142015

Leap Motion Brings Mouseless Minority Report Like Controls To You Computer

If you ever wanted to control your PC with a simple hand move, just like Tom Cruise did in his famous Minority Report movie, now it’s the right time to get started! While you’d probably still have to wait a bit for the massive 3D hologram screens they used in the movie, the hands PC control part it’s available for purchase in the form a small stylish receiver box called Leap Motion.

The Leap Motion is a plug-and-play device compatible with Windows 7/8 and Mac OS X 10.7 or latter and allows you to control dedicated software via hand movements. Simply plug in the device, place it in front of your keyboard so it can “sense” all your hands moves and you’re ready to roll. The Leap Motion detects a large variety of motions such hand writing and drawing, pinch moves, 360 degrees rotations, 3 axis (up/down/back/forth) moves allowing you to point, wave, reach, grab, pick and drop something, write messages and so on … Pretty impressive!

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The Leap Motion Controller works on dedicated software which can be downloaded from the Leap Motion App Store (there are 221 free and paid apps and games available at the time this article was published). It might not sound like a lot if you compare it with Apple’s Apps Store, but it’s still a good number of apps covering most needs and, given the strong community of developers behind the Leap Motion Controller, things can only get better! Check out the video to see the Leap motion Controller in action …

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Sep 192013

Light Touch - Projected Virtual Touch Screen Technology by Light Blue Optics

Based on the same principle as the CTX Virtual keyboard, the Light Touch is ready to turn the touch screen device world up-side down. Well, I am not saying you should throw that brand new iPhone 5s away, I am just saying the Light Touch technology is super cool and has numerous possible applications in the real life.

Basically, what we have here is a holographic laser projector that can transform almost any solid surface into a touch screen. An user can interact with the machine by simply touching the solid surface on the buttons “light-drawn” by the projector … How cool is that?

Check out the vid for more info and a real life example of how the Light Touch works …



Jul 292013

LG Touch 3D Virtual Reality Smartphone
The LG Touch is the Grand Prize Winner of the 2012 LG Mobile Design Competition. This new breed of smartphone features a high-tech polymer membrane touch surface that changes it’s physical shape based on what application runs to allow you to best interact with the gadget. This way, should you write an email the polymer membrane takes the shape of a keyboard, should you start a guitar app the membrane transforms into something similar to the actual strings and so on. Sky is the limit … – also check some other cool futuristic gadget concepts as the Obento Note and the Fujitsu LifeBook 2013.

Another cool feature is that the LG Touch with raised touchscreen features native implementation of Braille so people with sight impairments can easily interact and have access to the entire smartphone ecosystem. Here’s how how the project’s advantages are described by it’s designer Andrea Ponti: “Thanks to the raised touch screen, vision impaired users will be able to interact with the smart phone, elderly users will find it easier to type and surf the internet, and everyone will benefit from the unprecedented level of interaction and dual feedback – visual and tactile. Users will be able to feel the texture of a fabric or a surface by touching the embossed image at the bottom of the screen: virtual reality is here and now!

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May 162013

Recon Jet - A Cool Google Glass Alternative

Google Glass launched a new era of gadgets – the wearable computers with head-mounted displays (HMD).

Just as expected, once they released The Glass, many companies have taken the same road. One of these companies offering the same kind of technology is Recon Instruments. Their newest product, The Recon Jet is advertised as “the most advanced wearable computing solution in the world“. The Recon Jet weights only 60 grams, comes with dual-core processing, dedicated graphics, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, HD camera and ANT and a plethora of other sensors. The cool part about the Recon Jet is they allow developers to build applications through their dedicated SDK, which means the sky is the limit when it comes to applicability and functionality development.

Check the attached video for a quick glance of what the Jet can do.

With all the shared opinions the Google Glass provoked, I’d love to hear your take on it. Let me know in the comments how do you feel about wearing a such device? How about interacting with someone that wears it?

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Feb 232013

Get Answers Without Asking - The Google Glass

There are a lot of speculations about how technology will look and how it’ll make our life easier in the future.
One of the good examples to start thinking about the future of technology is the Google Glass.

Designed and produced by Google, the Glass is a cool project that is hitting the user testing stage.
Basically, Google designed the Glass as a thin, light piece of eye wear which takes your “orders” by the incorporated microphone and displays virtual reality information on a small transparent screen centered at the level of your right eye.

With the Glass, the wearer is able to take pictures or videos, get Google Maps directions (the Maps info gets laid up in front of the user as lines drawn on the terrain), send and receive SMS, translate text and phrases, and anything you want and get answers from Google Search.

In other words, the Google Glass is a personal virtual reality information designed to give information on the go and make your life easier by using many of Google’s awesome tools (Maps, Search, Translation).

The first 8,000 users eligible to test it will have to pre-order the Glass at the price of $1,500 US and be available for a “in-person” pick-up in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles. Check the Google Glass page for more details on how to be part of the testing.

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