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May 272015

Asus Chromebit Stick PC

The Chromebit is the latest Chrome device from Asus designed to turn any LCD display featuring an HDMI plug into a fully functional PC!
Simply remove the protection cap, twist the HDMI head to a comfortable position, plug the Chromebit in, connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to control the device and you’re ready to roll!

The Asus Chromebit is just a tad larger than a regular lighter, is powered by a ARM Cortex A17 Rockchip CPU and a quad-core ARM 760 Mali GPU, comes with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of flash storage, Wi-Fi connection for internet access, Bluetooth 4.0 to interconnect with other devices and peripherals, an additional USB 2.0 for connecting external storage drives and will run on Google’s Chrome OS. The Asus Chromebit will be available in the summer of 2015.

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Sep 172014

Samsung UN78HU9000 78-Inch, Samsung UN65HU9000 65-Inch, Samsung UN55HU9000 55-Inch, Curved 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D LED TV
Get the best TV-watching experience around with the Samsung UN78HU9000 78-in (198cm) Ultra HD Curved LED TV.
This 4K Samsung TV sports a curved display which improves the field of view creating a panoramic effect without distorting the image, features UHD up-scaling which automatically and seamlessly converts lower resolution images (SD, HD and Full HD) to UHD with minimal loss of quality, auto depth enhancer which adjusts the image contrast for a greater sense of depth and PurColor (allows the TV to express most shades of color as nature intended for optimal picture performance).

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The Samsung UN78HU9000 comes with an impressive set of applications such as Smart TV, Smart Hub, Smart Interaction, Screen mirroring, Quad Screen, Anynet+, Full Web Browser, Wi-Fi connection, Instant On and Connect Share movie, all designed to offer users an amazing TV experience and take advantage of the most advanced entertainment technology available at the moment.
Also available in 55-in (UN55HU9000) and 65-in (UN65HU90000) formats.

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Apr 082014

Avegant Glymph - The Mobile Personal Theater
The Avegant Glyph is a cool piece of gadgetry design to change the way you consume media while on the go. The device is a mobile personal theater which connects to tablets, smartphone and laptops via HDMI cable and plays video, audio content and even video games to the user. The Avegant Glyph features a brand new technology called Virtual Retinal Display which “projects images directly onto your retina, creating sharp, stark images unlike anything you’ve seen before.” One of the coolest features of the Avegant Glyph is the that it can be used as a personal movie theater or, if the situation requires, can be used just as any regular pair of headphones, increasing the usability of the device as it can be used on daily basis not only at home.

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Dec 112013

eyeTV Wireless Allows Your To Watch Live TV On Your iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets
A while back we showed you how to play live TV on your iPhone and iPad – check original post here: EyeTV Mobile – Turn Your iPad and iPhone Into a Classic Live TV. Now, we’re back with an improved way of getting classic live TV on your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The EyeTV W, the EyeTV Mobile’s younger brother, features a Freeview (DTT/DVB-T) tuner which allows it to tune into free over-the-air TV broadcasting and a built-in Hotspot which transforms the TV stations broadcast into a Wi-Fi Live TV stream. Although this looks pretty complicated, it’s simpler than you might think. Here’s how it actually works: turn on the the eyeTV, go to your smartphone or tablet and hit the eyeTV iOS or Android app (the app is free and available on Google Play, App Store and Amazon Apps for Kindle) and you’re ready to watch Live TV on your handheld device.

The eyeTV W comes with built-in rechargeable battery which allows up to 4 hours of continuous TV watching on a full battery charge and runs on 802.11b/g WiFi with a wireless range up to 33ft (that’s about 10 meters).

Let’s hear you in the comments … does the eyeTV fit into your home video setup? What other cool uses can you find it?

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Dec 062013

32 Dell UltraHD Monitor Delivers 4X Full HD Resolution To PC Screens

Dell enters the UHD (Ultra HD) PC screen market with two 4K monitor models – 24″ and 32″. The monitors are targeted to graphic designers doing graphics-intensive work, photographers, gamers, video editors and anyone else who needs impressive resolutions and ridiculously big screen estates for the daily activities – also check the Razer Blade Pro and the Razer Blade gaming laptops we featured earlier.

Here are some technical specs of the Dell UHD screens:

  • Available sizes: 24″ (model number UP2414Q) and 32″ (model number UP3214Q)
  • 3840 x 2160 pixels at 30Hz and 60Hz
  • 140 PPI (pixel per inch)
  • Backlight Technology: LED
  • Wide screen 16:9 ratio
  • 1000: 1 (typical), 2 Million:1 (Max) (Dynamic Contrast Ratio)
  • Brightness: 350 cd/m2 (typical)
  • Height-adjustable stand, tilt, swivel and built in cable-management
  • Connectivity: 1 HDMI connector, 1 Mini DisplayPort, 1 DisplayPort (version 1.2a), 4 USB 3.0 ports – Downstream (4 at the back, 1 with battery charging), 1 USB 3.0 port – Upstream, 1 Media Card Reader

So what’s your take about the UHD PC screens? Is the market ready for them? What other advantages you find them other than their obvious coolness? Let me know your thoughts in the comments …

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Oct 112013

Geonaute 360 Video Camera - The Action Camera That Gets It All
The first and only mountable action camera that will capture everything around you“.

How cool is that? An action camera that records a all around you not only the direction where is pointed. Here’s how it works … you mount the camera, you turn it on, you choose between the photo and video modes and you’re ready to go. Behind the scenes three cameras record images simultaneously and automatically combine them into 360 degrees footage. Once the recording is completed, simply connect the camera to your laptop and the movies are downloaded automatically in common JPEG and MP4 formats and can be enjoyed immediately (no post-processing is required). The footage can be processed in any video processing software in case you need to remove or edit anything – also check the GoPro Hero 3+, the Sony HDR-AS15, and the Panasonic HX-A100 action cameras.

The Geonaute 360 Video Action Camera weights only 200 grams, is shockproof , sports a 3,000 mAh rechargeable battery, is compatible with microSD cards up to 64GB (the 360 degrees video takes about 5GB per recorded hour) and has a wide array of accessories available (including a waterproof housing and a remote controller). Geonaute also features a play platform where users can upload their movies, share them and allow other user to embed them in their website 9like I have done with this video)

Check out the attached video clip and let me know your take on the 360 degrees recording mode. The clip is interactive, so move your mouse on it, click the left button and start dragging the view in any direction (quick note – your browser might freeze for a couple of seconds but everything will run just fine).

The Geonaute 360 action camera should hit the market soon with a price tag turning around $399 US.

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Oct 082013

Clicker - The Bottle Opener Equipped TV Remote Controller
You turned on the TV, set the channel for the game that starts in about two minutes, grabbed that 6-pack with your favorite beer, got comfy on your sofa and … you just realized you forgot the bottle opener! How many times did this happen to you?

Suffer no longer! The Clicker Bottle Opener Remote Controller is here to save you from sufferance! The Clicker is an universal TV remote pre-programed with over 800 pre-set codes that also operates DVD, Blue-Ray, VCR & all major cable and satellite dish boxes. The cool part with the Clicker is that it incorporates a bottle opener. So as long as you have your remote controller to switch channels you can safely open and enjoy a cold beer.

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