Oct 302014

Volvo Trucks - The Casino - The Coolest Reality Show Style Advertisement
It’s hard to make cool commercials. Normally, most people out-there (including those working for advertising agencies!!!) hate advertising vids, so making an advertisement so cool that it gets shared and watched over and over again by millions and millions of people it’s not an easy job!
Well, Volvo Trucks seems to have found the magic recipe to make millions of people share and hit the replay but on their ads over and over again!

After Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Epic Split, Volvo Trucks is back with another cool trick called The Casino which features a parking valet on the first day at job! What happens next? Check it out yourself and let me know your thoughts in the comments bellow!


Nov 162013

Jean-Claude Van Damme's Volvo Epic Split - The Commercial That Makes Me Want A Volvo Truck!
Amazing Volvo commercial presenting the new Volvo FM trucks dynamic steering system. The pub stars Jean-Claude Van Damme featuring his famous split between two Volvo trucks driving rearwards!!!

At first I believed this was a cool CGI work as no stuntman is crazy enough to make a split between two driving trucks. It seems I was totally wrong … Jean-Claude Van Damme actually pulled the stunt and it seems to be 100% real!

ALSO CHECK the Casino – The Coolest Reality Show Style Advertisement, another Volvo Truck cool commercial!

““The stunt is real and is performed in just one take,” said Anders Vilhelmsson, public relations manager for the Volvo Trucks brand. “It’s a daring stunt but we had full control. There was never any real danger involved.” notes The Wall Street Journal.

Van Damme was hooked to safety lines (which are not visible in the movie) and the truck mirrors featured small platforms where he placed his feet to perform the split. Another detail – his feet were not secured to the mirrors!!!

Amazing, isn’t it? What’s your take on it?


Jul 242013

Star Wars Plasticolor Darth Vader Sets - Bring The Dark Side To Your Car Interior
Come To The Dark Side – We’ve Got Darth Vader Car Interior Upgrades“!!!

If you’re Star Wars fan and you want to bring the touch and feel of your preferred movie characters to your car’s interior, you should take a minute and check out the Policolor Star Wars Darth Vader Car Interior sets.
The set is Lucasfilm officially licensed, comes with a Darth Vader theme, has the Galactic Empire Logo on all it’s components and, for a whooping $139, you get to customize your car’s interior with 2 front rubber floor mats, 2 rear rubber floor mats, 2 low back bucket seat covers, 2 headrest covers, 1 steering wheel cover and 1 CD visor organizer.

The Star Wars interior car set is a universal size fit, works great on cars, vans, SUV’s and even trucks and it’s made of high quality anti-0fading, machine-washable materials. All pieces can be bought individually here.

$139.95 | BUY NOW


Jan 312013

Legacy Power Wagon by Legacy Classic Trucks by Jackson Hole, Wyoming, US

The Legacy Dodge Power Truck is brought to us by Legacy Classic Trucks, a small luxury auto shop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, US. Legacy Classic Trucks have over 40 years experience in rebuilding cars and their signature showpiece is the Legacy Power Wagon Conversion.

The Legacy Power Conversion is a full restoration of a Dodge Power Wagon to the original state and details of the truck. Once the truck’s restoration is complete, the build gets into the second phase – the installation of modern technology equipment on board. Here are some of the final technical specs of the Legacy Power Wagon:

  • 3.9 Liter Turbo-Diesel V8 with 425 HP and 480ft/lbs Torque
  • 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmission
  • 16×8, 17×9 or 20×10 wheels
  • 4-Wheel Disk Brakes
  • Atlas Transfercase w/3.8:1 Low Range
  • 16,500 lbs Winch (7,400 kg)
  • Front and Rear Locking Differentials
  • Modern interior with leather captain’s chair
  • Air Conditioning

Get more info and the complete specs over at the Legacy Classic Trucks website.

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Jan 102013

Track N Go - The Wheel Driven Track System That Will Transform Your 4X4 In Snowmobile Truck in Snow

Track N Go is an add-on that will transform your 4X4 truck or SUV into a real snowmobile.
The system is patented and built by the Quebec company “AD Boivin” and consists of 4 systems that will mount on the car’s wheel and allow you to drive on snow covered area.

The Track systems are made of high quality rubber and the internal wheels are manufactured of UHMW compression molded and press-fit mounted to strong hollow axes. This will allow the track system to be light and while still being very strong.

The model is in final stages of testing and the production will begin during the Spring 2013.

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[Thanks Gabi A. for sharing]


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