Feb 102015

PoiseCam - The iPhone Camera Grip That Allows You To Record Videos Like a Pro
Enjoy a camcorder-like video shooting experience with your iPhone by accessorizing it with the PoiseCam iPhone Camera Grip.
The PoiseCam Grip is designed to improve iPhone video recording by shooting better and more stable videos as well as allowing a more ergonomic and convenient shooting position. The PoiseCap not only allows you shoot better videos, but also comes with an internal tripod which works perfectly for attaching additional photo or video accessories such as tripods, external lights or camera stabilizers.

The PoiseGrip is currently available for iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S/5C and, hopefully, will soon be available for iPhone6 and 6 Plus.

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Jan 282013

Manfrotto Klyp Photography Case For iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S - LED flash and tripod

There are all kinds of iPhone cases – from indestructible Otterbox cases to stylish leather and wooden cases. Most of these cases are design for the simple reason of protecting your iPhone. On the other hand, there is another class of iPhone cases – cases that have utilitarian value – check the SprayTect designed as a protection tool or the card holder.

The Manfrotto Klyp case is part of the utilitarian iPhone cases. While protecting your iPhone, the Klyp’s main purpose is to help you take better pictures with your iPhone’s camera. The Klyp is designed to counter 2 main issues of iPhone photography – lighting and stability.

Manfrotto offers the Klyp in 5 kits that include LED lights, pocket tripods and 2 adapter clips for using the case with your own accessories. The accessories are “snap-on”, so you can easily adjust the iPhone to take the perfect shot by adding or removing functions as you go.

Check all the details about each one of the five iPhone Klyp Kits on the Manfrotto website.

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Dec 022012

Bikepod The Bicycle Handlebar Camera Tripod

Did you ever wanted to mount your smartphone on your bike‘s handlebars to use the GPS feature? How about wanting to record that bike trip with you digital camera or your iPhone?

The Bikepod will help you do just that! Made out of metal and cork, the Bikepod will securely hold any smartphone, point-and-shoot or DSLR camera which is under 3in (7.5cm) wide. The bike mount will fit any handlebars of 0.86-1.10in (22-29mm) and includes a quick release to easily mount and un-mount it.

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