Jun 262014

MyFly Personalized Carry-On Luggage From Luggage Pros
Choosing a good travel case is never an easy job! My past experience with buying travel suitcases is not the most enjoyable to remember! I always had to make trade-offs! If it was cool enough, it was too small or too big; if it was the perfect size, it was too expensive or not high quality; if it was the right price and the right size … it scored low on the coolness factor or it was not strong enough … and so on!

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The MyFly Bag seems to be a good choice which decently answers all above issues. The suitcase comes in two versions (20″ carry-on and 24″ large format), it’s made of lightweight durable Polycarbonate front shell with ABS back shell for maximum strength and security, it sports an internal alloy telescopic handle as well as two external handles (top and side), 360 degrees spinner wheels and a multi-pocket interior lining with elastic straps to secure your stuff. The coolest feature of the MyFly suitcase is that it’s completely customizable: you can choose a custom background including full colored or patterned designs as well as add your own images to the front outer shell, which helps it score very high in coolness!

Let’s hear you in the comments … What’s your favorite design? What would you print on your suitcase?

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May 252014

Arc'Teryx Blade 30 Tavel Backpack
The Arc’Teryx Blade 3o is a high quality overnight travel backpack designed to conveniently fit all gear and gadgets you need for a 2-3 days voyage.
The Blade 30 features an aluminum stay for durable support, dual-density shoulder straps with smartphone attachment hooks, padded bottom and sides offer effective protection to all your gadgets, top and side grab handles for easy transportation, thermoformed back panel for increased wearing comfort and a wide array of individual pockets and compartments, including a dedicated easy in/out internal laptop sleeve for laptops up to 17″ , to allow you effectively organize all you stuff.

While the guys from Arc’Teryx designed the Blade 30 for business travelers, this 30-liters backpack is also great for daily commuters, weekend trips as well as outdooring and camping.

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May 212014

Sony DEV-50V-B Or How To Record What You See With Binoculars
If you ever wondered how to record all the amazing things and situations you see with your binoculars here’s the answer: Digital Recording Binoculars.
While you can also use a cheaper solution like a smartphone kit such as Snapzoom which will connect your iPhone (or any other smartphone) to a pair of binoculars and allow you to use your phone’s camera to record whatever it’s on the other end, digital recording binoculars are a more adequate solution for the traveling, storage and high definition distance recording.

The Sony DEV-50V/B Digital Recording Binoculars are a top of the class distance HD recording gadget featuring 12x optical zoom and up to x25 digital magnification, HD OLED finder, Optical SteadyShot stabilization, simultaneous zoom and autofocus, distance photo shooting as well as HD and 3D digital recording capabilities.
And, did I mention the DEV-50V/B is also dustproof and rainproof?

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May 012014

Finsix Dart - The World's Smallest Laptop Adapter
Did you ever ask yourself why power adapter are so big and bulky? In a world where mobility and adaptability are the main keywords in the business world, laptop chargers are as bulky as they used to be 10 years ago! I always get frustrated about this when I pack my laptop and get it ready for a trip or for commute. I even considered the charger size as decision factor for the purchase of my actual laptop – you can read about how I chose my laptop here.

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Now, after this little bitching session, let me show you a cool gadget – as ugly, bulky, heavy and big your laptop adapter is, you don’t have to worry about it! The Finsix Dart charger is here to save you from the hassle of carrying a bring in your bag. The Dart laptop adapter is similar in shape with an iPhone charger but twice as long and it also includes an USB plug for charging smartphones and tablets. The Dart packs 65W of power and it’s compatible with most laptops out there (validate your particular model’s compatibility on the product page).

Finsix Dart is is project mode over at Kickstarter and you can secure one for an early bird price of $89. Delivery scheduled as of November 2014.

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Apr 282014

Military Leather Duffle Bag By Whipping PostThe Military Duffel Bag is a cool travel companion and gear carrier. Designed for short travels (think about it as a weekender type of bag), the Whipping Post duffel bag his made of high quality vegetable tanned leather, sports top-loading (are you surprised? It’s a duffel bag, isn’t it !?!) just like any regular military bag and a top handle for easy carrying when not on your shoulder.

Not more to say about it – it’s cool, well made and … I want one!

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Apr 252014

AyeGear 22 - The Ultimate Traveler Jacket 22 Pockets For iPhone, iPad, Passport, MP3, Wallet And Other Gear - Interior And Exterior View
Traveling for business or even pleasure is no longer an easy job! Especially when all air travel companies are constantly cutting luggage limits and thieves waiting for a second of inattention to lift your wallet, iPhone or passport. So, what do you do?

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Built on the same idea as the Jaktogo wearable luggage, the AyeGear 22 is designed to let you carry and keep safe all your precious geeky gear. The jacket is waterproof, so all your gadgets are safe even if it rains, comes with a warm fleece inner for cold weather, can be machine washed and features 22 pockets which can hold smaller stuff (wallet, smartphone, keys, pens, money, ID cards and wallets) and can easily accommodate bigger sized gear (binoculars, water bottle). Two special designed pockets allow you to safely carry a even bigger gadgets such as a tablet (in front) and a laptop up to 15-in (backpocket).

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Mar 272014

Schwinn CycleNav Or How To Get GPS Navigation On Your Bike
Built by the icon bike manufacturer Schwinn, the CycleNav was conceived to improve your next bike ride by bringing GPS navigation (and much more) to the experience!

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The Schwinn CycleNav relies on your smartphone’s GPS to find the best route, calculate distances and turns, and the information is transferred via dedicated Android and iOs apps using low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Basically, the CycleNav allows you to navigate via light signals and voice commands (which helps you keep your eyes on the road … where they should be anyway!), while being able to track traveled distances, ride length, speed, burned calories and so on … The device also sports a built-in headlight with a battery life of around 10 hours of continuous usage to help you light your way during night rides.

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