The Walking Dead

May 232015

Zombie Desk Pencil Holder
Made of high quality hand painted designer resin, the Zombie Desk Pencil Holder is one of the coolest desk upgrades we ever saw! Just imagine … every time you finish jotting a quick note and you want to let the pen down you have to stick it into the zombie laying o your desk … and kill it … over and over again! How cool is that?

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Nov 082014

The Scary Tram Shelter ... Is This The Coolest Augmented Reality Commercial Or What?
Amazing augmented reality commercial by Sky Austria in cooperation with the FOX series to promote the start of the fifth season of “The Walking Dead ” in Austria!
A tram stop in Vienna’s 7th district was rebuilt via Augmented Reality screens and was haunted by zombies for 2 days! Just like the Pepsi Max Augmented Reality Commercial we featured earlier, the amazing visual effects were obtained by overlapping pre-recorded zombie footage on on a live video stream of the sidewalk where the tram shelter was situated. Check it out for yourself and let me know your thoughts in the comments bellow!


Dec 022013

The Walking Dead Monopoly Survival Edition Board Game
USAopoly just released another cool version of the classic Monopoly board game featuring the walking dead theme – also check the USAopoly Transformers Edition Monopoly.

The Walking Dead Monopoly Survival Edition Game is set for 2 to 6 players aged 13+ and allows players to compete for real state properties, fortify them against zombie attacks and buy resources to sustain life. The board game also features 6 cool collectible Walking Dead-themed tokens.

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Jul 272013

Hyundai Walking Dead Veloster Zombie Survival Machine
If the only thing you’re missing for your Zombie Apocalypse prep is a Zombie-Proof Vehicle, today’s your lucky day … we have your back covered!!!

Built by by the renowned car tuning shop Galpin Auto Sports for the Future US media group’s presence at San Diego 2013 Comic-Con International and based on a regular Hyundai Veloster, the Walking Dead Velostar Zombie Survival Machine is a badass Zombie killer equipped with with everything you need to make your ride through the undead as safe and pleasant as possible: horde plow front bumper, saw blade tooth front grill, chainsaws front bumper, dors base blades, rear bumper knife blades, wheel blade weaponry and all kinds of armored panels to keep you safe while taking a trip to the supermarket!!!

On the offensive side, the Veloster Zombie Survival Machine is equipped with a roof-mounted .50 cal heavy machine gun, two assault guns mounted on the hood, door flame throwers and a handy samurai sword for face-to-face encounters while outside of the car.

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