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Feb 232015

MyTask Urban iPhone Case With Multi Tools Stash - TSA Compliant
Made by The Task Lab, the same guys behind the TaskOne iPhone Multitool Case we featured earlier, the myTask Urban is a multifunctional iPhone case which allows you to always have handy a cool selection of mini-tools!

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Made of strong red or black polycarbonate with a vibrant soft-touch coating the myTask Urban case is TSA compliant and features a sliding stash where all the tools are safely store while not in used. Once you slide down the hidden iPhone pocket cover you have instant access to a mirror, tweezers, a nail-file, scissors, a pen, a stylus, an 8GB USB drive and mini-led light for emergency situations. Cool, isn’t it?

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Nov 172014

44 Coolest Utilitarian iPhone Cases To Make Your Life Easier

Either you’re going out with friends, heading to work in the early morning or partying late at night, shopping or enjoying a meal, snowboarding or having a a cold beer on hot sunny afternoon there’s one piece of gear you always have on you – your smartphone! And that’s perfectly normal – just think about it – your bellowed iPhone replaced most gadgets you carried in your backpack just 10 short years ago! It replaced your GPS unit, your MP3 player, your reading book, your newspaper, your photo camera and video recorder and, given the traction virtual wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Amazon Wallet get, it’s on its sure way to replace your whole wallet in a couple of years!

So, if you already have your phone always on you, why not improve it even more and give it new powers? Bellow you have a collection of the coolest iPhone cases around designed to improve even further your iPhone. Most cases I featured bellow are available for all iPhone models – simply go to the product page to check the availability for your iPhone model.

Enjoy … and make sure you you share this post with your friends! I am sure they’d love want to supercharge their bellowed iPhone too!

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May 152013

TaskOne, The iPhone Toolkit To Help You In Emergency Situations

We saw a lot of iPhone cases here at From the Pack & Smooch Wallet case to the Mophie Battery Pack Case and from the Pico DLP Projector to the sleek Evouny sleeve we thought we saw it all …

Well … we were wrong! The human imagination and creativity just doesn’t cease to amaze me! The guys at The Task Lab came to the market with a new, ingenious utilitarian iPhone case – The Task One Toolkit iPhone case. After a successful Indiegogo crowd sourcing campaign that helped them raise close to $40,000 US for this project, The Task Lab are ready to ship the TaskOne case.

This cool iPhone case does a lot of things apart the classic, well known utility of a smartphone case. The polycarbonate and aluminum case comes with a 22 tools toolkit, ready to save you from almost any emergency situation life can throw at you. Don’t get me wrong, you’re not gonna hike Mount Everest, either fight the jungle lions with it! But, the plethora of included tools should make your life easier when a situation requires your attention. Here are the tools you get with the case:

  • Drop point blade
  • Screwdrivers – Philips, large and small flatheads
  • Allen Wrenches: 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm
  • Pliers with 3-8mm wrench
  • Spoke wrench and bottle opener
  • Wire stripper

The case is designed to fit the iPhone 4/4$ and the iPhone 5 models and comes in four color tones – black, gray, red and orange.

Let’s hear you in the comments – What’s your take on the TaskOne iPhone Toolkit case? Would you go for it?

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