Oct 172015

Keurig Kold Drinkmaker Soft Drinks Machine
KOLD is Keurig’s lateast addition to their beverage machine lineup!
Designed to help you prepare your friends favorite beverages in seconds, the Keurig Kold makes 8 oz. soda and seltzer-perfectly carbonated beverages without a CO2 canister, most drinks having 100 calories or less.

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Jan 082014

Bat Coffee Mug By Thumbs Up!

Enjoy your morning coffee in Dark Knight style!
The Bat Coffee Mug is designed to protect your coffee and not only (!!!), it’s made of microwave safe quality ceramic and features two bat wings as handles – also check the Ghostbusters Coffee Mug and the Stormtrooper Mug.

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Jan 062014

Floating Duck Tea Infuser
Apart the obvious use of making tea, tea infusers need to have two more characteristics: easy to insert/remove and be … COOL!

ALSO CHECK – Kikkerland Robot Shaped Tea Infuser.

So here’s one that does all three things success – the Floating Duck tea Infuser. Simply place the tea in the stainless steel mesh basket, hook it up to the ducky and let it float in your cup.
Other than being cool and cute while it prepares your tea floating in the tea cup, the duck infuser also comes with a drip cup which makes it a breeze to store after the tea infusion is complete.

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Nov 192013

Stainless Steel Sugar Skull Spoon
Skulls are cool and so are any other skull shaped objects – also check the Skull Egg Shaper, the Skull Coffee Mug and the Skull Of Doom Beer Mug.
The idea behind the Skull Sugar Spoon was to remind users how bad sugar is for their health. Is this what you see? An evil stir ready to silently attack you? Well … it’s not what I see! I see a cool sugar spoon and that’s it!

The Sugar Skull Spoon just got full funding via Kickstarter and can be ordered via their website with delivery scheduled for spring 2014.

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Mar 272013

Zombie Head Ice Cream Cup - From zombied.co.uk

Ice Cream is cool … Zombies are even cooler … so what happens when you mix both?
You get a Zombied Ice Cream Cup!

The Zombied Ice Cream Cups are up for funding on Kickstarter.
There are multiple versions of zombie heads that can be used not only as ice cream cups, but also as beer mugs, coffee mugs, candle holders as well as small storage boxes … I can not pass by without noticing the “Color It Yourself” kit for those who want to personalize the Zombie cup and a very cool feature to use your own face to create your zombie mug!

Check it out yourself. The design and craftsmanship behind these mugs are impressive, not to mention that all and each one of them is hand made and painted!

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Nov 142012

Robot Shaped Tea Infuser Cup

A perfect companion for the Dino Mug, this robot shaped tea infuser was made to help you … make tea (dah….!!!).

Leaving jokes apart, we like this Kikkerland robot infuser. It seems easy to open and clean and the fact that it’s arms stick onto the margins of the cup make it easy to insert/remove.

We did not have the chance to use one, but if you did, make sure you leave your comments below.

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Sep 232012

Heat Disappearing Dino Mug

Heat activated Disappearing Dino Mug. Simply pour any hot liquid (coffee, tea, milk) and the dino will start transforming into a dino skeleton. When the cup cools down, the “real” dino gets back 🙂

$11 | BUY NOW – US Market


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