Dec 202013

Joy Factory ZipMini Touch-n-Go Multi Smartphone And Tablet Charging Dock
If you’re anything like me, you should have at least a dozen of devices that need recharging on regular bases (read daily bases!!!) laying around.
A while back we featured a handful of usefull charging stations: Mahogany Charging Station, the Orico Multi Charger and the Griffin Powerdock 5 but none of them looks as slick as the Joy Factory ZipMini Touch-n-go.

The ZipMini Touch-n-Go charges up to four devices at the same time and uses a proprietary mini-cable system called Zip Tails. These mini-cables attach to the charging bases via a magnetic plug and, given their small size, keep your desk cable-clutter free. The charging station is compatible with most phones and tablets out there including iPhone (30 pin and Lightning connectors), Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and even dumbphones via microUSB.

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Nov 182013

BookBook Leather iPad Travel Case For Tablet And Gear

Twelve South, the creators of the BookBook MacBook Pro Leather Case and the iPhone Book Leather Case we featured earlier, brought another cool item to the market: the BookBook Travel Journal.

The Twelve South Travel Journal is a cool leather case to host your iPad (it actually works with other tablets too). The case features a pocket dedicated solely to your iPad and a main compartment where you can store various gear you need on daily basis (read: headphones, chargers, USB cables, USB flash drives, you know … all that gear that fills our backpacks!). Just as the MacBook Pro and iPhone cases, the iPad case exterior looks like an ordinary hadcover book, leading people (read – potential thieves) to believe there’s nothing of value there.

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Nov 112013

How To Male Sure You Never Drop Your Smartphone Again

The SlipGrip is a small enhancement addon that adds super grip abilities to any tablet, smartphone, ereader or any other gadget you frequently have to hold in your hand. The grip is constructed from a base piece which stick to your phone’s cover and a strong natural-rubber elastic designed to make sure you never drop your gadget accidentally.

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Nov 042013

Planon PrintStik 905M - The Pocket Sized Bluetooth Printer
For those of you “always-on-the-go” professionals out there who already got into trouble at least once for not being able to quickly come up with a printed sheet of paper – enter the Planon PrintStik 905M – The Pocket Sized Bluetooth Printer.

The PrintStik is a direct thermal printer that features 200×400 dpi monochrome printing up to 3 pages per minute. The unit is powered by a rechargeable battery (a 3 hours charges gives you enough power to print up to 25-30 pages), comes with a 20 pages paper cartridge, is connects to PC and Mac computers, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows smartphones and tablets via USB cable or Bluetooth.

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Nov 042013

Birksun Solar Powered Backpack Gadget USB Charger
Today’s gadgetry is power hungry! Try to use your smartphone for a couple of hours, check the battery icon and you’ll see what I mean. Try game playing or video watching and you’ll surely need a charger in even less than that. Things are OK when you’re at home or on the road. you simply hook up the USB cable and the charging processing starts! But what if you’re out-there and you need to charge the device? External power packs like PowerFlask or the Trent NT120T might be of help, but what if you’re outdoring and there’s no electricity around to power the battery and the power pack?

Enter the Birksun Solar Powered Battery Charger Backpack! The backpack feature a 2,400mAh solar charged battery pack which allows charging your smartphone, tablet or even laptop. While 2,400mAh might not sound like lot of power (especially for a laptop), the extended battery pack is able to give a full battery charge to most smartphones out there (including iPhone and top Android smartphones as the Galaxy S series from Samsung) – also check the SunnyBag – The Solar Charger Messenger Bag.

The extended battery is fully charged by sun in about 6 hours or it needs about 4 hours for a full charge when hooked at an electrical plug. 45 minutes of sunshine only can power tour smartphone for about 1 hour talk time.

How do you manage your phone’s battery life to make sure you always have enough power for your needs? Let me know in the comments …

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Oct 292013

Expand Your Android Device's Storage With The Meenova MicroSD reader

The Meenova Reader allows Android devices (smartphones and tablets) storage expansion with MicroSD cards. While many devices come pre-loaded with MicroSD reading capabilities, other devices only feature on-board storage. The Meenova MicroSD Reader attaches to the micro USB plug and can increase your device’s native storage with up to 64GB (SDHC and SDXC compliant). The device has the size of a US quarter coin and comes to a USB adapter so it can be used with laptops and desktop PCs. I find it a nice gizmo to have in your daily gear as it extends storage and transfer capabilities between a range of devices (Mac, PC, smartphones, tablets).

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Oct 252013

Business Card Stylus - Keep It In Your Wallet, Use It With You Smartphone Or Hand It Out To Contacts
I am not a big fan of using a stylus on smartphones and tablets. I tried that for a couple of days an I always found myself loosing the stylus. Although i would probably never use a stylus again (unless something drastically changes actual technology and the stylus becomes THE only input ay possible) I have top admit that the Stylus Business Card idea is pretty cool.

There are a handful of things to take in consideration: many people like using a stylus; many people (if not all) carry a wallet on daily bases; many professionals hand out business cards; most business cards out there are boring. The Cypher business cards stylus addresses them all and pulls a nice gadget to hand out to your customers and business partners. I bet they’ll all remember who gave it to them… – also check these other cool wallet gadgets – the WiFlux Smartphone Charger and the CarZor the Wallet Shaver.

There’s also a bad news coming with it. And No, the bad news it’s not it’s $4 US price tag although that’s not very exiting either!!! The bad news is that the Cipher is only in project mode and we don’t know when or if it’ll ever be released to the market!

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