Apr 032015

SideKick Duo And SideKick Flood - Light Your Videos Like A Pro With The SideKick GoPro Light
600 Lumens of bright light, waterproof down to 60 meters, 1-4 hours of continuous run-time on a single charge, 90° flood and 23° spot beam angles, CREE LED, lightweight (4.3 oz / 123 grams) technology specifically design to light your action videos – meet the SideKick GoPro Light!

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The SideKick comes in two flavors: the Flood and the Duo which includes the Flood and an additional Spot mode. Both models output up to 600 lumens of light and sport a modular design which support a wide variety of mounting accessories.

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Oct 252014

Jet Surf - The Engine Powered Surf Board
Jet Surf is a new water sport where the rider surfs the waves on an engine powered surfboard!
Conceived by Martin Sula, a retired F1 engineer, the Jet Surf Motorized Surfboard is 1.8 meters long and is made of ultra-kight kevlar and carbon fiber which allows it to reach speeds up to 35mph (56 KM/h). Check it our and let me know your thoughts in the comments bellow!

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Jan 132013

Jet Powered Surfboard Can Reach Speeds Up To 40mph (65 kmh)

The Jet-Powered Surfboard successfully combines the pleasure of riding a surf board with the power of a Jet-Ski. While not really on the same page with the Flyboard, it uses the same principles – water powered jets to offer aqua propulsion.

The JetSurf Board weights 27 lbs (12.2 kg), and made of carbon fiber and is powered by a 100CC engine that can get you to 40mph (65kmh) in seconds. The surfboard has a 2.5l gas reserve, just enough for around 1.5 hours of surfing pleasure. The board is controlled by an electronic leash attached to the surfer’s wrist and by body movements – the same principle as a regular surf board.

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