Jul 142014

Star Wars Disney Darth Vader Rolling Luggage
May the force be with you” and the Darth Vader Rolling Luggage always protect your while you’re flying on commercial airlines!

This very cool carry-on airplane luggage featuring a 3D molded foam Darth Vader mask is fully equipped to make your trip more pleasant. The rolling suitcase sports light-up rear wheels (the lights are activated by kinetic energy generated when the wheels are turning), a retractable handle for easy carry, top carrying handle strap, a main compartment for your gear and gadgets as well as an ID holder pocket perfect to let people know who owns the force in case you lose your luggage!

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Jun 262014

MyFly Personalized Carry-On Luggage From Luggage Pros
Choosing a good travel case is never an easy job! My past experience with buying travel suitcases is not the most enjoyable to remember! I always had to make trade-offs! If it was cool enough, it was too small or too big; if it was the perfect size, it was too expensive or not high quality; if it was the right price and the right size … it scored low on the coolness factor or it was not strong enough … and so on!

ALSO CHECK the Retro Gaming Suitecase By Salvador Bachiller and the Suitcase Stickers we featured earlier.

The MyFly Bag seems to be a good choice which decently answers all above issues. The suitcase comes in two versions (20″ carry-on and 24″ large format), it’s made of lightweight durable Polycarbonate front shell with ABS back shell for maximum strength and security, it sports an internal alloy telescopic handle as well as two external handles (top and side), 360 degrees spinner wheels and a multi-pocket interior lining with elastic straps to secure your stuff. The coolest feature of the MyFly suitcase is that it’s completely customizable: you can choose a custom background including full colored or patterned designs as well as add your own images to the front outer shell, which helps it score very high in coolness!

Let’s hear you in the comments … What’s your favorite design? What would you print on your suitcase?

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Aug 162013

Retro Gaming Suitcase By Salvador Bachiller

Here’s another cool airport suitcase from Salvador Bachiller. Just as the Express Wood Trolleys, the Retro Gaming Console Suitcase is made of strong ABS and Polycarbonate and it features a closing zipper secured by a built in padlock, four 360º-turn wheels for increased mobility, an extensible truck and two handles (one on the top and one on the trolley’s side).

While not a 100% match, the Retro Gaming Suitcase’s design remembers the cool looks of a Nintendo Gameboy.

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[… Thanks Juan for sharing]


Aug 062013

Express Wood Travel Trolley By Salvador Bachiller
Having a good suitcase when you travel it’s a must. And if that trolley it’s also a cool one … it’s a double win.
The Express Wood Trolleys by Salvador Bachiller score high in both quality and coolness factor! – also check the Samsonite Micro Travel and the Washing Machine Suitcase.

The suitcases are made with a wooden box design and feature and feature zippers with built-in 3 digit security padlocks, top and side handles for easy transportation, four wheels with 360 degrees mobility and come in three versions 50 (54 x 35 x 20 cm), 60 (65 x 42 x 26 cm) and 70 (75 x 50 x 31 cm) ranging between $79 and $104 US.

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Jun 082013

Give Your Luggage A Cool Look With Funny Suitcase Stickers

If you’re in the market for a cool travel suitcase, but don’t want to pay a premium price to stand apart from the pack, take a minute and check out these suitcase stickers – also check the Samsonite Scooter Luggage and the SuitSuit Washing Machine Case.

The suitcase stickers can be used with any type of bag/case, they stick to any material and will give your luggage carrier a cool look. There’s a word of caution from the seller though – “Some of these stickers may cause offense to airport and immigration staff. But you would have figured that out whilst enjoying those cavity searches.”
So, be wise and, if you decide to”dress” your suitcase into a “powder carrier”, a money bag, a stewardess or a pleasure collection, make sure you have the extra time to answer a couple of questions when you try to pass the border!!!

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Apr 102013

BoomCase Speakers, Audio Amplifier Vintage Hand Cases

The BoomCase is a self powered portable stereo system that allows you to play high quality music (or any other audio) while on the go.
The BoomCase is handmade in California from old vintage suitcases and it features:

  • Self Powered based on Li-Io battery system that allows up to 10 hours of audio play per charge
  • Two or more speakers (based on the desired configuration)
  • Up to 600 Watt amplification (based on the desired configuration)
  • Battery meter
  • Aux Input – by using the Auxiliary input you can play basically any gadget that outputs via a 3.5mm plug without any additional convertors
  • Compatible with most Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 on the market – including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Smartphones, Blackberry and Nokia
  • Power switch for better battery management
  • USB charging port
  • BoomCase power port
  • External Bluetooth Wireless

The BoomCase comes in a variety of shapes, colors, materials and amplification levels.

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Jan 042013

Samsonite Micro Travel - Your Own Personal Scooter Gray

Nice combination of a classic hand luggage and a mini scooter. The Micro Travel scooter from Samsonite lets you ride your way through the airport. The suitcase features a fold-out kickstand to add a third wheel to it’s wheel base, allowing a person (up to 220 lbs – 100 kg) to ride safely.
When not in use, the scooter folds into a regular hand luggage that fits in any airplane overhead locker.

$250 | BUY NOW – US Market
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