Jul 122013

Rustic Distressed Leather Iphone 5 Wallet

iPhone wallets are a different breed of iPhone protective covers. Designed to keep your smartphone pristine, the iPhone wallets also replace your regular cash and cards carrier, allowing you to roam the city with light pockets and only one piece of gear to worry about – also check the Pack & Smooch iPhone Wallet, the Dodocase iPhone 4/5 Pouch & Wallet and the Beamhaus iPhone 5 Leather Sleeve With Credit Card Pocket.

The Distressed Leather iPhone 5 Wallet is another cool wallet to carry your smartphone around. Made of high quality distressed leather the wallet features three credit cards slots and three sleeves designed to host your phone, some cash and whatever small gear you might be carrying with you. The design is simple, minimalistic and the light stitches contrast with the brown leather creating a nice, vintage looking pocket wallet.

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Jul 042013

Dexshell Waterproof Socks

Keeping your feet dry and warm while outdooring is a total MUST! Unfortunately, this is easier to be said then done – also check these -30 Degrees US Military Waterproof Socks.

DesShell is a Salt Lake City, USA, based outdoors equipment that offers a complete line of waterproof, highly breathable and thermal protection socks and gloves.
Their waterproof socks feature a close fitting design which allows improved tactility and wool inner for thermal protection in demanding environments as well as helping reducing significantly the blistering problem and other foot injuring risks.

In a word – the pair of socks you need to pack in your backpack when outddooring this summer!

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Jun 242013

Clip Bag - Peter Bristol Fashion Creation

I could say: “If you’re in love with your work you should take a look at this” OR I could say “the Binder Bag has the classic look of a paper clip” OR I could start with: “The Binder Bag has a surprisingly new fashion vision combining the utility of a handbag with form of a paper clip” …

Anyway … you get the point – The Binder Bag is a handbag in form of a paper clip!
It’s design is simple and cool. It’s made of wool felt and aluminum tubing. It’s creator, Peter Bristol, conceived it back in 2007 and is planning to release it on the markets during 2013.

That’s pretty much it – key points to remember – HANDBAG & SIMPLE & COOL!!!

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Jan 022013

Best Of - 2013 Edition!

2013 was a great year for We grew, we learned a lot of new things, we got wiser and, at last but not the least, we had tons of fun finding, featuring and telling you about the coolest gadgets, gear and rides on the market!

Hit the break to check some of the coolest posts we wrote on in 2013. [… Read more]

Nov 292012

Vi - The Wallet Card Holder Empty

There’s no shortage of minimalist wallets lately. From the RFID Waterproof Wallet to the Dodocase iPhone Pouch Wallet – everybody seems to take the slim wallet way of living more seriopusloly than in the past!

In the same spirit of light weight and size card and cash holder, the Vi features an even more simplistic concept. Simply slip your cards and cash into the holder and you’re good to go. No unfolding, no opening, no cap removing, nothing – just your cards and cash stuck together in the holder.

The Vi was designed to carry between six and eight cards, and it’s made of aircraft aluminum 6083-T6 and Nitrile Silicone Mix.

The project is open on Kickstarter and it already reached it’s capital funding.

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