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Apr 072014

Tag Heuer Meridiist Infinite With Perpetual Power Reserve
THAT time finally came! You know, the time when your smartphone runs by itself without needing an external charging power source.
Developed by the Swiss watch manufacturer TAG Heuer, the Meridiist Infinite is the first phone around with perpetual power reserve – it charges its own battery while in standby mode! And no, it doesn’t have a little running hamster inside!

TAG Heuer partnered with Sunpartner Technologies and, by introducing an invisible photovoltaic component in the phone’s sapphire crystal screen, developed the Wysips Crystal technology which charges the phone under specific natural or artificial light. There’s no mention about the price (but hey, it’s a TAG Heuer phone, don’t expect Samsung And Apple pricing!!!) but we know that the device will be manufactured as a limited edition with only 1911 pieces and will be made using high quality materials such as titanium, carbon fiber, and fancy rubber.

While the Vertu-look-alike phone itself does not present much interest for the regular consumer due to it’s high price point, it’s interesting to see how the perpetual power reserve technology included in it will affect smartphone development in the future.

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Jan 292014

StrongVolt SmartCharger - Efficient Solar Power For Your Gadgets
One of the main issues with solar powered chargers is their low charging rates. While a regular wall charger can charge your iPhone in about 2 hours, a solar powered one can go up to 10-15 hours based on how much electric power it outputs.

StrongVolt’s SmartCharger is designed around this issue and promises high rate solar powered USB charging. The green charger comes with Auto-re-connection, a function that allows the charger to power off when you’re in the shade and automatically reconnect to your device once you’re back in the sun; features improved devices compatibility with dedicated switcher to optimize the charging process for iPad/Tablets, iPhone and Android based devices and has a LED power indicator integrated to offer visual feedback on the charging power.

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The solar powered SmartCharger is in project mode at Kickstarter, already secured it’s funding and comes in six versions differentiated by the output power. For $35 you can get a 3W version (that 0.6A – close to the original iPhone charger output power) while for $140 you get a 18W charger (that’s 3.6A – more suitable for tablets and iPad). Intermediary versions available.

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Nov 042013

Birksun Solar Powered Backpack Gadget USB Charger
Today’s gadgetry is power hungry! Try to use your smartphone for a couple of hours, check the battery icon and you’ll see what I mean. Try game playing or video watching and you’ll surely need a charger in even less than that. Things are OK when you’re at home or on the road. you simply hook up the USB cable and the charging processing starts! But what if you’re out-there and you need to charge the device? External power packs like PowerFlask or the Trent NT120T might be of help, but what if you’re outdoring and there’s no electricity around to power the battery and the power pack?

Enter the Birksun Solar Powered Battery Charger Backpack! The backpack feature a 2,400mAh solar charged battery pack which allows charging your smartphone, tablet or even laptop. While 2,400mAh might not sound like lot of power (especially for a laptop), the extended battery pack is able to give a full battery charge to most smartphones out there (including iPhone and top Android smartphones as the Galaxy S series from Samsung) – also check the SunnyBag – The Solar Charger Messenger Bag.

The extended battery is fully charged by sun in about 6 hours or it needs about 4 hours for a full charge when hooked at an electrical plug. 45 minutes of sunshine only can power tour smartphone for about 1 hour talk time.

How do you manage your phone’s battery life to make sure you always have enough power for your needs? Let me know in the comments …

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May 282013

Sunshine by XD Design - The Disguised Solar Powered Charger

XD Design, the producers of the Window Charger, just launched a new product – The Sunshine Solar Powered Charger. While there were a lot of solar powered chargers launched lately (Solar Power seems to be the new Black for the today gadget industry), the Sunshine stands apart of the crowd by being able to flawlessly integrate into your place’s interior design.

The solar charger is disguised as a nice, white vase with the solar panels incorporated in artificial flowers, it is made of 40% PLA+60% ABS plastic with a brushed metal plate base, features a rechargeable battery able to store up to 2,600 mAh and output it to any smartphone in 5V/1.2A and features a Micro USB input for quick charging (in case the solar power is not quick enough for your power needs).

Another cool fact to mention is that “the Sunshine Solar Charger is made up of 45% bio-based material derived from plants. Thus, it emits 35% less CO2 emissions compared to similar products made out of plastic.” (extracted from the manufacture’s product description).

~$116 | BUY NOW
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May 222013

Eton Solar Rukus - Bluetooth Wireless Sound System For Android, Blackberry, iPhone - Green, Black and White

Eton, the manufacturer of the Scorpion Solar Multitool and the Boost Turbine we featured a while back, released the Rukus Solar Bluetooth wireless sound system to be your trusted solar powered companion on your outdoors trips.

The sound speaker can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device (iPhone, Android, Windows, iPad and any other tablets and smartphones), has an E-Ink display (to reduce power consumption), charging USB port (so you can charge your mobile device if needed) and it’s powered by an AC source and a solar panel (the device charges in less than 6 hours via the solar panel and offers an 8 hours music play time).

The sound is output via two full range speaker drivers which feature a bass-boost option for those who want more oomph!

$129.99 | BUY NOW – US Market
£99.95 | BUY NOW – EUROPE
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May 132013

The Suntactics SCharger 12 - The Solar Powered Charger That Charges With Wall Charger Speed

Solar powered chargers are cool things to have around to power your gadgets. While they’re “green” and they can help you charge you gear in the absence of an electrical plug, the solar chargers are known for their low charging speed. If a regular wall charger can fully charge your gadgets in a matter of hours, using solar power can double, or even triple the length of the charging process.

The solar powered sCharger-12 was specifically designed to overcome this main inconvenience. The US made device uses high power solar cells, able to deliver 14 watts of power in sunny and cloudy weather conditions which allows the user to charge smartphones and tablets with speeds comparable to classic wall chargers.

The S-Charger is water resistant, simple to use, features “auto-retry” technology (re-starts charging automatically after being temporarily block from the sun), can charge two devices in the same time and can successfully power any gadgets compatible with USB charging.

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Apr 182013

SunnyBag - The Solar Powered USB Charger Bag

Designed to give you extra battery juice while on the road, the SunnyBag is an ingenious high quality vegetable tanned calfskin business bag. Here’s how it works: the external bag flip features two flexible solar power cells which constantly charge a light weight 5200mAh battery (that’s about 3.5 full iPhone charges) integrated with the bag. The battery pack comes with standard 5V charger plugs, it’s removable (can be used on it’s own) and comes with a handful of plug adaptors compatible with most devices on the market.

While you ould simply buy an external extended battery pack like the PowerFlask or the Trent NT120T, the SunnyBag‘s main advantage, apart the obvious daily gear transportation feature, is that the solar power cells will constantly charge the included battery pack – so you get to power your gadgets even if you forgot to charge the extended battery pack.

The SunnyBag is made of genuine leather in US, comes in 3 color tones (black, brandy and mocha) and two volume formats: the Executive version has a volume of 6liters and weights 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg) while the Professional version has a volume of 9 liters and weights 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg).

$325+ | BUY NOW
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