Jan 082013

Oyo Ballo Spherical 3.5mm Speaker White

The Oyo Speaker is a spherical table/desk speaker not bigger than a golf ball.
Made of high quality Aluminum and ABS plastic, the Oyo Ballo Speaker features a rechargeable battery allowing you to bring it with you anywhere you like, a 3.5mm input jack making it compatible with most smartphones and MP3 players out there and provides an impressive sound for it’s small size.

The Oyo speaker comes is available in 10 colors and it’s available for immediate shipping for $30.20 US.

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Jan 032013

The O.R.B. - Meet The Future Of Bluetooth Headsets Closed

Bluetooth headsets evolved a lot from those bulky big ear hook pieces to the stylish little gadgets we buy today.
Although overall quality improved (battery, sound, microphones), the today Bluetooth headsets of today have the same issue they had since their begging – if you do not like to wear them (but you have to) you’re stuck keeping them attached to your ear, or put them in a pocket and break the ear hook or even damage the actual headset.

The O.R.B. Bluetooth headset is here to solve this issue. While in use, the O.R.B has an S shaped form attaching to the wearer’s ear. The headset is comfortable to wear and, given it uses bone conduction audio transmission technology, does away with the discomfort pf placing the device in your ear. While you’re not on a call, by twisting the O.R.B. you transform it into a ring and you can wear it on one of your fingers. The external part of the ring features an E-Ink display capable of displaying the date, time an the number calling you.

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Nov 032012

Boost Turbine From Eton Keeps Your Gadgets Alive When Electricity Drops

The Emergency Radio is a good thing to have around when the electricity drops. Although, it’s size can be an issue if you are a lot on the road.

The Boost Turbine 2000 from Eton solves this issue and gives you access to a hand crank gadget/smartphone charger.

Boos Turbine 2000 features:

  • 2000 mAH lithium-ion battery which, if fully charged, can completely charge most smartphones on the market.
  • Durable lightweight aluminium body
  • Micro USB DC Input – works with most smartphone wall chargers
  • Hand turbine power generator
  • Sizes: Height: 1″ (2.5cm); Width: 2.2″ (5.6cm); Length: 5″ (12.7cm); Weight: 7oz (198g)
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