Oct 182013

Breffo Gumstick - Minimalistic Universal Smartphone Stand At It's Best
The UK guys from Breffo really got the point of the classical design principle: K.I.S.S.
This principle stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid” and it was developped in the 1960’s by the US navy to point that “most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complex; therefore simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.”

Breff’s latest project, the Gumstick, is impressively minimalistic, simple and versatile in usage. The Gumstick is an universal smartphone stand inspired from real life usage which, due to it’s flexibility, can be adjusted to work with any phone make and model. Lightweight and strong, the Gumstick can hold your smartphone (and even your tablet) in almost any imaginable position. Simply bend it, position your phone and you’re ready to roll – also check the Evouny iPhone Leather Stand Pouch.

The Breffo Gumstick is in project stage on Kickstarter and can be ordered at an early bird price of $15 US (delivery scheduled for December 2013).

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Oct 172013

Kreyos Meteor - Control Your Smartphone With Your Voice And Gestures And Much More
The Kreyos Meteor is smartwatch that allows you to control your smartphone via voice and gestures. This way, you can skip to the next track, answer a phone call or check a phone alert by simply moving your hand around with pre-configured movements – also check the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the CooKoo Personal Assistant Wristwatch.

More than that, the Kreyos Meteor also doubles as fitness activity tracker and tracks your steps, jogging sessions, burned calories, your health state and allows you to share it and analyze it on your smartphone. The Meteor can connects with third party sensors and get additional information via Bluetooth or the ANT+ system to allow more detailed reporting. The cool part is that you do not need to drag your smartphone when you go jogging as the the information communication between the sensors and the meteor is done directly – also check the Fitbit activity trackers and the Basis fitness tracker.

Here are some of the Meteor technical specs: LCD Screen 144 x 168 pixel. Vibrator, Bluetooth, ANT/ANT+, +-axis accelerometer and gyrometer, water resistant buttons and speaker, 7 days usage rechargeable battery and USB interface for charging and OS updates. The Kreyos Meteor comes in a range of vibrant colors and you can choose between a lanyard, a belt clip and a watch band to help you wear it and is available to pre-order via the below links.

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Oct 102013

Fitbit Force -The Wireless Activity And Sleep Wristband

The FitBit Force wristband was designed to smartly use technology to help you stay in shape – also check the FitBit Ultra Wireless Tracker.

The Force wristband tracks steps, distances, burned calories and all all fitness activities during the day, monitors the length and quality of your sleep sessions, offers daily goal followups (via Led lights) and features a silent wake alarm. All information collected and processed by the FitBit Force is wirelessly synced to your smartphone and desktop and can be analyzed via the mobile app and the online tracker dashboard.

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Sep 302013

Garmin HUD Head-Up Display Windshield Projected Navigation Info

Garmin HUD (Head-Up Display) is a cool addon-gadget that hooks to your smartphone via Bluetooth and displays a handful of navigation information on your windshield allowing you to find your way while keeping your eyes on the road – also check the GPS Shoes by Dominic Wilcox.

The Garmin HUD works only with Garmin StreetPilot for iPhone or NAVIGON mobile apps.

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Sep 232013

Nissan Nismo Smartwatch On Driver's Wrist While Driving The Car

After Samsung, Sony and Neptune Pine … Nissan decided to enter the smartwatch market. While their product is more targeted to connecting the driver with the car than all the bells and whistles of the fancy smartwatches on the market, Nissan’s Nismo promises to offer an array of tools to improve the driving experience. The smartwatch connects with your smartphone via a dedicated application which pulls information directly from the car’s computer.

Users will be able to have real time information about the trip, speed, fuel consumption and various performance averages as well as social media status update notification. Nismo will also allow the car’s computer to push maintenance notifications to it’s screen. The incorporated heart rate monitor (HRM) will constantly monitor the wearer’s pulse and compare it to current and past speeds, just the same as the biometric technology is used by performance racing drivers.

Another cool feature of the Nissan Nismo Smartwatch is it helps the driver with driving tips based on the information it receives. This way, if the weather forecast announces icy roads the Nismo will advise you to slow down or if the if a higher pulse rate is detected a reduced speed is counseled.

Nissan’s Nismo Smartwatch in in concept mode and no release date was confirmed by the car manufacturer. Given Nissan’s plans to develop more wearable technology to help improving driving experience, I am sure it’ll not take decencies to Nissan to release the Nismo watch to the consumer markets …

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Sep 212013

Samsung Galaxy Gear - Smartwatch Or Smartphone Satellite Uni
After a lot of hype and wait, Samsung finally released their smartwatch model – The Samsung Galaxy Gear.
The smartwatch is able to do a lot of cool things like: show time (dah!!!), take pics, allow you to place and receive calls, act as a remote control for your smartphone’s music player, display and send text massages and many more…

While I must admit the Galaxy Gear has a nice design and looks pretty impressive from a features point of view I was disappointed when reading the news. I was expecting a smartwatch not a smartphone satellite unit. You now? The kind that can replacea my smartphone when I do not feel like carrying it on me, a gadget to keep on my wrist and use when I go jogging, when I go clubbing or when I go out in the park…

I was expecting something fancier and better than the Neptune Pine (which is a full featured smartwatch running Android available on the market since more than 6 months ago) or the Chinese Touch Wristwatches which sell since at least 3 years ago …

But why rush? Maybe next year I’ll be able to go out without my 5″ brick in my pocket … Don’t get me wrong, I love my smartphone, but sometimes I only need it to place a couple of calls or send some SMS … but I still have to carry the entire 5″ brick on me …

What’s your take on it? Is the Samsung Galaxy Gear what you expected? Is it a Smartwatch Or a Smartphone Satellite Unit?

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Sep 182013

Yubi Wallet Or How to Carry Your Cards, Cash And Smartphone In a Light Package

The Yubi wallet is a cool minimalistic wallet designed to accommodate a few cards, some cash and even allowing you to incorporate your smartphone so you only need to worry about one “object” in your pockets – also check the Pack & Smooch iPhone Wallet case, the Essentials Wallet and the DodoCase iPhone pouch.

The Yubi Wallet is 100% made in USA by US made materials (which is very nice to hear), is manufactured of durable, heavy duty, machine washable elastic material and comes in three versions:

  • Yubi-Minimal Wallet – keeps things simple
  • Yubi-Road Warrior – for those who need extended storage for your daily gear
  • Yubi-Illusionist – Keeps you cash hidden in a special cash sleeve. Simply tap the wallet’s bottom and the cash surfaces ready to be spent! (check the above animation for a real life example of the Yuri-Illusionist model)

The Yubi wallet is in project stage over at Kickstarter with delivery expected for December 2013. Should you wish to help with cool wallet project you can do it for an early-bird price of $14 US.

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