Apr 052014

TomTom Runner Cardio Watch - Get Your Fitness Stats Without Chest Straps And Other External Accessories
If you’re tired of hooking up all kinds of accessories when you go out for a jog (yeap, I am looking at you chest strap and shoes tracking pod!) but you still want to get usefull details such us distance, speed, pace, cardio info and even virtual racing and PC stats computing we have your back covered!

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Well, better said TomTom has your back covered! Their newest sports watch, the TomTom Runner can do all of the above and many more without external accessories. The watch includes a built-in HRM (Hear Rate Monitor) so you can keep a close eye on your cardio parameters and train in your optimar heart rate zone, comes with pre-set soprts programs such as Speed, Endure or Fat Burn, features smart GPS tracking (hey, what were expecting … it’s made by TomTom!) with QuickGPSFix technology so you can start your run quicker, vibration alerts and syncs via Bluetooth and cable to a dedicated smartphone app or PC for improved stats analysis and performance sharing on social media.

The TomTom watch come sin two flavors: the Runner Cardio (the name says it all!) and the Multi-Sport Cardio which allows tracking and analysis of swimming and cycling sessions too.

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Mar 282014

PowerCurl Power Adapter & Mini Earbud Organizer For iPhone
Power adapter cables and ear buds are designed to create havoc wherever you TRY to store them! Seriously, when is the last time you saw you cables nicely ranged waiting for your to grab them and put them in your bag? On the contrary, cables have this weird habit of tangling up, like a viper’s nest of cables …

The PowerCurl is one of those minimalist gadgets designed to make your life easier. Compatible with iPhone 4, 5, or 5s and pretty much any future iPhone model as long as they don’t change the power adapter, the PowerCurl allows you wrap the charging cable (or your ear buds0 around a spool) while keeping your power adapter stored in it’s middle. A silicon cover makes sure your cables stay well organized waiting patiently for the time you’ll need them!

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While being designed for iPhones, the PowerCurl will work with other smartphone or tablet native adapters as long as they keep the same format factor as the iPhone one. If not, simply grab an iPhone adapter on Amazon and use it with your Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile smartphone out there.

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Mar 272014

NTT Docomo Touch Wood SH-08C - An Amazing Commercial That Can Not Pass Unseen
NTT DOCOMO is Japan’s largest mobile service provider, serving more than 60 million customers. The company operates a high-quality nationwide 3G network and an ultra-high-speed LTE network, one of the world’s first launched in 2010, which will be available to more than 98% of Japan’s population by FY2014.

The above is from the About Us page of the Japanese communication company NTT Docomo. Back in 2011, NTT Docomo partenered with Sharp şi Olympus and brought to the market a cool wooden back smartphone, the Touch Wood SH-08C. There were manufactured only 15,000 units and the model is sold-out! Given this phone is 3 years old, there’s not much worth mentioning about it. Maybe the pebble design and the wooden back cover, but you can easily get that with one of the wooden cases available on the market (check: World Map Laser Engraved Wooden iPhone 5 Case, Natural Wood iPhone Cases by SigniCase and Unique Wooden iPhone Puzzle Shaped Case For iPhone 4/4S and 5 for some cool wood smartphone back covers).

So why did I even bothered mentioning it? Because it had one of the coolest advertising campaigns ever. Hit the full screen button, put your best headphones on and relax to enjoy 3 minutes of amazing … smartphone advertising!


Dec 272013

Microsoft Research Bra Sensors Could Monitor Overeating
Recent studies show that over one third of the adult US population suffers of obesity and more than half of them complain eating more when they are stressed.

As technology enters more and more in our lives, it was just a question of time until the overeating and obesity issue gets tackled by tech developers. Researchers from Microsoft Research invented a stress monitoring bra that keeps ‘en eye” on the wearers moods and helps regulate stress eating. The sensors are powered by a 3.7-volt battery, feature an EKG analyzer that captures heart rate and respiration, electrodermal activity, skin conductance and even general movement via an accelerometer and gyroscope – also check the Radiation Emergency Sensor Bra and the The Booze Sneaking Bra.

The collected data is streamed to a smartphone app and PC software where it’s analyzed to predict physiology changes that accompany eating and stress, including whether the subjects were happy or angry.
We’re looking forward to see this technology available “at large” as well as a masculine alternative for the Microsoft Bra Sensors!

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Dec 192013

iXoost iPhone Dock For The Cars Obsessed Snobs

Are you car obsessed, in love with your iPhone and have a huge pile of money to spend on a smartphone dock?
You’re at the right place! I have you covered …. And, if you’d unload that pile of money and buy an iXoost, I am sure you’ll go nuts after the $270k Flying car, the $50k Submarine Convertible Speedster and the 6×6 Mercedes G Class Desert Beast!

The iXoost is a cool iPhone dock speaker set handmade in Italy. The speakers dock features 140W subwoofers, are designed as engine manifolds and car exhaust systems and come in V8, V10 and V12 configurations with prices ranging between $6,800 and $9,300 US.

Don’t you dare commenting on this … I know what you wanna say … 🙂

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Dec 132013

Sony DSC-QX100 - The Attachable Lens That Will Transform Your Smartphone Into A Pro Photo Camera

While gadgets like the Izzi Orbit, Snapzoom or the Clip-On Smartphone Lenses are designed to improve your Android or iPhone photo capabilities, you need something more serious if you want to use your smartphone for PRO photography!

Yeap … you’ve heard me well – use your smartphone for PRO photography! And here’s how to do it: the Sony DSC-QX100!
The DSC-QX100 is an universal attachable lens-like camera which hooks up to your smartphone, connects to it via NFC or WI-FI and allows DSLR quality picture shooting. The gadgets is not a lens which will improve your smartphone’s native photo capabilities, but a stand-alone camera which uses your smartphone only to display, adjust and setup the pics it takes.

From a technical point of view, the Sony DSC-QX100 takes DSLR beautiful 20MP pictures, features 3.6X optical zoom via the F1.8 Carl Zeiss lens, 30p HD video recording, 1″ large Exmor R® CMOS sensor for high quality low-light picture shooting, NFC, Wi-Fi connectivity and the possibility to save the recorded media to the internal memory or to the smartphone-s memory.

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Dec 112013

Cabelet Charging Bracelet By Kyte And Key - Worn On Man And Woman Wrist

Never forget your charging cable home again! The Cabelet is a fancy leather bracelet you strap around your wrist and hides a MicroUSB or Lightning charging cable under the woven leather! How cool is that? – also check the Nordwik USB Flashdrive Leather Bracelet and the TsirTech Wrist Band Charger.

The Cabelet is made of quality braided leather and features a stainless steel or bronze closing clasp which secures the bracelet on your wrist and protects both plugs. The wrist charging cable comes in 4 colors (classic white and black, natural brown and fancy orange), is available in MicroUSB (fits any smartphone around but the iPhone) and Lighting versions (fits the latest iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad models) and is designed in sizes ranging from Small to Large ( small 5″- 6″, medium 6″- 7″, large 7″- 8″ ).

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