Oct 212012

iPhone-Android HRM Heart Rate Monitor iPhone Andoid App

Monitoring your heart rate while exercising allows you to stay in maximum shape and improve your exercising schedule as you go.

Most Heart Rate Monitors (HRM) come in the shape of a high tech watch and that will set you back $150+.

While most of us bring our smartphone with us when we go jogging, why not use it as an HRM too and save your self the hassle of buying another gadget?

This Heart Rate Monitor features:

  • Compatible with iPhone 4s and 5 (app available in the App Store)
  • Compatible with any Android phone (app available in Google Play)
  • Standard 3.5mm connector
  • Also works with other chest straps (ex: Polar)
  • Share exercise evolution on most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Package contains: Heart Rate Monitor; Heart rate receiver for Phone & Android; Chest Straps; CR2032 battery; Screwdriver; User manual

The HRM package is available from Chinavasion via the below link – for only $20 US.

$20 | BUY NOW
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Oct 082012

iPhone Android Blackberry USB Flexible Charger Laptop

Interesting idea – turn your USB data/charging cable into a flexible tripod! Turn it, flex ix, give it any shape you’d like and position your phone for the best view at home, at the office or in your car!

The Flexible USB Charger Tripod is available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and any phone that uses a micro USB charger.

$30 | BUY NOW – iPhone (30 pins)
$30 | BUY NOW – Android / Blackberry (micro USB)
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Sep 232012

Hi Call Bluetooth Glove Couple

Bluetooth glovesHi-Call from Hi-Fun integrated Bluetooth in gloves – the speaker is sewed in the thumb and the microphone into the pinkie. A great accessory for the cold day weather you’re taking a walk, you’re jogging or skying.

Hi-Call Gloves Features:

  • Capacitive technology – you can actually use your smartphone with these gloves on
  • Charging by micro USB cable (included)
  • Available for Men and Women, in gray and black
  • Operating range: – 10 meters
  • Battery stats: 10 days standby, 20 hours conversation
$15 | BUY NOW
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Sep 192012

IceDot Crash Bicycle Helmet Sensor

Riding a bike, a motorcycle or a horse is fun … but not always safe.

The IceDot Helmet Crash Sensor is built to help reduce the risks. It pairs to a smartphone via Bluetooth and if the sensors senses you crashed will alert your emergency contacts and rely information about your location and critical medical condition. Combine this with an Airbag Jacket and you are protected as you you can get …

The Crash Sensor should hit the market somewhere during 2013 with a price point turning around $200.

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