Mar 072013

Portable Clip-On Mobile Phone Camera Lens (Wide Angle + Marco + Fisheye Lens)

Smartphone photography comes with advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that you always have a camera with you, while the biggest disadvantage is that the camera on your smartphone has limited capabilities.

For those who want a reasonable upgrade of their smartphone camera on the cheap – check out the Clip-On Lenses.
The lens kit comes with 4 accessories: a clip on holder and 3 lenses (wide angle, macro and fisheye), it’s compatible with most phones out there, and it’s small size makes it very portable.

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Mar 062013

3 Cards Thick Wallet USB Charging and Data Cable

We are in love with super portable stuff you can always keep with you … just in case.
And the best of the portable stuff is the gear you can always keep in your wallet – like the Total Logic Multi-Tool or the Wallet Cell Phone Back-Up Battery.

The ChargeCard is rubber super portable USB cable that will help you charge your smartphone or transfer data while on the go. The ChargeCard is only 3 credit cards thick and it comes in 3 versions – 30-pin plug for iPhone 4 and 4S, micro-USB plug for any Android and Windows 8 phones including Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia and others, and Lightning plug for charging iPhone 5.

The USB plug is designed and manufactured in California, US, and it’s small size makes the ChargeCard a perfect wallet companion ready to help in any given situation.

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Mar 022013

XD Design Window USB Solar Charger for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Samusng, LG, Nokia, HTC

With technology prices decreasing on regular bases, solar power becomes more and more part of our life – check our collection of solar powered gadgets and chargers.

The XD Design Window Solar Charger is a cool little solar powered charger that stays fixed on your home, office or car window. It has a 1400mAh battery included, so it constantly charges, as well as an USB output that allows charging your iPhone, smartphone, MP3 or any other USB powered gadget at of 5V/max. 500mA.

The solar charger also includes a mini-USB input, very useful in case you’d like to plug it into an electrical outlet for direct charging (think charging during the night).

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Feb 282013

iBam 2 - iPhone Natural Bamboo Sound Amplifier

The iBam2 is made of 100% natural bamboo and it does not require any power source (electricity plug or battery) as it uses the hollow inner tube of the bamboo to amplify the volume of your smartphone’s sound.

Although the iBam was initially conceived for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, the manufacturer states that it is compatible with any smartphone that features internal speakers, regardless if the speakers are situated at the top or at the bottom of the phone design.

The iBam 2 sells for $59 US. At this price you easily find other quality smartphone speakers like the Oyo or the Vers 1Q , but, if you factor in that we’re speaking about 100% green bamboo speakers which work without any kind of electricity, the price seems reasonable.

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Feb 152013

Wireless Charger System - Duracell Powermat For iPhone 4-4S

Full wireless charging is on it’s way … I can’t wait the day when you’ll simply place your smartphone or any gadget near an electric plug and it’ll start to charge instantly … regardless the plug, the case or the gadget manufacturer or model. Universal Wireless Charging

But, until that day will come, let’s speak about the today wireless charging. One of the wireless charging industry leaders is Duracell. Their Powermat system can achieve good results, if you’re lucky and your smartphone is covered by their product.

The Duracell Powermat for iPhone 4/4S can wirelessly charge up to 2 devices – your iPhone and a Portable Backup Battery. Simply put the Powermat case on your iPhone, and leave it on the charging kit. The Powermat case protects your iPhone during regular usage (like any regular plastic case) and enables your iPhone for wireless charging when it is placed on the Powermat stand.

The Portable Backup Battery was specifically designed to help you get power when your iPhone’s battery is down and no charging sources are available around. Simply plug in the included cable, and get the much needed power.

We find the Duracell Powermat a good value for the money. Not only you get a wireless charger, but you also get an extended power pack to power your iPhone when in need. Cool …

The Powermat is available in white and black versions for iPhone 4/4S, and a couple older models.

$70 | BUY NOW – US Market


Feb 152013

Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster

Since a couple of years, the cell phone providers are investing big money in their wireless networks. This is amazing as at the end of the line the end user gets better quality services, better coverage and hopefully better prices …. And when I say coverage I mean the networks are improving to accommodate faster connections and bigger bandwidth, but they do not expand in territory.

Another point to take in consideration is that the new cell phones are weaker and weaker in therms of signal capturing power. So, basically, there are places where you were able to use your cellphone 10 years ago, and when you visit them today, your shinny new iPhone or Android device does not even get half of bar of connection.

Should you be affected by this issue – a Signal Booster is the solution to get stronger signal while on the go.

The Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster is a complete car kit (it comes with a magnet mount antenna and cradle for your phone) that will dramatically improve your cell phone signal. Here are some of it’s features:

  • FCC and IC type accepted
  • No physical connection to the cell phone – you simply place the phone into the cradle and you’ll see the signal increasing
  • Up to 3 Watts output
  • Supports 3G – HSDPA, EVDO and EDGE
  • Delivers up to 10 times more power than a regular cell phone
  • Reduces dropped calls and enhances the signal withing the vehicle
  • Single phone use
  • Good Amazon reviews – check them at the bottom of the product page
$165 | BUY NOW – US Market


Feb 142013

Vertu Ti With Android - Titanium Black Leather, Titanium Black Alligator, Titanium Pure Black and Titanium Black PVD Red Gold Mixed Metals

Vertu is a British manufacturer of luxury mobile phones. Initially the Vertu brand was owned by Nokia, and in October 2012 was sold to EQT VI. The Vertu phones are renowned for the high quality expensive materials used to built them (silver, gold and diamonds are common materials used by Vertu) and the fashion approach in their design.

Vertu released their latest smartphone collection – The Vertu Ti. The collection has 4 models: Titanium Black Leather, Titanium Black Alligator, Titanium Pure Black and Titanium Black PVD Red Gold Mixed Metals and it’s 100% hand built in Hampshire, England.

On the technical side, we find a 1.7Ghz processor, 1GB Ram, 64 GB memory, Bang & Olufsen audio, 8MP rear camera with 1080p HD video recording, 1.3 MP front camera, 3.7″ scratchproof sapphire screen and Android 4.0.

Vertu also features a dedicated Vertu Key – which provides access to all Vertu the services and benefits as well as to a team of people available to support the customer worldwide 24/7 .

$9,600+ | BUY NOW
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