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Apr 072015

Lifetrons USB Cable MultiTool For iPhone, iPad And Android (FG-3015NIP-BK-I)
Winner of the 2012 RedDot Design Award the Lifetrons USB Multitool is one of the coolest ways around to always have in your pocket have a pair of USB cables ready to charge or sync your phone! Designed around the same idea behind pocket knifes, the Lifetrons tool sports a Micro USB plug for Android and Windows phones and tablets, a mini-USB connector for older devices such as GPS units and digital cameras, Apple’s Lightning plug for recent iPhone and iPad models, a solid storage for carrying and extra SIM card and, as if all this was not enough, it doubles as a smartphone stand with two viewing angles!

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Mar 132015

Realistic Looking Ceramic iPhone, iPad Mini, Android Phones And 7-in Tablets Stand Figures - Astronaut
Fancy up your desk and have some well deserved fun during those never-ending work hours with the Motif / SETO CRAFT Japan Figure Smartphone Stands!

ALSO CHECK the Breffo Spiderpodium Phone Stand and the Draw iPhone Leather Case And Stand By Hard Graft we featured earlier.

The Ceramic Figure Smartphone Stands come in a wide array of realistic looking characters including a robot, an astronaut, a soldier, an alien, a geisha and a bunch of cool animals and are built to hold iPhone, iPad Mini and Android devices up to 7″.
My favorite is the gray robot on the first row! Which on is your favorite? Let’s hear you in the comments below …

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Jun 202014

Breffo Spiderpodium Universal Smartphone Holder - Car Mount On Ventilation System
A while back we featured the Spiderpodium smartphone holder here on
Now we’re back with a full hands-on review, a lot of pictures, a complete review Youtube video as well as with some new thoughts about what is deemed to be one of the most versatile smartphone stands and car holders out there.

First, the Spiderpodium is a bit bigger than I expected based on the pictures I checked on the website. And this is good news, because it offers an even better grip and I was hoping! The smartphone holder sports 8 legs covered in a rubbish material which serve both securing the phone as well as positioning the Spiderpodium on almost any type of surface. The smartphone holder works with all phones up to 5″ including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S series, LG G series and any other maker/model on the market (if you own a phablet or a tablet, Breffo also has a bigger version of the Spiderpodium available to accommodate your needs), works with GPS units, digital and action cameras, flashlights … you name it! [Read More … ]

May 202014

Draw iPhone Leather Case And Stand By Hard Graft
Many times I find myself grabbing my phone to check notifications, messages or the time while working. You probably do the same!
So, quickly I realized that I needed a smartphone stand so I can keep an eye on my phone without having to always grab it from the table and interrupting my work. You probably did the same, or at least thought about it …

While there are many solutions out there, from minimalistic stands made of expired membership or credit cards and iPhone wallet stands to desktop docks, few can beat the mobility and the cool factor of an iPhone case that turns into an iPhone stand when needed!

The Hard Graft Draw iPhone Case was designed to accommodate both needs – to protect your iPhone as well as to allow you watch movies or get a quick glimpse to your phone’s screen without having to reach out to grab it. As all Hard Graft products (also check the iPhone 5 Sport Case and the iPhone Fold Wallet Case we featured earlier) the Draw iPhone Case is manufactured in UK only with high quality vegetable tanned leather. Available for iPhone 5, 5C and 5S.

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Feb 032014

6 in 1 Desk Organizer with Bluetooth Keyboard And Tablet Stand
Working on an iPad or Android tablet was never comfortable! And, while both systems offer plenty of features and apps dedicated to increase productivity, their main disadvantage is the virtual keyboard and the typing process! The virtual keyboard works great when doing basic stuff, but imagine yourself writing a 800-1000 words email defining your strategy and recommending your suggestions on improving a certain business process! Or compiling a sales report, or, even worse, multitasking between an email message, IM with your team colleagues and Skyping instructions to an employee! And all this using your tablet’s virtual keyboard.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say it’s impossible! I am just saying that there are easier ways to use a tablet to accomplish all these!

ALSO CHECK: ClamCase Pro – The Bluetooth iPad Keyboard Case and the Universal Bluetooth Tablet Station With Wireless Keyboard and USB Charger.

The myKeyO 6-in-1 Bluetooth keyboard is designed to help you improve your productivity on a tablet.
What sets the myKeyO keyboard stand apart from the competition (including the two models above), apart the low price point, is the fact that it also includes a desk organizer designed to un-clutter your desk, business cards and pen holders as well as a tablet stand (can accommodate your tablet in landscape position or a tablet and a smartphone, both in portrait position) and a wrist rest to set you up in a comfortable typing position.

Get one, set it up for your tablet, hook up a Bluetooth mouse and you’re ready to use your tablet for getting things done Like A Boss!

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Dec 312013

Cyanics i-Bridge Multi-Function Desk Organizer For iMac Or Desktop PC
Organize your desk in style with the Cyanics i-Bridge Organizer.
Designed in pure Apple-ish style, the organizer is set to help you get back the lost space on your desk and allows you arrange your gear in a neatly way.

SEE ALSO – The iStick Desktop Organizer and the U-Board – 3 Port USB & 1 Cup Holder Multifunction Desk board.

The organizer features a tempered glass board to keep things handy, a 2 in 1 smartphone holder with an incorporated 3 USB port HUB and a coffee cup holder with an included storage space.

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Dec 082013

Breffo Smartphone Spiderpodium - The Omnipotent Smartphone Stand

The Breffo Spiderpodium is one of the most versatile smartphone stands around – also check the iPhone Leather Stand Pouch by Evouny and the Chiesel 5 iPhone bamboo dock.

The Spiderpodium features 8 “legs” that wrap around your smartphone assuring a secure grip and holding it on almost any surface. Simply wrap three-four legs around your phone’s corners and attach the rest of the legs to your car dashboard air outtake, your bike’s handlebar or even hang it on a suction cup hook and you’re ready to go! Sky is the limit!

The Spiderpodium is fully compatible with iPhone, Android manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Windows Mobile phones, Nokia and whatever other brand you might think of!

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