Jun 172015

Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent by Redverz Gear
Weighting only 14.5 lbs (that’s about 6.5kg) the Redverz Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent is a lightweight camping tent designed to shelter two people as well as a full size adventure tourer with mounted side panniers.

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The Atacama tent sports a flexible hoop design for expeditions in windy territories, a simple 3 pole construction which allow easy and speedy mounting and take down, flow-through venting for air circulation, hybrid floor with factory-sealed seams and bathtub curve to keep the water out as well as multiple inner pockets and hang loops for storage. The Atacama tent packs down to a 21″x9″ package (that’s 55×23 cm) which makes it easy to store and transport on your bike.

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Apr 202015

Tranquil Moments Bedside Bluetooth Speaker And Sleep Sounds
Winner of the Red Dot 2015 Awards, the Tranquil Moments Speaker is designed to help you improve your sleep by playing sound programs based on DELTA, ALPHA and THETA brainwave patterns associated with deep states of sleep and relaxation. So, basically, when we listen to these sounds, our brains try to match their rhythms (just as a cool tune gets in your mind and you can’t stop singing it!), and, as they are designed to bring you into deep restorative states of sleep and relaxation, your sleep quality improves allowing to be more energized and refreshed and to better perform during your regular day!

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When not helping you refresh your sleep, the Tranquil Moments Speaker can be used as a regular Bluetooth speaker and can stream music from iPhone, iPad, Android or any other Bluetooth enabled device. The speaker sports a rechargeable Li-Io battery for easy use while on the go, USB charger, volume control buttons as well as a 3.5mm aux-in jack for other non-Bluetooth gadgets.

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Jan 062015

How To Avoid Jet Lag - Re-Timer Sleep Glasses
How to avoid jet lag?” is one of the most common questions you hear when someone is preparing to travel in a different time zone. And, while the internet is full of all kind of remedies and tricks around how to avoid jet lag, most of them can be not considered an universal solution that works for everybody affected by this situation.

Here’s another another cool gadget that proposes a solution for the jet lag issue – the Re-Timer Glasses.
These glasses use 100% UV-free green light that re-setts your body clock or sleep rhythm and helps your body recognise when to be awake and when to sleep. The Re-Timer glasses are perfect if you have trouble sleeping at night, if you feel your sleep is not as relaxing as it should or if you want to avoid jet lag.

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On the technical side, the Re-Timer glasses feature a rechargeable battery, use 100% UV-free green light, are independently tested for ocular safety to the standard CEI IEC 62471 and, with 30-40 minutes of usage per day, are advertised as being able to change sleep patterns in around 4 days.
Check them out and say goodbye to jet lag when air traveling!!!

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Oct 162014

Car Backseat Travel Inflatable Mattress
The Backseat Inflatable Mattress makes traveler’s night more enjoyable. If you’re traveling on low budget, you’re driving across an area with no motels or you simply want to use your car’s backseat to sleep overnight, this inflatable matters can be a real life saver!

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The Backseat Inflatable Mattress is 50-in x 35-in (that’s 130cm x 90cm), is made of high quality soft, flocked PVC, comes with a blanket and a pump and is a perfect fit for most cars out there ranging from Civic’s and Corolla’ss to Camry’s and Accord’s and even bigger.

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Jun 302014

Lark Pro Or How To Sleep Better With The Help Of Technology
The Lark Pro sleep coach is an Official Product of the National Sleep Foundation and is designed to be an all-in-one sleep improvement manager.
The Lark Pro is a little piece of gadgetry you have to wear when you sleep which measures various parameters, analyzes your sleep patterns, coaches you to improve your bed time and doubles as an alarm clock to “silently and gently wake you up in the morning”. The device comes with an adjustable strap band, a charging dock as well as with a free iPhone app that gives you access to stats, results and sleeping advises in an easy, organized way.

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May 282014

Bison Bag - The Sleeping Bag Hammock
Most people outdoring face the hassle of bringing sleeping bangs and tents or hammocks for the night time!
While there are low profile and feather-light solutions out there (check the Spart sleeping bag and Nemo Gogo elite inflatable tent for some cool examples of light weight camping equipment), why not simply combine the two items to save storage space and weight?

A while back we featured the Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock Tent. Today we’ll take a closer look to the Bison Sleeping Bag hammock.
The Bison hammock is in project mode at Kickstarter raising funds for manufacturing, is rated at 55 degrees (that’s about 12 degrees C), sports a minimalistic design, is made of 170T polyester with PU coating, is filled with polyester microfiber 220gsm for increased thermal comfort, only weights 2.5 pounds including the carabiners (that’s about 1.1 KG), fits into a 16x8x8 inches bag (40x20x20 cm) and … basically does what it’s name suggests – it’s a sleeping bag hammock!

If you like it and you feel you could use the extra space and weight in your backpack, feel free to contribute and reserve one Bison Bag for as little as $70 US.

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Feb 272014

Spark Spi Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag
With spring around the corner, we’re looking forward to our first camping trip of the year.
And to make sure we’re ready to camp and hike like bosses, we started to look around and renew our camping gear.

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The Spark Spi lightweight sleeping bag caught our attention and it’s a serious contented for a place in our backpack. Filled with 850+ loft 90/10 goose down and featuring ULTRA-DRY Down moisture protection the Spark Spi has a temperature rating of EN13537 (EN lower limit rating of -5C or 23F for men and 1C or 34F for women) which it just perfect for 3 season usage (Summer/Spring/Autumn) in most parts of the world. In addition, we also spot: “10D Pertex® Quantum shell for minimal weight and bulk; sewn through lateral baffles for optimal weight/bulk/warmth ratio; 55/45 fill ratio; contoured hood with drawcord; tapered footbox; 1/3 length YKK #3 side zip; includes lightweight 15D Ultra-Sil® compression bag, mesh storage cell and laundry bag.

Sea To Summit announced the Spark Spi‘s availability for 2014. We really hope it hits the market soon enough for our first outdoors trip of the season.

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