Aug 272014

Coolest 53 Skull Coffee Mugs You'll Find Around - Ceramic Coffee Mugs, Handmade Skull Coffee Mugs

Here’s a cool selection of skull coffee mugs to help you kicks tart your morning like a real Gothic king Boss!
We searched the net for the coolest skull shaped mugs and we tried to stay away from the regular with painted skull designs. It’s not that they’re not cool enough (hey, we even included one or two models in our selection), but 3D design mugs rule! Anyway, enjoy and make sure you share with your friends, they also want to feel the power of Viking kings flowing through their veins and giving them wings in the morning!

P.S. BTW – We were not able to find the cigar skull mug above for sale anywhere. If you find it in your web surfing quests, please make sure you share it in the comments bellow.
UPDATE 01/16/2015 – Thanks Abi for letting us know that the creator of the Cigar Mug above is GetClayByDan.

1) The Coffee Skull Mug




Aug 062014

Black Ceramic Skull Coffee Mug, Because It's Cool!
Nothing better than kick-starting your morning with a hot coffee in a cool mug!
But cool doesn’t have the same meaning for everyone! So for all you Gothic style lovers out there – here’s a cool Skull Coffee Mug to kick-start your morning!

ALSO CHECK the Stoneware Skull Coffee Mug we told you about earlier.

The ceramic skull mug is 4 inches (10.15cm) tall, 3 3/4 inches (9.5cm) deep and 6 inches (15.25cm ) wide including the bone shaped handle and can hold up to 12 ounces (355ml) of hot or cold beverages. All mugs are hand-glazed, so the glazing on your skull mug might differ a bit from the one in the pics.

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May 262014

Alexander McQueen Mini Skull iPad Case
If you believe a tablet case is more than simple protection against dust, scratches and small bumps and you want to make a fashion statement and stand apart of the rest of the pack with a cool case you’re at the right place!

The pre-autumn/winter 2014 Mini Skull iPad Case from Alexander McQueen is a real head turner. Made of high quality canvas fully coated with mini skulls and a brass 3D skull logo on the front flap, the case features an interior leather padded sleeve for tablet and a document holder. Fully compatible with iPad mini and any 7″ tablet on the market.

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Nov 192013

Stainless Steel Sugar Skull Spoon
Skulls are cool and so are any other skull shaped objects – also check the Skull Egg Shaper, the Skull Coffee Mug and the Skull Of Doom Beer Mug.
The idea behind the Skull Sugar Spoon was to remind users how bad sugar is for their health. Is this what you see? An evil stir ready to silently attack you? Well … it’s not what I see! I see a cool sugar spoon and that’s it!

The Sugar Skull Spoon just got full funding via Kickstarter and can be ordered via their website with delivery scheduled for spring 2014.

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Oct 252013

The Side Up Skull Egg Shaper Helps Your Cook Killer Eggs

Start your day in fun style with the Funny Side Up Skull Egg Shaper. Simply place the mold into the frying pan, crack a coup0le of eggs and watch the miracle happen – your eggs will turn into a skull shaped breakfast. Throw in some bacon and you’re ready for a morning meal worthy of a real pirate!

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Oct 162013

Green Glass Skull Shaped Decanter

I know you loved the Skull Shotglass, the Skull Beer Mug and the Skull Coffee Mug. So here you have another cool piece of skull-ware – the Green Glass Skull Decanter.
The decanter is made of lead free thick green glass, comes with a cork stopper and can hold up to 16oz (that’s about 475ml) of your favorite booze!

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Sep 162013

Skull Cameo Cufflinks by Paul Smith

Cufflinks are the mark of a true Gentleman. While they’re not going to make you a Gentleman by only wearing them, there’s a clear fashion statement you can make by choosing the right pair of cufflinks – also check the Watch Cufflinks and the Star Wars Cufflinks.

The Skull Cameo Cufflinks by Paul Smith are made in pure English fashion. They’re manufactured in England of 65% brass and 35% resin. The brass is polished with a nice Gold finish and the cufflink’s buttons are branded with Paul Smith’s signature.

$265 | BUY NOW
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