Apr 212015

SkullCandy Grind On-Ear Headphones
Looking for a quality, brand-made on-ear pair of headphones on the cheap?

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Look no further! The SkullCandy Grind will surely be on your taste without making a hole in your pocket! The Grind features an on-ear classic design with a dedicated On/Off button to , produces powerful bass, warm, natural vocals and precision highs, is made of lightweight materials and sports plush foam ear pads for increased comfort and comes in a cool variate of vibrant colors.

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Feb 122014

SkullCandy FC Barcelona Headphones (Hesh 2, Uprock, Inkd)
Soccer is big all around the world (well, a bit less in North America, but we’re catching up quickly) and one of the biggest soccer teams ever is widely recognized to be Spain’s FC Barcelona (now … half of you will probably hate me for using “one of the biggest soccer teams ever” instead of “THE biggest soccer team ever“)!

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While there are many products out there to help you show your love for your favorite soccer club, one of the coolest gadgets I found to perfectly achieve this is the SkullCandy Hesh 2 FC Barcelona Edition!
Not only is the Hesh 2 is a great headphones model which features powerful sound, soft over-the-ear cushion pads, 50 mm drivers, built-in audio filters such as Attacking Bass, Natural Vocals, and Precision Highs, 35 ohms, 105 dB sound pressure level, Mic 1 microphone system which allows to makea nd receive calls, play, pause and control tracks and many more, but when matched with the world’s biggest soccer icon (OK … sorry … I forgot to be politically correct and I finally said it) it becomes even better! The perfect wearable to proudly show you’re a Barça fan!

The SkullCandy FC Barcelona collection also includes the Uprock (on the ear) and Ink’s (ear buds) models, so you can choose your best fit for a comfortable ride to the Camp Nou!

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