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Jan 312014

Indigo 180 Degree Ski Helmet Visor

Wearing qulity winter gear while out on the slopes is a must! And this is not because you want to be fashionable with your fancy gear (well … that too!!!) but also to take advantage of all technological advancements that get more and more into the sports equipment area.

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The Indigo 180° Visor is a new breed of universal winter sports eye protection. Designed to maximize your field of view, the Indigo Visor is detachable, can be worn over any sports helmet, is flexible and unbreakable, has protective edging, anti-fog coating, three layers of foam padding around the frame to ensure draught-free ventilation and can be even worn by glasses wearers.

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Dec 022013

Recon Snow2 - The Google Glass Alternative Snow Goggles
Recon Instruments, the company before the Recon Jet Google Glass Alternative just brought another cool product to the market – the Recon Snow2 Snowboard and Ski Goggles – Also check the Oakley Airwave GPS Goggles, the Bluetooth Ski Goggles and the Zeal HD Camera Ski Goggles we featured earlier.

The Snow2 goggles are designed with user experience in mind. The goggles feature an array of sensors that calculate various parameters like speed, distance, vertical drops, airtime, jump analytics, acts as GPS navigator and displays the information on the incorporated HUD (Head Up Display) which projects a 14″ image at 5ft away. Other than that, the Snow2 is able to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, display text messages, calls and notifications and control the music player.

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Feb 022013

Matte Black RG-1 Core Ski and Snowboard Helmet With HG-1 Anti-fog Goggles

Ruroc Sports is a leading British company specialized in full face and head protection for ski and snowboard lovers. Their patented helmet system was even modified for F1 pit crew use and used by teams like McLaren and Red Bull.

The newest addition to their RG-1 patented winter sports helmet line, is the RG-1 Core. The helmet is a lightweight, offers high protection and it’s specifically designed for Freestyle skiers and snowboarders. Here are are some of the Matte Black RG-1 Core system:

  • Double Shell top – High impact ABS shell outer shell and an EPS shock absorber inner shell
  • Lower padding comfort liner helps keeping the helmet stable in case of accident
  • Helmet jaw guard lower shell made as well of high impact ABS and offers protection for the jaw and the ears
  • Detachable front mask with vent systems to prevent breath entering into the goggles.

The RG-1 Core comes in Matte Black with the front mask as well as the HG-1 anti-fog goggles, and offers “unparalleled levels of protection on the slopes” based on the Ruroc product description.

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Dec 302012

Zeal HD Camera Ski Goggle

Lately we’re seeing more and more winter sports equipment manufacturers incorporating high tech gadgetry in their products (also check the Oakley Airwave, the communication goggles, etc…)

Based in Boulder, Colorado, US, Zeal Optics produces high quality sunglasses and winter sports goggles.
The latest addition to their ski goggles line is intended to revolutionize the winter sports equipment industry. The goggles incorporate a video HD camera capable of 1080p recording and taking 8MP still pictures.

Here are some of the Zeal HD Camera Goggles:

  • See clear with interchangeable anti-fog lenses
  • Stay safe with impact resistant frames
  • 100% UV protection
  • Build to perfectly fit when used with a helmet
  • Dual strap adjustments
  • Camera captures 1080p and 720 HD quality viudeo
  • 8MP still pictures
  • Glove ready buttons on the right side of the goggles
  • Rechargeable Li-Io batteries (3 hours run life)
  • Integration and sharing capabilities with the most important social media networks

Would you replace your helmet camera with the Zeal HD recording goggles? Let me know in the comments …

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Dec 172012

Dragon NFX Ski Snowboard  Goggles Yellow Blue Ionized

Less high tech than the Oakley Airwave and the Bluetooth Ski Goggles, the Dragon NFX winter sports goggles still pack a lot of punch. Here are of the characteristics that will make you consider getting a pair:

  • Frameless technology (patented)
  • Armored venting
  • 4 Layer sweat absorption foam
  • Anti-fog lenses (colored and clear goggle lenses included)
  • 100% UV protection
  • At last, but not the least – they’re cool … especially the Blue Ionized ones
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Nov 072012

Ski Goggles Let's You Communicate With Your Buddies Phone

If the Oakley Airwave is’t too high tech for you, but you still want more than the classic ski goggles, try the Hammacher Voice Communicating Ski Goggles.

The Voice Communicating Goggles feature:

  • Wireless built-in intercom – so you freely speak to other skiers
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Built into the frame microphone
  • Possibility to plug your preferred headphones
  • Wireless connect to your smartphone so you can enjoy music and phone calls while skiing (this is not the safest thing to do but hey … the technology id there & the decision is yours!)
  • Large control buttons so you can manage your music/call without removing your gloves
  • 100% UV mirror-coated black lenses (interchangeable orange-tinted lenses)
  • 12 hours of music or phone calls (charger included)

These winter sports goggles are also cheaper than the Oakley ones – will only set you back $299.

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Nov 032012

Airwave GPS Goggle from Oakley Screen

Enter The Winter Sports Goggles 2.0! Like the AI Riders On The Storm jacket – these goggles will revolutionize the winter sports gear!

Here are a few specs of the new Oakley Airwave GPS Enabled Goggle:

  • Inside goggle Heads-Up display
  • Instant check of: Speed, Jump Analytics, Vertical, Navition, Buddy Tracking
    Playlists for music listening,
  • Bluetooth for Smartphone connectivity
  • Changeable lenses – different colors available
  • High Definition Optics
  • Polarized and UV Protection Lenses
  • Impact Protection
  • Compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and Android

Check more details about these amazing Ski Googles on the Oakley website:

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