Mar 082013

Nike Air Force 1 Iron Man - Sport Fashion in Hollywood Style!

Nike Air Force One Downtown LTH QS can be easily tagged as the Iron Man Nike shoes. If you’ll ever meet Marvel’s Tony Stark jogging in the park, I bet he’ll be wearing them!

The Downtown model features a combination of Hot Red and Gold leather and it was released by Nike in January 2013 and is available at select retailers.

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Jan 202013

spnKIX Electric Motorized Shoes To Help You Ride The street
Zip all over the place with the spnKIX motorized shoe addons.
The spnKIX PRO attach to your shoes allowing you to sped and pleasure-up your short trips.

Each shoe addon has it’s own battery pack and it’s own motor to power it. All the electronic components and hardware is strongly integrated into the fiber frame. You “drive” the shoes with the help of a remote control which controls both shoes at the same time. Here are some of the spnKIX motorized shoes technical specs:

  • Max speed – 10 mi/hour (16km/h)
  • Range per charge – 6 mi (9.6 km)
  • Maximum weight capacity – 200 lb (90 kg)
  • Weight 18 lb for the pair (8kg)
  • Coolness factor – 10/10!

The spnKIX skates come in 2 versions: The spnKIX PRO and the EZ version (only one skate is battery powered, the second is lightweight passive roller).

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Jan 162013

Converse Chuck Taylor Light In The Night Sneakers Low Top

The Converse Chuck Tylor sneakers are the king of all sneakers out-there. You can never go wrong with a pair of Taylors!

For the upcoming spring, Converse prepared a new model of sneakers – The Light In The Dark model.
The sneakers upper is made of all-black canvas, the midsole and the toecap include night glowing material and the shoe lace eyelets are silver. To all this, you can match a pair of white or black laces, upon your preference.

The Chuck Tylor Converse Light in The Dark model comes with a low top and a high top

$55 | BUY NOW – Low Top Model
$60 | BUY NOW – High Top model
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Dec 312012

Hakes Mojito - The Different Shoe Design Black

The “Hakes Mojito Shoes” are on their way of becoming reality. created by the Award winning, UK architect Julian Hakes, the Hakes Mojitos impress with their creativity and unusual design. Based on the creator’s website, the team, has the support of “an international manufacturer and distributor responsible for some of the world’s top fashion footwear brands” and they will start shipping the shoes just in time for “for the summer party season.”

What’s your take on this new shoe design? What piece of clothing would you match them with? Let me know in the comments ….

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Nov 272012

Converse Chuck Taylor DC Comics Edition Joker

Are you a fan of DC Comics? Do you like to wear Converse Sneakers?

If YES – today is your lucky day! Converse released under the Chuck Taylor DC Comics collection the ThunderCats models! Now you can … wear your favorite characters printed on your favorite sneakers!

Other than the ThunderCats the DC Comics collection also features Superman, Joker, Batman and many other good and evil characters printed on Converse sneakers.

If you are not sure the DC Characters sneakers are for you and you feel creative – you can also design your very own Converse model in the Converse Sneaker Builder.

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Nov 242012

Heated Shoes Insoles by ThermaCell Remote Control

For all of us who need to spend time outside during the cold winter (either you do it for fun or because of your work) – we all know how important is to keep your feet warm. Now this can be done easier than before by generating heat right from within your boots.

The ThermaCell heated insoles are Li-Io rechargeable battery powered and will help you keep that good warm comfort level while spending time outside int he cold. Here are some features of the ThermaCell Insoles:

  • Wireless remote control operated
  • 3 levels of operation (OFF, Medium, High)
  • 5 customizable sizes
  • Up to 5 hours of heating per charge
  • Water-Resistent
$120+ | BUY NOW
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