Apr 202013

Sega Genesis Portable - The Retro Video Games Hand Held Console

While new, modern games with fancy graphics are super cool and addictive, nothing beats retro Sega Genesis console games.
Well … your kids will give you that look, but hey … these are the games we grew up with.

The Sega Genesis Hand Held Console is roughly the size of a normal console controller, has a 2.8″ LCD, features a rechargeable battery, packs 40 classic Sega (including Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2) and Capcom (including Super Street Fighter II) games included and has a SD card slot for downloading additional games if you ever get bored with the built-in ones.

So, either you’re looking at this post because you want to re-play the games of your youth, because you want to show your kids the coolest games of your childhood, or who knows for what other reason, the portable Sega Genesis console might be the closest and cheapest retro console you’ll get around.

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Mar 282013

The Super RetroN 5 Brings Back The Cool Gaming Memories Of Your Childhood

The Super RetroN 5 is a all-in-one gaming console that was designed to help you re-enjoy the beauty of retro gaming.

The super console has 5 game slots and can play game cartridges as follows: SNES, NES, Genesis, Famicom and Gameboy.
Between other features we spot an HDMI out plug (the console puts up HD content in 720p format), wireless game-pad (included with the Retron 5 bundle) and plugs for the original SNES, NES and Sega Genesis game controllers. So not only you get the play the amazing games of your childhood, but you also get to play the with the original game-pads – of course, if you still have them laying around somewhere in your garage!

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