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May 062015

GoPro StrapMount And ProGrip Accessory Kit by PolarPro
The PolarPro Combo package is a feature packed GoPro accessory kit designed to help you better record your adventures!

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The kit combines two accessories: the ProGrip and the StrapMount which can be used independently or together and allows you to mount your GoPro action camera on any backpack, scuba bcd, camel-back, life vest or any other type of strap or rope. While the StrapMount accessory assures a secure grip and mounts the GoPro camera on any type of straps for POV recordings, the ProGrip is a floating extension grip designed for selfie portraits and video shootings. The ProGrip features a waterproof storage place that can hold up to two extra batteries for your camera or other small pieces of gear such as lens cleaners or anti fog inserts.

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Mar 172014

DataMask HUD For Professional Scuba Divers And Not Only
Keeping an eye on the session parameters while scuba diving is vital, so seeing diving mask with HUD (Heads Up Display) simply feels natural!

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The DataMask HUD is a military-inspired diver mask which features an advanced air-integrated dive computer and an HUD incorporated in the mask. The computer constantly receives the information from various included sensors (depth transducer, wireless cylinder pressure receiver), analyses it and displays it on the built-in HUD so you can easily check the current depth, elapsed dive time, cylinder pressure and dive time remaining. A wireless transmitter gathers and transfers the information to the mask without the need of cables or human assistance allowing the user a real Hands-Free Diving experience.

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Oct 212013

Octomask - Scuba Mask With GoPro Camera Mount

Another cool GoPro accessory! The Octomask allows you to mount your GoPro camera and records your scuba diving sessions hands free! – also check the Liquid Image HD Video Recorder Scuba Mask we featured earlier.

The Octomask features tempered glass lenses, soft silicone skirt and is fully compatible with all GoPro camera models.

$79.99 | BUY NOW


May 042013

Underwater HD Video Recorder Mask by Liquid Image
Recording underwater just got easier. Well, that’s just a way of saying it! Scuba underwater HD recorder masks are available on the market since a while back, but that doesn’t remove anything from their coolness!

Being able to record HD movies and have your both hands free, as well as being able to record just about anything with a simple move of your head is just as cool as it gets!

The Liquid Image HD movie mask features a 720p HD quality (that’s 1280×720 resolution) @ 30 frames per second, records the movies on SD/SDHC cards, comes with photo and movie editing software and has a light attachment to help you record movie in dark waters.

$184.99 | BUY NOW – US Market
£88.40+ | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Mar 112013

Take a Ride On A ... Great White Shark - Freediver Ocean Ramsey filmed with an HD Hero 2 GoPro Camera

As crazy as this sounds, but … believe me – it can be done!

Ocean Ramsey is a Honolulu based shark conservationist. Watch her in this amazing footage riding with a Great White Shark. She even goes that far as to grab the shark’s dorsal fin and let herself driven through the water.

The movie is as real as it can be. As the story was filmed with a GoPro HD Hero2 camera, the original story was posted on the GoPro’s Youtube profile page.



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