Dec 272014

47 Coolest Car Gadgets To Bring Your Wheels To The Future

There are many cool developments going on in the car industry and manufacturers around the world are bringing more and more cool technologies and gadgets on board of our vehicles every day. But most of these new technologies and cool car gadgets are introduced only in the newest models and very few find their way to oldest cars. So what to do if you have an older car or if you purchased last year’s “latest model” and you start feeling it’s not gadgetized enough?

I gathered bellow 47 of the coolest car gadgets I found around. These gadgets are designed and built to make your old car feel newer and to allow you to get access to the latest technologies and gadgets without needing to pay for a whole new car.

Which one is your favorite? I LOVE 26 and 40!
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure you share this post with your friends! They need help to upgrade their old wheels as well!

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Oct 282013

Scosche smartSTRIKE USB to Lightning and Micro USB Charger and Data Cable White and Black

For those of you who have a Lightning device (newer iPad, iPod or iPhone) and also have to carry around a Micro USB piece of gear (everything else other than Apple gadgets) the smartSTRIKE 2-in-1 cable will bring you piece of mind – also check USB Utility Charge Cable Tool.

The cable features one standard USB plug which can be used with any Android, Windows Mobile or Apple charger, any laptop, desktop computer and most extended battery packs out there. On the other end the cable sports a 2-in-1 plug with Lightning and Micro USB plugs. The cable is 3 feet long (that’s close to 1 meter) and has a slim barrel design so you can use it even with larger protective cases.

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Cheaper On Amazon?


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