Apr 162016

URB-E Electric Folding Scooter

Scooters are known for being easy to ride and to transport in and between public transportation which makes them a common choice for city commuters. But what if you also bring in some electrical power?

ALSO CHECK the Foldable Backpack Scooter and the Voltitude Foldable Electric Scooter we covered earlier.

Meet URB-E – designed and built 100% on American soil, URB-E is foldable electric scooter that allows you to ride up to 20 miles (that’s about 32 KM) with a top speed of 15mph (~25 kmh) on a full charge (about 4 hours from empty to full).
The URB-E is made of lightweight aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, weights only 35 lbs (~16 KG), folds into a compact, easy to carry and store package and even allows you to charge your smartphone while riding it! Check it out!

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Oct 142013

Voltitude Foldable Electric Scooter
Voltitude V1 is a Swiss-made foldable electric scooter designed to make city commuters life easier. The scooter sports a 250 watt motor and it’s powered by a 11.6Ah rechargeable battery (it takes 4 hours to reach 80% charge and 6 hours for a complete charge cycle) which allows a commuting range of around 25-mi (40 km) with speeds up to 16 mph (25 km/h) – also check the Moveo Folding Electric Scooter and the Foldable Backpack Scooter we featured earlier.

The Voltitude V1 folds and unfolds in 1 second (literally) and it’s compact shape (when folded) only takes 24-in x 33-in (60cm x 85cm) space volume making it a friendly companion for your apartment, office and even public transport. The electric scooter weights an impressive 27.5 kg (that 60.6 pounds) and is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes (Shimano), 7-speed transmission gearbox (Shimano Nexus 7) with grip-shift, detachable waterproof front bag, stand-up wheels for easy rolling and high power LED headlights.

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Oct 042013

QTvan - Electric Scooter Camper Trailer

QTvan is a cool one person RV designed by ETA (UK’s Environmental Transport Association) to be pulled by bikes and electric scooters – also check the Colim Detachable RV Concept.

The camper trailer is 2 meters long and 75 centimeters wide and features a 19″ TV, radio, alarm clock and book shelves. The trailer was released back in 2011, it was advertised as a £5,500 (that’s about $8,800 US) “mobility scooter caravan built to beat Royal Wedding queues” and it is considered the smallest RV available for purchase on the market.

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Jul 052013

Foldable Backpack Scooter

The Mountain monk and the Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike are great ways to transport a folding mountain bike as a backpack.
If you’re looking for something similar but more adapted for the city use, the Scooter Backpack  can provide you with easy individual transportation, while keeping the package light and small.

Designed by the Barasilian designer Gustavo Brenck, the Scooter Backpack combines a wearable backpack, a rolling luggage and a scooter in one cool backpack. The bag is made of strong polyester, features a padded laptop compartment, and the incorporated scooter allows you to quickly navigate the city.
Mounting the scooter is as easy as unzipping the backpack, removing the scooter’s end and fasten the front and back wheels.

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Apr 102013

Moveo - The Folding Electric Scooter That Helps You Say Bye-Bye To Pollution And Wasted Time Finding Parking Spaces - Folded, Unfolded

With traffic going crazier and crazier in all the big cities around the world, more and more people are moving over to lighter and smaller transportation vehicles. Bikes, scooters and light motorcycles are the most common choices when it comes to finding a reasonable car-alternative.

The Hungarian based Antro Group has a nice proposition for commuters looking for a simple, economical and eco-friendly locomotion alternative – The Electric Foldable Scooter. Weighting only 55 ponds (that’s about 25 KG), the Moveo Scooter can develop a speed up to 28 mph (that’s about 45 kmh for our European readers) and it takes up to two minutes to fold or unfold. Once folded, the Moveo takes as much space as a bigger size roller case and can be transported in any place.

The Moveo Electric Scooter will reach the consumer markets soon with an estimated resale price of around $3,000 to $5,000 US.

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Jan 042013

Samsonite Micro Travel - Your Own Personal Scooter Gray

Nice combination of a classic hand luggage and a mini scooter. The Micro Travel scooter from Samsonite lets you ride your way through the airport. The suitcase features a fold-out kickstand to add a third wheel to it’s wheel base, allowing a person (up to 220 lbs – 100 kg) to ride safely.
When not in use, the scooter folds into a regular hand luggage that fits in any airplane overhead locker.

$250 | BUY NOW – US Market
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