May 252015

Satechi Premium Aluminum Monitor And Laptop Desk Stand
Designed in the purest Apple style, the Satechi Premium Aluminum Monitor Stand is a laser-cut aluminum alloy raiser for laptops, PC screens and small desktop printers.

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The monitor stand sports a minimalist open design which allows you to store beneath your screen the keyboard, mouse and other small gadgets when not in use, reduces eye and neck strain, assures an optimal ventilation to avoid device overheating, features four USB 3.0 plugs to easily charge and connect external devices and peripherals with speeds up to 5.0Gbpsas well as a rear cable organizer to keep all those nasty cables out of sight.

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Dec 272014

47 Coolest Car Gadgets To Bring Your Wheels To The Future

There are many cool developments going on in the car industry and manufacturers around the world are bringing more and more cool technologies and gadgets on board of our vehicles every day. But most of these new technologies and cool car gadgets are introduced only in the newest models and very few find their way to oldest cars. So what to do if you have an older car or if you purchased last year’s “latest model” and you start feeling it’s not gadgetized enough?

I gathered bellow 47 of the coolest car gadgets I found around. These gadgets are designed and built to make your old car feel newer and to allow you to get access to the latest technologies and gadgets without needing to pay for a whole new car.

Which one is your favorite? I LOVE 26 and 40!
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure you share this post with your friends! They need help to upgrade their old wheels as well!

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Jan 142014

Satechi Bluetooth Smart Keypad
Improve your office with the Satechi Bluetooth Smart Keypad. The keypad connects to your iMac, MacBook or Mac Mini cables free, via Bluetooth and extends your keyboard’s functionality with a dedicated numeric keypad and a 8 functions calculator. The keypad’s design matches the Apple products style and sports a stylish brushed-aluminum finish.

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Feb 042013

Mini iOS and Android Multi-Media Bluetooth Remote Control By Satechi

In the past months we saw an invasion of Bluetooth, Wireless and even wired speakers that stream music from your iPhone, or any other smartphone or tablet – check the WOW speakers, Vers 1Q or the Oyo Ball.

With such an explosion of new products and as more and more people buy this type of speakers, there is a new need that was created – people need to control their streaming device from distance.
Satechi developed a high quality Bluetooth Multi-Media Remote control that not only allows you to control all major media functions of any Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet, but can also be used as Remote Shutter for the camera on those gadgets.

The Satechi Bluetooth Media Remote features:

  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Media controls: play, pause, FF/RW, volume up and down, mute, customizable Home button.
  • The volume up key also doubles as camera shutter remote
  • Works as presentation remote control (Keynote)
  • 6 months battery life (CR-2025 battery)
$39.99 | BUY NOW – US Market
£25.50 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


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