Dec 282013

Zombie Slippers - Your Graveyard Fresh Looking Comfy Home Sandals
Now it’s your time to become Walking Dead – also check the Cool Zombie Head Mugs and the Zombie Survival Crate we wrote about earlier!
The Zombie Home Sandals are realistically built to look as rotting flesh, only worse! These epic kicks feature plastic zombie toes, green, rotten cracked skin and gnarled toe nails! Amazingly scary …

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Dec 162013

Follow Me - Bring Beer Flip Flops By FlipSidez
Here’s a cool way to get a couple of free beers on the beach. Don’t get me wrong … buying Follow Me Bring Beer sandals doesn’t mean free beer anytime you visit the beach!!! But who knows, maybe someone takes for serious your sand message trail and follows you with a cool six pack of beer! – also check the Portable Chair With Pet Compartment and the LoungePac – The Portable Beach Chair.

Available in a range of sizes for man (black) and woman (pink) so everyone can hope to enjoy some free beer magic!

$24.95 | BUY NOW


Nov 262013

43 Cool Gadgets To Help You Sneak Booze Almost Everywhere

There are many ways to justify sneaking booze into a place. Some will say it’s cheaper, others will say it’s more convenient as they don’t have to stay in line to buy a drink and some will even say they do not like the existing selection and they prefer to bring their’s.
My objective is not to argue about the validity of all these reasons, but to show you 42 cool ways you can conceal your drink and smuggle into the cinema, football game, at the pub, even on a cruise ship or in whatever place you’d like to do so.

Also check the 33 Wallet Gadgets To Supercharge Your Daily Routine cool round up I featured earlier.

Small disclaimer – Use your due diligence. Keep in mind that in some places booze smuggling is illegal and you will support the consequences if you are caught doing so. Research local laws before passing to action and, most important of all, remember that alcohol should be used and consumed in a responsible manner only by individuals who are of legal drinking age.

Before going further and diving into the 42 cool hidden flasks I gathered for you – take a moment and check Seth Lieber‘s comprehensive B.Y.O.B. – How to Sneak Alcohol Onto a Cruise Ship and other ways of reducing your bar tab.


Dec 312012

Hakes Mojito - The Different Shoe Design Black

The “Hakes Mojito Shoes” are on their way of becoming reality. created by the Award winning, UK architect Julian Hakes, the Hakes Mojitos impress with their creativity and unusual design. Based on the creator’s website, the team, has the support of “an international manufacturer and distributor responsible for some of the world’s top fashion footwear brands” and they will start shipping the shoes just in time for “for the summer party season.”

What’s your take on this new shoe design? What piece of clothing would you match them with? Let me know in the comments ….

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Dec 142012

Reef Men's Sandals Bottle Opener Equipped Outer Sole

An oldie, but still a goodie! Reef makes this sandals model since a a good couple of years they’re still super cool. The sandals have a bottle opener inserted into the outer sole – a real life saver when you’re craving for a cold beer but you have no idea where the bottle opener is.

Of course, you can do it the less safer way using a knife or a fork or any other metal object around, or you can simply grab a can of beer … but no matter what you do or what you say – these sandals are still super cool!

$25.95 | BUY NOW – US Market
£29.49 | BUY NOW – EUROPE
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Nov 132012

Jeans Sandals By DanikShoes Blue Jeans

Interesting combination between sandals and jeans.
Obviously these sandals are not for everyone, but they have their own charm …

These sandals are high quality hand made and unique as each pair is build from one pair of vintage jeans.

Would you wear them? How and where? Let me know in the comments.

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