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Oct 152013

Seil Bag Or How To Stay In Touch With The Traffic Partners
The Seil Bag is a cool project designed to allow you to communicate your traffic intentions while roaming around on your bike. The system features a LED display that attaches to a backpack, hipsack or a pouch and displays predefined messages. The SEIL is Bluetooth 2.0 controlled via a wireless controller installed on the bike’s handlebar or by a free smartphone application – also check the Cocoon SLIM Backpack and Authentic II Skatepack by Vans.

If you find the idea cool and you’d like to support the project you can reserve a SEIL bag on Kickstarter for an early bird price starting at $149. Units delivery is scheduled for march 2014.

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Sep 122013

Spiderman Motorcycle Helmet (DOT Approved)

Here at we love cool motorcycle helmets! Here are some cool examples of helmets we featured in the past – The Bell Rogue, the Reevu RV MSX1 with interior rear view mirror and the coolest of ’em all – The Predator Helmet!

Today, we’ll check another cool biker head protection– The Spiderman Helmet by Air Graffix.
Air Graffix is a small airbrush design studio in Illinois, US. They’re specialized in creating custom paint helmets and, I must admit, they do this pretty well.

The Spiderman Motorcycle Helmet can be ordered in three versions based on three well know helmet models (from left to right in the above picture) – Z1R Phantom, Icon Alliance and the Shoei Qwest – all three models meet or exceed the DOT standard specifications.
The helmets are manually airbrushed while the visor is made of perforated see thru vinyl painted and then applied to the helmet. The visor allows complete visibility.

The artist also takes special orders, custom designs, helmet personalization as well as usage of almost any helmet brand available on the market.

I love it. I don’t own a motorcycle yet, but this helmet might well be the decision maker for me. Let’s hear you in the comments … How much do YOU LOVE IT???

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Aug 172013

Star Wars Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suit

If you’re into badass motorcycle gear as much as we are, you can not pass by without checking out the new Star Wars Stormtrooper Motorcycle suit from the guys over at UD Replicas – also check some other badass motorcycle gear we featured in the past: The predator Helmet and The Half Skull Motorcycle Mask.

The Stormtrooper Motorcycle suit is a well done replica of the Empire’s soldier uniform. The suit is made of grade A cowhide, features adjustable forearms, biceps, thighs and shin armor to allow multiple sizes fitting and it has built-in CE-approved body armor elements – here’s a product page extract that describes the elements: “CE-approved body armor in the shoulders, forearms/elbow, back spine protector, thighs and knee/shin armor is standard for riders but is easily removed for day-to-day wear.

The full costume sells for $1,276, but the main elements (jacket, pants, gloves and boots) can be purchased individually starting at $89 US. Little mention – the helmets do not meet any motorcycle security standards and are not included in the costume purchase. The helmets are provided by displayed only for promotional purposes.

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Aug 052013

Skull Half Motorcycle Helmet Mask
If the Predator Helmet is not scary enough for you, take a minute to check the Skull Half Mask.

The mask is made of lightweight plastic, it’s molded in a human skull face shape and it it can be worn with any open (1/2) motorcycle helmet.
Get one and start riding the wind like a boss!

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Jul 132013

StartMonkey 400 - The High Powered Rugged Emergency Jump Starter

The StartMonkey 400 was designed to give you a boost whenever your vehicle battery fails on you.

Manufactured by the guys at Power Traveller (the same guys that produce the SolarMonkey Phone Charger), the emergency jump starter packs a lot of juice in a small (2.42 lbs – 1.1 kg) portable package (8.26 x 2.55 x 2.54 inch – 210 x 65 x 64 mm). The StartMonkey 400 can hold it’s charge for 1 year @ 75% capacity and allows 12 cars/boats/motorcycles boosts before running out of juice.

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Jun 052013

Buitwell Gringo Orange Helmet DOT Approved ABS Classic Bubble Shield
As years pass-by, motorcycle helmets evolve from an utilitarian only functionality to become more and more a personality statement – also check the Predator Helmet, the REEVU RV MSX1 and the Bell Rogue.

The Biltwell Gringo Helmet with it’s cool retro look, will perfectly match that cafe racer in your backyard.
The helmet features an injection molded ABS shell, an expanded polystyrene inner shell, hand-sewn brushed Lycra liner w/ contrasting diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam padding and, based on the manufacturer’s product description, it “meets DOT safety standards”.

The helmet is available in sizes ranging from L to XXL and it can be accessorized with a classic bubble shaped shield or can be worn with motorcycle goggles.

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May 242013

Street Racing Spidi Neck DPS Air-Bag

Motorcycle riding is as dangerous as it is cool. I know, I know … if you are careful nothing will happen, but better be prepared than sorry.

The Spidi Neck ABS is one of those gadgets that was designed to save your life if the unfortunate happens. Just like the Airbag Jacket, in case of impact the DPS airbag will inflate and will provide a double layer of cushion around the rider’s neck to protect his entire neck and clavicle area.

The airbag’s response time is 0.2 seconds until full inflation and the entire system can be purchased in your choice of jacket, leather suite or vest.

As always when we feature gear that may have a positive or negative impact on your health or life, we advise you not to take our word for granted, use your due diligence and fully research the subject before purchasing the goods.

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