Mar 032014

Batman Ring In Matte Black Stainless Steel
Here’s a cool way to show people around you’re a Batman fan!
Made of surgical stainless steel with a matte black finish, the Batman ring has a flat, minimalistic design which allows it to be worn with or without gloves, is officially-licensed DC Comics gear and it’s … super cool! Hey, Superman! Did you hear that? This Batman ring RULES!

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Jan 292014

RingSafe Or How To Avoid Loosing Your Ring Read Marriage Disasters
Most of married us already got into situations where we had to remove our wedding rings (and NO, I am not speaking about that time when you got drunk in that shady pub …).

The RingSafe is designed to watch your back in such situations and make sure you don’t loose or damage your wedding ring (or any other rings you might wear). What we have here is a basic clasp system which will easily secure your ring and allow you to wear it on a neck chain, on your key ring or hook it up in your backpack’s pocket via a carabiner.

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Other than the obvious use of securing your ring while being in that situation you’re thinking about just now (!!!), the RingSafe might come in handy if you’re working with your hands (doctors, dentists, culinary chefs… etc), playing contact sports like basketball, soccer and any other situation when you need to remove your hand jewelry.
UPDATE – 03/23/2015 – The RingSafe was successfully funded. You can get one via the bellow Buy Now updated link.

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Dec 242013

Handmade Meteorite, Dinosaur Bone and Titanium Ring
Gold, platinum, silver sets pale when compared to the rarity of the materials used to create this custom piece of hand jewelry! – also check the Titanium & Wood Wedgewood Rings.
Handmade of titanium with fossilized dinosaur bone, meteorite and Mokume Gane pinstripes inlays, this cool ring is a unique piece of jewelry designed to help you make a real fashion statement. All materials are chosen with care and, due to their scarcity, each item is unique.

The rings can be customized and come sin a variety of sizes ranging from 4 to 16.

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Dec 032013

GalaRing G1 BFC Smart Ring For Smartphones

Wearable computing surely has a great future. After smartwatches, all kinds of other wearable accessories surface all round.

The GalaRing G1 NFC Smart Ring is one of these new wearable gadgets designed to improve the way you interact with your smartphone. The Smart Ring allows users to store personal information (name, phone number, email), share it as a name card with other devices, share Wi-Fi information, website links, social media information, pictures and even unlock your smartphone by the simply touching the ring to a smartphone.

Cool! Isn’t it? What’s your take on the smart ring? Let’s hear you int he comments below …

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Oct 012013

Han Solo In Carbonite Ring The Coolest Bounty Hunter Souvenir
Han Solo is one of the coolest movies heroes ever and the memorable scene when he is sealed in carbonite is reproduced on numerous real life products over and over again even after 30 plus years since the movie release – also check the Han Solo In Carbonite Refrigerator.

US based jewelry designer Paul Michael reproduced the famous Star Wars scene on handmade rings. The rings were release in an Initial Public Offering with early bird prices ranging between $195 and $2,995 depending on the used materials (silver, stainless steel, titanium, palladium, white, yellow and rose gold and platinum). The Initial Public Offering prices are available only for the first 100 buyers, then Paul Micheal will raise the Han Solo In carbonite rings prices.

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May 162013

Rings 5 - The Jewelry Piece That Tells You Directions

There are many tools out-there to help you find the compass points and make sure you advance on the right track. While most of them were built with utilitarian uses in mind, sometimes you just want something more fancy to guide you!

The Rings 5 model from the Swiss jeweler Meister was designed to allow you to tell the compass points based on the time and on the sun’s position. While I am sure the buyer of this ring is not the generic hiker type and he’ll not use it to find directions while lost in the woods, the idea is pretty cool. Made of titanium, with diamond and gold inlay this ring might be the perfect gift to guide you through a life full of happiness and riches!

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Apr 152013

CAMERing - Stealth Photography At It's Best

The CAMERing is another James Bond style piece of gadgetry. Meant to allow convenient and discreet photos to be taken by s simple touch of a button, the CAMERing (as the name tells) is designed in the shape of a ring. The wearer is able to shot pics at any time by simply pointing the ring to the desired direction and hitting the shutter button. No more mingling after the smartphone, or waiting for the digital camera to turn on … this simple point and snap devices will allow take the pics at the exact moment of action.

The CAMERing was conceived to work with a platform that runs on tablets, which will be used to allow users to surf, adjust and manage the pictures taken.

The CAMERing was presented at the 2012 IF Design Talents by Hyeonsik Studio and Jeon Yengwon and it’s still in a concept phase. We’re looking forward to see the CAMERing on the consumer market and snap some cool pics with it.

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